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Friday, September 29

Dammit!! I've broken the links again. I am plotting something drastic ... Actually, I'm just testing the blog, but I'm plotting too. Never fear, I'll figure out yet. (grrr...)

The Reading Program

I went to the first tutor training last weekend and realized something: when you get involved in something good, you meet nice people. I'm not saying that I'm one of them, but I hope to one day be a good person. Anyway, I anticipate that this is going to be a very rewarding experience.

Thursday, September 28

. : living colours : .

I give you the sunshine
I give you the stars
I give you happiness to fill up your heart.
I give you my love... it can never depart.

this is from a woman experiencing cancer. While my first impression upon reading it is "mushy", then I think about where it's coming from and it reaches a much deeper level. I hope she gets through this ordeal and comes out on the other side brighter for the burnishing that pain can give you and still carrying the love that has carried her thus far.

La de da de da.

Yep, one of those days.

Wednesday, September 27

All fixed.

I'm good.


I know -- none of the links appear correctly. You don't have to tell me.

I messed up my website somehow last night. My good friend, Bjoern, says "why do you always make changes to your production system?? Why don't you make changes to a test site and then apply them?"

Um. I'm stupid?? I don't have the requisite foresight to think of things like that. And besides, I was just trying to add a page to my site. I didn't think it would break my stylesheet and all my links would show up (or not show up) wrong!


Tuesday, September 26

Fat-heads tend to be more intelligent

Anyone who has ever watched me try to put on a hat will understand why this is relevant to me. It validates a lot of my feelings about why I'm so darn smart!

Tee-hee :) Today's Word of the Day is soporific \sop-uh-RIF-ik; so-puh-\, adjective:
1. Causing sleep; tending to cause sleep.
2. Of, relating to, or characterized by sleepiness or lethargy.

Perfect for an overcast Tuesday. (snore)

Monday, September 25

Apparently, I'm blueberry.

"Mmm ... blueberry! Tangy and sweet, you're as fresh as a mountain sunrise and as natural as homemade jam. If you were a Broadway musical, you'd be The Sound of Music — we can just picture you twirling for joy in an Alpine meadow. Best with breakfast cereal and pancakes, you're simple and refreshing, with just a touch of tartness to give you an edge. Always a favorite, people can't get enough of your spontaneous nature and easy-going approach to life. Who wouldn't be attracted to your sporty, summery flavor? Fun-loving and genuine, you're a truly tasty treat."

Hmmm... I don't know how accurate this is. Sporty? Summery? A tasty treat? I think I'd have to rely on my friends' assessments. However, I did enjoy that scene in the Sound of Music when Julie Andrews is twirling around on the mountain top.

Here's to blueberry pancakes in the morning! And thanks to Metagrrrl for the link.

Friday, September 22

So I'm slightly phobic when it comes to certain creatures on this wonderful planet. I have often been told how silly it is to be so scared of such little things. "You know, they're more scared of you than you are of them."

No, I don't think so. I don't think it's possible for their little brains (or whatever they use to perceive the world around them) are capable of holding the same amount of fear that my much larger brain can hold. And I have a large brain, if the size of my skull is any indication. And it can hold a lot more fear than I like.

I am susceptible of going through phases when I become complacent, where I see the little creatures from a distance, or small versions of these little creatures and I think, "Based on my reaction, or lack thereof, I think I can handle it. Maybe I've reached a point where the fear won't ambush me and make me completely useless when I see one of their larger cousins. Yeah, I think I've come a long way from that last bout of debilitating fear and hyperventilation."

Then I see a large one. Out of the blue, or worse, on my ceiling, or my chair. Most recently, I pulled out a shirt I hadn't worn in quite a while and found that one of these little creatures had created him/herself a little home in it. Fear. Not quite debilitating, but close. Fear sucks. Now I get to take it to the dry cleaners and hope they are more down-to-earth than I am and can handle the situation. Because I don't even want to be there when they open the bag that I stuffed the shirt into and wrapped with a rubber band many, many times over.

On a related note, this is one good reason to have roommates. If I am ever again in a position to interview candidates for an apartment, they'll have to sign an agreement that I can get them to take care of my problem ANY TIME I NEED THEM TO DO IT. I try not to make a nuisance of myself, but there are some situations that I simply cannot handle by myself.

A wonderful friend of mine has offered to go through the rest of my closet with me, shake out my clothes and make sure nothing else is living in there. She also found the Bug Catcher Vacuum for me. I think it's well worth the investment. Especially since I don't want any roommates in the near future.

Have I mentioned that I have great friends?????

Thursday, September 21

Dying Prohibited in Riviera Town. As the mayor pointed out, "the ruling against dying was ``absurd'' but insisted it was ``enacted because of an absurd situation.''

Wednesday, September 20

Ok, I'm back to knowing everything. Granted, I had a nervous moment there (actually, it lasted an hour or two), but if I can figure it out eventually, then even if I don't know everything right this instant, I have the potential to know all when the time comes, right??

Update: I'm having a good day.

Just when you think you know everything, or at least enough to get by, someone throws something in your lap that shows you just how much you really know. Apparently, I don't know as much about HTML as I thought I did and it's a little frustrating. Argh. (mutter) tables ... borders ... colors ... text ... borders ... (mutter)

Monday, September 18

How's this as an example of today's Word of the Day??

"We do this sort of thing most weekends anyway," said a lean rebel with gunpowder smudges on his face and the felicitous name of Troy Cool.
--Tony Horwitz, Confederates in the Attic: Dispatches from the Unfinished Civil War

I need an alias like "Troy Cool." I think everyone needs a name that embodies their potential as ... as.... as whatever they want to be. You could say that we only have to reach the potential to be completely ourselves (which includes the name we were given at birth), but I really don't think it would hurt to look into yourself and come up with a name that reflects what you find. After all, whatever your parents' intentions were when you were born, they couldn't know the kind of person you'd become 5, 10, 15, 65 years down the road. They can hope, and they can try to guide, but really they're just here to make sure that you have the opportunity to find your way in life.

On another note, the word of the day is "felicitous." Is your Monday felicitous? Mine is starting off well: I got to spend time with my grandma this weekend (and not just as her chauffeur, but quality time); I got out of bed on time this morning, after getting almost everything done yesterday that I wanted to get done; I'm not too tired; and I'm seeing a very good friend tonight for dinner. In other words, I can look back on the weekend without regrets and I've got something to look forward to.

A felicitous day.

Friday, September 15

It's Friday, it's Friday!! Think of a happy tune and set those words to it. You can sing it out loud (as I did in the car this morning), or just be-bop your head in time to the music in your head while you sit at your desk.

This is an especially good Friday because it means that I'm going Home tonight and I don't have to work at all this weekend. I haven't been back in almost 2 months!! I know that seems painfully short to those who don't especially like their hometown, but I enjoy home and I miss Daisy. Oh, and my family, too. And it's birthday time again. My brother will be 20 tomorrow, my friend's is on the 17th, my sister will be 29 on the 21st, my grandma will be celebrating on the 24th. Then I get a break until the 8th of Oct for my mom and my other brother.

And I haven't gone shopping yet. Maybe it won't be as good a weekend as I'd hoped.

Wednesday, September 13

Ok, I found something to show people. Did you know that there is a National Peach Cobbler Day? Who came up with this?? Why is it so?? These are not rhetorical questions, folks. I want answers!!

I don't have much to say today. I woke up late today, but that's not stopping me from falling asleep as I test, test, test. I am looking forward to dinner with a friend tonight who I haven't seen in a while. I still haven't done my laundry. Caffeine is bad for me, but I can't seem to get away from it, especially since the office way of dealing with late-afternoon breaks is to go to the Starbuck's across the street. And they just don't carry a black decaf tea there. You can get any coffee you want in a decaf form, but the only decaf teas they have are herbal. Yuck.

I guess I did have something to say. But even I didn't find it that interesting. Better luck tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 12

Today's Word of the Day for Tuesday September 12, 2000:

woebegone \WOE-buh-gon; -bee-\, adjective: ... 2. Being in a sorry condition; dismal-looking; dilapidated; run-down.

I left out the first part of the definition because it's not really relevant to today. Contrary to popular opinion, I think Tuesdays suck rather than Mondays. And here's why: You've been through the hell that is Monday, so the pleasant memories of last weekend (which kept you going through Monday) have been purged from your soul, but next weekend is WAY too far in the future to really hold out any consolation for the work week. Wednesday, being Hump Day, is the beginning of the Hope Cycle. In other words, it's all down hill from there. But Tuesday, it's kinda stuck there between the weekends, with no ease from either end. It's like the Jack and the Beanstalk. Did anyone ever feel sorry for the giant, who looked at Jack and could only think, "Too big for one bite, too small for two" ? Either way, Jack would not have afforded the giant a pleasant meal. That's what Tuesday is. An unpleasant meal.

On the other hand, my friend is coming in to town today from Texas. I didn't realize I would miss her this much.
And I remembered to make my lunch this morning, so I don't have to buy cafeteria food.
And if I'm really good, I have leftovers in my refridgerator and I don't really have to buy dinner either. Not only that, but they're good leftovers, too.

In other words, this Tuesday isn't so bad. In fact, it's pretty darn good.

Big enough for two bites.

I give up. Good night.

Oh, here's a joke for you. It's good to have goals

When I was 14, I hoped that one day I would have a boyfriend.

When I was 16 I got a boyfriend, but there was no passion.

So I decided I needed a passionate guy with a zest for life.
In college I dated a passionate guy, but he was too emotional. Everything was an emergency, he was a drama queen, cried all the time and threatened suicide.

So I decided I needed a boy with stability.
When I was 25 I found a very stable guy but he was boring. He was totally predictable and never got excited about anything.

Life became so dull that I decided I needed a boy with some excitement.

When I was 28 I found an exciting boy, but I couldn't keep up with him. He rushed from one party to another, never settling on anything. He did mad impetuous things and flirted with everyone he met. He made me miserable as often as happy. He was great fun initially and very energetic, but directionless.

So I decided to find a boy with some ambition.

When I turned 31, I found a smart ambitious boy with his feet planted firmly on the ground so I moved in with him. He was so ambitious that he dumped me and took everything I owned.

I am older now and am looking for a guy with a very big dick.

Monday, September 11

So it's 10 minutes to midnight and I am having that urge to organize my life. Have these urges no consideration??? I am really over the insomnia I was suffering from a little while ago. So much so, in fact, that I am tired ALL THE TIME.

And now the apartment HAS to be clean. My life HAS to be in order. I NEED to spend less money. And here I sit, blogging.

I'm not even going to get into the creative projects that have been taking up space on the only table I own for the past couple of months. Or the thank-you note that needs to be written for the gift received weeks ago. Or the laundry that needs to be done before I run out of certain necessities.

TV is evil. Not as evil as Krispy Kreme, but evil nonetheless. Or maybe it's just your standard temptation and I am weak. That could be the case, but I prefer to think that TV is evil.

Ants are also evil.

The 500 Question Purity Test

Try it, you'll like it. Mikey likes it.

BTW, turns out I'm 70.6% pure. Who'd a thunk it??

Ack! I am again working for the Large Corporate Entity. I have been moved out of my comfortable little start-up office, that paradise where I kicked off my shoes as soon as I got to my desk and didn't see them again till I wanted to leave, either for lunch or to go home, and sat in whatever ergonomically incorrect position my jeans and t-shirt would allow.

Mind you, working for the Large Corporate Entity has its benefits. I like the work, the people I work with, and there's a bonus involved. My only gripe is that I have to dress "nice." Generally, this involves nylons, pants that aren't made out of denim and a shirt that I can't wear to clean my apartment.

Obviously, this clothing issue is a big deal to me. Maybe I need to just buy more clothes. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Friday, September 8

Testing, testing, testing .... All I do is test. Test this, test that, test whatever needs to be tested. Test, test, test. Is it a wonder that sometimes I'm testy? There needs to be more variations on this word, so that I can test out its usage. Testing, testing, testing, ad infinitum ....

Sites O' The Day: (sent to me by a friend)
Microsoft Purchases Evil From Satan
Linux Developer Gets Laid

Today's Word of the Day for Friday September 8, 2000:

convivial \kun-VIV-ee-ul\, adjective: Relating to, occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking, and good company; merry; festive; social.

This is a good WOTD. I'm going to the Northern California Renaissance Faire tomorrow. I have the dress and the bodice all ready to go. It's going to be a blast. Or convivial. Whatever.

Thursday, September 7

Site O' The Day: Wheres my Lunch - Satan Ate it.

I'm sending off my registration for classes today. I truly thought the day would never come that I would go back to school willingly. But the time has come to try to learn something new so that I can move forward in my life, both personally and professionally. My friends point out that there are books available and I don't need to go back to school. But let's face it folks, I'm not that driven. When I get home from work, I just want to play. Unless I've paid for the privilege to be given work to do and the guilt when I don't do it in a timely manner, I'm not going to learn anything. I just don't sit down with a book and learn something, unless it's a lesson couched somewhere in a sci-fi/fantasy book, or in a documentary on AMC or VH1. Nope, just not gonna happen.

So I'm going back to school.


Wednesday, September 6

I don't have anything really relevant to say today. It's awefully nice outside, there are men making a lot of noise up on the roof (and they're parked right outside the door I have propped open to enjoy the nice day), and I got up earlier than usual this morning, so I'm more tired than usual. That's it. That's all.

Tuesday, September 5

Krispy Kreme is Evil. That's E-V-I-L. A new branch just opened up in our area. I had decided that I would not visit. After all, it's trendy (which I'm not), it's fattening (which I don't need), and they're doughnuts, for cryin' out loud!! But I went the other day, just to see what all the fuss was about.

And they are good. Really good. Really, really good. I've been eating doughnuts for a long time and these are better than your average doughnut.
They ... must.... be .... avoided.... at .... all .... costs.
Before it gets too hard to fit into my chair. Before I have to buy two tickets to get on the plane, or to see a movie at the theater. And it's right by CostCo. Damn. This could get expensive.