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Friday, July 14

Road Trip

"The main value of travel lies not in where you go but in leaving where you have been. Go to a new place.... Reexamine your axioms. Find out the evidence for your assumptions, and you will with luck begin to set a true value upon the environment from which you came. I never tire of Sir Oliver Lodge's way of saying this: 'The last thing in the world that a deep-sea fish could discover is salt water.'"

Dr. Alan Gregg

Friday, July 7

Along the lines of this site, I thought I'd pass along this site as a nice pointer for those who love dogs.

I am currently supposed to be helping out with an e-commerce site for a dog/human cafe. Please visit and tell me what I can do to make this a better site!!! Please, constructive criticism only :) 'Tanks.

Along other lines, did you know that pizza with creamy garlic sauce, pepperoni and olives makes for a salty meal?? I am so dehydrated today!! Glug, glug, glug.

Thursday, July 6

I had my family reunion this last weekend. It was just like the high school reunion, except it's only been three years since I saw any of my cousins/aunts/uncles. I used to know these people well, they all look the same, but different, and the conversations were identical!

Can't wait till the road trip. To Texas. In July. Yeeehawww!

Do you ever write something on a list just so that you can cross it out?? I suppose this would only apply to those whose life revolves around lists. It also applies to those who will go to such lengths to feel a sense of achievement in their day.