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Tuesday, October 31

As the presidential elections loom large upon the horizon, these haikus take on a whole new significance.

Thanks J for the link ...

I don't remember much spanish, but I got this cool little bit from a site, and I remember just enough that it's beautiful to me.

And I wanted to share. After all, that's what this endeavor is all about, right??

Dos gardenias para ti
Con ellas quiero decir:
Te quiero, te adoro, mi vida
Ponle toda tu atencion
Porque son tu corazon y el mio.
~Buena Vista Social Club

Appropriate Word of the Day:

apparition \ap-uh-RISH-un\, noun: 1. A ghost; a specter; a phantom.
2. The thing appearing; the sudden or unexpected appearance of something or somebody.
3. The act of becoming visible; appearance; visibility.
4. (Astronomy) The first appearance of a star or other luminary after having been invisible or obscured; -- opposed to occultation.

And a bit of trivia to accompany it:
Today is Halloween. In modern times, it is the occasion for pranks and for children requesting treats or threatening tricks. The term is short for "All Hallow Even," the evening preceding All Saints' Day, which at one time was called Allhallows. In the old Celtic calendar, the year began on November 1, so the last evening of October was called "old-year's night." It was considered the night of the witches, apparitions, and sinister spirits of all kinds, and it influenced the Christian festival of All Hallows' Eve.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 30

Everything's all right now. My friend J wrote to me. Nice long note about the party I missed and how everyone was dressed. I feel all warm and fuzzy now. Thanks.

Ok, so I missed the Halloween party last night. I'm SORRY! Why won't anyone write to me?? It's a lonely Monday - not much to do except test, test, test, write up, write up, write up, ad infinitum ....

My weekend? Busy, busy, busy and unproductive. I got everything done except what I really wanted to get done, which is laundry. Talked to everyone but my mom, which leaves something to be desired.

Despite the above paragraph, though, it was a good weekend. I got to spend time with Jen, my Texan friend; I went to the Farmer's Market and got some veggies I just might eat before they go bad (not that I'd eat them after they go bad, I would just have to throw them away and feel, um, bad about it) and some flowers; I went bike shopping, which is the next big step before actually plunking down the money for it; and I wrapped up the whole thing by flaking on the Halloween party and going out for sushi instead and watching two back-to-back episodes of Sex in the City - and I hadn't even seen one of them!

Now it's Monday. I just got my afternoon cup o' decaf black tea with annoying spices in it and a chocolate covered graham cracker, and I'm wondering why no one's written to me. I suppose the universe just isn't revolving around me today. Ho hum ... Maybe tomorrow ...

Sunday, October 29

I'm taking the weekend off. See y'all tomorrow.

Friday, October 27

I don't know how long this link is going to be viable, but it's a funny little read for a Friday morning. I had to read it twice before I understood the significance of the name:

The Institute of Official Cheer today announced the hiring of withered aesthete and noted debaucher Lukat D. Subteczct as the Curator for the Institute’s Museum.

Always a good read, this James guy.

Thursday, October 26

Note: for more purity test fun, go here.

Yeah, it's one of those mornings, where I read other's blogs and take certain Dr. Seuss Purity Tests.

Surprise, I'm 76.0% sexually pure (24.0% sexually corrupt); that is, 76.0% pure in the sex domain. And my Weirdness Factor (AKA Uniqueness Factor) is 27%. My average purity for this test is 65.1%.

As Jodinand points out, they really ARE the same person!!!

Wednesday, October 25

Ha! Sullen jackals! I love it!

Tuesday, October 24

Argh! I am a disgrace to my librarian roots.

I did not mean to imply that I found the Babs article on my own. I should have cited my source, in this case: Swallowing Tacks.

Thank you and I apologize for my oversight.

Monday, October 23

Babs ducks an issue

I like the bit about the brochure which "laments the culture in which careers take women away from home with 'long commutes eating into the mornings and evenings that would be better spent packing a lunch. . .'"

Wacky weekend = tired Monday.

Sunday, October 22

What a wacky weekend.

I finally saw Southpark. I was never going to spend $$ to see it, so I went to a movie party where I got to eat good food, hang out with cool folks, and watch something that has increased my joke comprehension 10-fold. I think it was a good deal all around.

I saw Pay It Forward this afternoon. Warning: bring tissue.

I'm getting better about saying that magic word, no. No, no, no. I wish others were better about respecting it.

On another note, I think I've finally reached that state of nirvana in which I am not interested in a romantic relationship! Yipee! I am not currently infatuated with anyone, I am not feeling incomplete because I don't have someone to share my life, and I haven't caught myself saying "I need a boyfriend" in quite some time. I've finally lost that desperate aura, thank God.

Yep, it's been a wacky weekend...

... and I haven't even mentioned the Beer Train yet.

Friday, October 20

Note to self: stop overwriting the correct css with the wrong css.

Hey! Someone finally noticed that my links link doesn't work. Sorry about that. I decided a while ago to try the virtual bookmarks services out there, because I generally have at least two computers that I surf from and it's difficult to remember what computer I was on when I found that site. Or that site. Or this site over here. Well, I went to first. They were great. Nice, simple interface, easy to use. But something happened to their database when I was trying to MOVE my bookmarks around and it ended up DELETING a great many of them. Argh. So then I thought I'd try again, especially since I had just gotten this domain name and I wanted something anonymous so that people wouldn't know anything about me that I didn't tell the whole world (and I do tell y'all a lot). I still had faith in - I thought the problem was probably a one time thing. I guess I'll never know. When I tried to sign up for the anon acct., I was directed to Hmmm... Not quite as user-friendly, harder to manage. Too many options. There is such a thing as too much functionality, especially when it's couched in a confusing UI.

So I broke the link until I can get things cleared up. Sorry. I am a librarian, you know, so if you need anything, I can probably find it. Then I'll add it to my bookmarks and maybe it'll be available to everyone from this wonderful site.

And thanks, J, for reminding me to take care of that.

Thursday, October 19

Bringing Goddess-based, nudeBuddhist guerrilla poetry to timber and logging sites ...

I'm not bored, but I sure am finding it difficult to find useful things to do. I am eating my lunch at my desk (yuck), but what a good lunch! Who knew that ham on healthy bread with just some mayo and mustard could be so good? Too bad I'm going veggie next week. No more ham on too-healthy bread for me. It'll be PB&J all the way, baby!

Boy did I get sucked into this one.

This is what caught me:
With smiles and gentle nods, they constantly assure each other, Yes, yes, I hear you.

It is this exquisitely refined quality of listening, of patiently watching one another, upon which I most love to eavesdrop. How much is literally spelled out for them? I wonder. How much is left to intuition? After many Sundays of listening with my own eyes, the language of deaf church has become the source of another kind of fascination. It requires faith, it appears to me, just to communicate. Faith that their thoughts will be understood. Faith in themselves and others. Faith much like that which, week after week, draws them together so wordlessly I watch until the sidewalk empties. At ten-thirty, the church doors close, services begin, and I return to the New York Times, as I do to my own defenses and questioning.

And it just gets better after that.

I don't consider myself a "lapsed Catholic" even though I don't go to church any more. What does the act of going to church have to do with your belief system??

Questions, questions, questions ...

AND I got one of the cool phones, too. The kind with flashing lights, hold, speed dial, caller id (for those on the campus). Not that I really need any of these features, but I now have the power, should I choose to use it. Don't worry, I'll use it only for good. It's only a phone, after all.

If I can just keep surfing and getting cool stuff, I think today will be a good day.

Hey! We're moving our offices about 3 buildings away, which is a pain in the ass, but ... BUT ... I scored a new chair out of the deal. Bigger, better and lower to the ground (I have short legs), than my other POS.

It's not all bad after all.

Wednesday, October 18

I always find James funny, but today's column is just damns hilarious.
It had me snorting in my too-quiet office, which is just a little embarrassing in this group. Oh well, they'll just have to lighten up to my level, right?

Tuesday, October 17

My horoscope this week, from The Onion:

Wednesday will be mild, with highs around 65º and a slight chance of morning showers.

A little advice for all of you who live in the Bay area - take a jacket.

Why doesn't anyone update their journals!!! I need something interesting to read, something interesting to do!!

My boss just went on at length about what a wonderful job I am doing, how he would hate to do what I do, day in and day out, on and on and on.

Now, I didn't think it was that bad to begin with, but now I'm feeling the tediousness and inevitability of my task and it's getting damn boring. Damn Boring, I tell you.

Argh. Argh is the word of the day, by the way. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

Revelation Of The Day:

I take the atmosphere and attitudes around me and make it/them my own. It's frustrating for two reasons: 1) it demonstrates that I am not as strong a personality as I'd like to think I am, and 2) it makes me subject to the bad moods and bad ideas surrounding me.

I unconsciously choose nice people to be around for precisely this reason. If I spend enough time around competent, calm people, I eventually come to believe that I am one of them. However, put me in the opposite environment for 5 minutes, and I'm feeling bad about myself and running around like a chicken with my head cut off in no time.


There's too much stress here - it's not my fault and has little or nothing to do with me, but I am suffering from the anxiety anyway.

Monday, October 16

I really like the background on this page. Oh, and the poem's nice too.

someone just changed the water bottle. I will rehydrate now.

Oops, I just emptied the water cooler and I'm not planning on replacing the bottle. The way my Monday's going, I'd get more H2O on the big, expensive printer next to the water cooler than I would in the water cooler. Yeah, that's it, I'm doing everyone a favor by not replacing what I've taken the last of.

On another note, Jessica and I finally had the full Faire experience. And now we're reaping the rewards (or consequences, depending on your point of view) of our actions. Who knows? Maybe the post-Faire story will be more interesting than the Faire story :)

My Who name is Karmic Kristin Giggle-boo-Who. Muchas gracias to Metagrrrl for this particular link.

Friday, October 13

My horoscope for this week, according to Robert Brezny of the Silicon Valley Metro:

Are you vying to be the most modern dinosaur on your block? Or are you simply too far ahead of your time for any of us to read accurately? Is your main job in life to inspire us all to reinvent our attachements to the old ways? Or is it to lead the charge towards the scary future that most of the rest of us are too cowardly or narrow-minded to envision? I'm hoping that this week we'll find out the answers to these BIG questions once and for all.

Thursday, October 12

I got to see BNL last night at Shoreline Amphitheater. What a great band. As much as I love them, I have to admit that I don't like all their music. Sometimes, they're too mainstream even for me. But I renew my pledge to see them each and every time they're in the Bay area. They put on a great show. I'm glad that I didn't miss them for a business trip. Especially for this business trip, since I would have been in a plane had we waited another day to come home.

Wednesday, October 11

We're back!!

Things we learned on our trip:
Pennsylvania doesn't serve fresh vegetables in their restaurants; Maryland has the greatest concentration over the widest area of adult video stores and car/truck repair shops - one or both on every corner; Pennsylvania has a church or a craft store on every corner (no adult video stores, though - can't imagine why); and it gets cold over thar' this time of year.

And I get to see my favorite band tonight!!

Monday, October 9

TIP: If you're going to be visiting the Mid-Atlantic coast in October, pack more than a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of Birkenstocks. Or, if that's all you think you'll need, at least try to remember to pack a pair of socks.

Learning better packing techniques with each trip ...

I'm here in Mechanicsburg, PA, getting ready for a training that I will be helping my friend/co-worker Dinah give tomorrow. We flew in yesterday, arriving in Baltimore around 11:00 p.m. Since then, we've been driving through Maryland and Pennsylvania, looking for someplace to eat that does not remind us overwhelmingly of California (i.e. Subway, Burger King, McDonalds, Taco Bell, etc.).

The conclusion we've come to is that Pennsylvanians make just enough money to buy really great houses and lots of holiday decorations, but not enough to go out to eat in a place where sitting down is encouraged. This may be due to their religious beliefs, supported by a minimum of 5-8 churches per town, even in places where there are only 5-8 houses. Despite our exclamations of "we can't find any place to eat in this godforsaken land!" this is obviously NOT a land forsaken by God. No way, Jose. Tonight's dinner was at The Beef and Reef, a good and god fearing place.

This may also explain why no one in either state seems to own a dryer, and yesterday was laundry day as we saw laundry draping lines from Baltimore to Mechanicsburg (and we took the long way around).

I need to re-enter information now that I've entered 6 times already. Isn't technology great???

Pennsylvania is the home of Three Mile Island. The cooling tanks on the horizon were our first clue. We decided that we'd wait to take a swim.

Friday, October 6

It's good to know that someone is looking.

I love this picture.

There are those who think that since I am determined not to put any effort towards furthering the species, I don't appreciate those who do make the effort, or I don't like kids.

Neither of these are true.

Thursday, October 5

You know, our product is pretty cool, as e-products go. But right now, it's frustrating me to no end.

Or maybe I should blame it on our customers. If they didn't ask such hard questions, then I wouldn't have to spend what was supposed to be a relatively low-stress day trying to do things our product was not designed to do. Granted, it should have been designed to do them, but that's beside the point.

Wednesday, October 4

"... I'm ready to join the Lead Pencil Club, which is a sort of loose organization I just found out about and it's based on Long Island and this club advocates abolishing all electronics and going back to lead pencils and magic markers. But the thing is it's a little hard to get in touch with any of the club members if you want to join it's pretty difficult."

- Laurie Anderson, "Laurie Anderson", page 173.

According to Dinah, the people of choice for colonizing this country are not the Italians or the French, but rather the Danes. Apparently, they really know how to enjoy themselves. I guess I'll just have to go there someday.

Tuesday, October 3

Ok, it is 6:30 and I am STILL HERE!!

I'd give anything to have had the French colonize this country, or the Italians, rather than the Puritans. I am going home soon and I'm not going to feel guilty about it, dammit!!! So there!

Behind the Music That Sucks

Worth checking out, especially if you like VH1's version.

Ok, this is turning out to be a darn good week.

I already mentioned the compliments I recieved in the previous post, I cleaned my apartment last night (even though that was only because I couldn't sleep and thought I'd do something useful - still, it was nice to wake up and walk into a clean bathroom, yay!!), and I woke up too late and was too lazy to make my lunch today but my boss took us all out for dim sum. Yummm...

How cool is that?

The only fly in this ointment that is my week is that Stefan is leaving us today. I'll miss him and I know that Mark will miss him even more. In fact, I think he will be generally missed by everyone.

But he'll be back ....

Monday, October 2

Fixed the links (read: stylesheet weirdness), had a hell of a weekend, and Monday is starting out strange. I have already been called an angel and a QA goddess and it's just past 9 a.m. Hmmm... I'm glad this is documented - it should get me through what promises to be a hellish week.