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Tuesday, April 10

I envy people who start their washing and/or drying at the laundromat and then leave to run errands without worrying that someone is going to molest their clothes while they're gone.

Is this a basic lack of trust in my fellow man?? Or do I have such a high opinion of my clothes that I think others naturally covet them?? Maybe I'm just really attached to the clothes I have because they fit and I don't particularly enjoy shopping for more. I don't know. All I know is that I can't bring myself to leave to do other things while I'm doing my laundry.

Which sucks, because I can't seem to find an hour and a half block of time to go over to the laundromat and accomplish something that is becoming critical. I could find 15 minutes here and there, to take the laundry over there, put it in the washer and go do my grocery shopping, then come back, switch everything, and then go to the post office to finally mail my bills which are lacking only a few 1 cent stamps that I can't seem to find in my apartment, and be back in time to pull them out of the dryer.

But I can't do it. And so I sit here, wondering how I'm going to dress myself in clean clothes for the rest of the week. And it's only Tuesday.


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