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Monday, March 16

Austin, friends, photography, BBQ and my Condition

Hey y'all. I'm in Austin for SXSWi, I've picked up a bit of a drawl and I'm having a pretty darn good time! Yay for bbq, southern and tex-mex. I've been eating plenty of it, and will need to work hard when I get back to lose the belly I'm developing. Boo for allergies and cough I brought from CA, but at least they have motivated me to stay in and spend time with my gracious hostesses and not do the non-stop partying that has characterized previous trips to Austin. This growing old deal isn't so bad, you know.

Being here, away from my regular life, away from the stress and depression I've been going through the past month or so, nearer some really good friends, friends I don't get to see but once a year at this conference/festival, others I live fairly close to, but still not close enough to meet up with easily in the normal course of our lives ... being here is bringing me out of my isolated, "poor me funk" and renewing my motivation to do more with my life than merely live it.

Some random stuff:

I'm restricting most of the photos in my flickrstream to "friends" and "family". I apologize to those who choose not to have a flickr account. I totally get that, but I'm starting to think that privacy on the internet is something I should start advocating, at least as it applies to others. It may be a bit late, but I think I can mitigate some of the consequences simply by limiting access to the stuff I post to people I know in real life. *I* don't mind being out there, using my real name and such, but those who let me take pictures of them will no longer be exposed to the general public through me. Unless they really really want to, of course :)

I don't think I made any resolutions this year beyond being healthy and trying to be a nicer person, but I've decided to add Learn More About Photography to my List of Things to Do in 2009. I'm tired of taking crappy photos and blaming my lack of experience/knowledge/equipment for the lack of quality. I like doing this and I think I could be really good at it. What is the point of being here if we're not going to try to explore our potential and be at least a little better than mediocre?

I love spending time with my friend Jennifer here in Austin. I mean, she's in Austin and I love spending time with her anywhere. She's just about the most intelligent, nice, caring and compassionate person I know. Through her experiences and our conversations, I get a wider, more diverse point of view on the world and how people act and interact and the impact we have on each others' lives. People suck. They're also wonderful and amazing. It's good to be reminded that no one is only good or only bad (no matter how they may seem even below the surface), everyone has more than one or even two dimensions.

She also has a wicked smart daughter and a super cute puppy. How much more awesome could a person get??

I've kind of let myself go, as far as self-care is concerned, this weekend (bbq! cheese! chocolate shake! flossing!). Once I get back to Oakland and work myself back into a routine, I will add Learning More About My Condition to my List of Things to Do in 2009. I tend to start learning about it, get freaked out, stay good for a while ... but then, as my fear lessens with time, so does my diligence. Have to figure out a way to let the fear go, but keep the diligence. They say there's nothing to fear but fear itself, but I think blindness and permanent nerve damage aren't bad things to fear, if that's what's going to keep you in line and "good".

I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird at the moment. Wonderful book, highly recommended. In fact, anything Gregory Peck was in was probably just as good in book form, like Gentleman's Agreement.

I think that's about it. I'll be Home in a few days. Here's hoping I can take something good away from this vacation!!


Anonymous jonathan said...

is that really supposed to be flossing or lack of flossing? if it's the former, i've been letting myself go for the longest time...

March 17, 2009 7:11 PM  

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