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Sunday, November 16

Party Re-hash

So the party went awesome. Somehow everything happened according to schedule, although I admit that my closets are currently inaccessible, since I pretty much stuffed them full of the boxes and stacks 'o paper that I didn't have time to deal with at the last moment.

The Christmas lights I hung this morning were a hit, and filled in well for the candles I didn't light for the first couple of hours because there were babies in the house. Teething babies who like to put everything in their mouths. Every. Thing.

My bedroom, which I did clean after all, and very thoroughly, is still clean and I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time in there in the near future, albeit unconscious. The kitchen didn't fare so well, but the dishes are done already and I will take care of the floors and the tablecloth tomorrow.

All in all, though, I think this was the most relaxed party I have ever hosted. I'm not sure if it's because I managed to keep to my schedule so that when people started arriving I wasn't still rushing around trying to get things ready, or if I have magically passed some threshold of hostessing in which I know that everything I promised the guests is out on the table and if they want more, there's a supermarket nearby, so why dither and hover and worry about whether everyone has what they need, including a good time. In any case, I think everyone did have a good time, and if they didn't, well, maybe they can work on fixing that for next time.

But for now, I have 3 bottles of wine and 6 bottles of Fat Tire and a bottle of some juice drink that I can't drink. Wanna invite me to a party and I'll bring the liquid entertainment?? Woohoo!

Buenos noches!


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