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Monday, September 7

Old like me, old like you, old like aren't we past this yet?

I can't seem to leave my computer today*, even though the weather is lovely, and I have two books and a couple of movies to consume while sitting (on my ass) on my couch (instead of this crappy office chair). Also Facebook is denying me access (wtf is "Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes." for 4 HOURS!?! I'm not addicted, btw, I can stop any time! Really!)

So, a blog post (vent) about peoples' reactions to my relationship, or lack thereof, with alcohol.

I stopped drinking alcohol and soda about a year ago when I found out I was diabetic (who needs the extra calories or sugar?). 15 months later, it still takes people by surprise when I tell them I am not drinking beer anymore. Conversations tend to go something like this, with precious few variations:

Do you want a drink/beer/cocktail?
No, thanks.
Are you sure?
Yes, thanks. I'm not drinking these days
Wha-? Why not?
I have diabetes, seems best not to
Omg, that's awful! You really can't drink because you have diabetes? But I know so-and-so who has diabetes and drinks all the time!!

I used to not drink because I simply didn't like alcohol and hadn't yet come to appreciate its relaxing qualities, and the conversations ran much the same, but stopped when I said I just didn't feel like it and they shot me the standard "I don't get you and I feel like you're judging me" look.

Waiters never refilled my water glass, people assumed I was a prude (I was, kind of, but that didn't mean I wasn't a fun prude!), and I felt enough peer pressure to imbibe that I often had to take a break from socializing for a bit to remember that it's ok not to drink all the time.

Then I started to enjoy drinking, but even then didn't partake all that much. I still didn't really like alcohol and I didn't like how crappy I felt days after drinking. If I was drinking, it was to get drunk, and I just didn't do that all that often. Mostly because I was usually the designated driver. I found, however, that people were ok with me not drinking right then, as long as there would be a time in the near future when I would drink. At least I wasn't a total freak, and I couldn't judge them if I was doing the same thing once in a while, right?

So anyway, now I'm back in the Land of No Drinking, and the peer pressure and judgment are ramping up all over again. People can't BELIEVE that I host a bi-weekly event called Pub Night, but I don't drink. After all, why would anyone step foot in a bar if they weren't going to have a beer? Btw, I also don't like coffee, but that doesn't mean I can't find something to drink in a coffeehouse.

I thought by this time, people would be more secure in their pleasures in life and not feel that if someone else didn't enjoy the same thing, that they were being judged. I find myself continually justifying my decision "I like drinking; I wish I could have a beer once in a while; it's not for moral reasons; it's the medication", yadda yadda yadda.

It's getting old. Old like me, old like you, old like aren't we past this yet?

*I left my computer long enough today to take a 3-hour nap and watch that Carey Grant movie. Both were very very good. Yay me!


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