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Thursday, January 15

Out with the old, in with the n... well, not so much in. Just out.

Hello again!

I think 2009 is going to be all about getting rid of the old, the dragging down, the burnt out and the holding back.

As of Jan 2, I cut off most of that hair I've been carrying around for years now:


Me, my new haircut and the hair going to Locks of Love

I'm having a hard time figuring what to do with it now. Putting product in and trying to keep it under some sort of control seem to be key. But I love the lack of weight and the decrease in maintenance time and effort. Most of all, I love that it kind of feels like I cut off the bad parts of 2008 and they can't weigh me down any more.

As you can see between the two photos, I've also lost a bit of weight. Ditto the sentiments above and apply to pounds misplaced and, well, yay for that!

And this week, I started going through my closets (see the walk-in and the bedroom). I have found many things I didn't know I had, like an apple corer/peeler, Apples to Apples (still in the plastic!) and a couple of purses. I pulled everything out into the living room (photos still on my camera) and am now sorting through everything, being very careful about what gets put back into the closets and what is going away.

My motivation? I can hardly move through my living room right now and I'd like to have a Game Night (tm) soon, maybe by the end of the month. So the crap needs to be cleaned up and organized or gone before then, and no stuffing things into the closet at the last minute as guests are arriving. You know, like before the last party.

There's more to say, but I'm not feeling particularly articulate at the moment. Later alligators!


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