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Wednesday, January 31

After taking turns being the "Content Boy" and "Pretty Boy", Mark's nickname du jour is "Brand Boy."

Feelin' the linky and commentary love today. Thanks, y'all (you know who you are :)

The drawback to having a good old-fashioned emotional breakdown is that it leaves you really tired the next day.

Tuesday, January 30

Needed a tearjerker or two this evening, and I lucked out at the local Hollywood Video:

Autumn in New York
Solomon and Gaenor

Neither one is exceptional in storyline or acting, but they were both well made and entertaining and not a waste of my time. More importantly for tonight, they were also pretty darn sad. All I needed was a catalyst to open the floodgates.

I feel better now. And tired. Going to bed ...

Complements of Jessajune, may I present Broon (aka, Brian Howard).

If you are at all into Renaissance Faire and watching a guy in velvet tights eat fire, then you should make every effort to see his show.

My horoscope this week:

Words can't describe the things that will happen to you this week. Fortunately, the mathematics of nuclear fusion can.

Quandry of the Day

A recent phenomenon, I now know what invisibility feels like. But again, as usual, someone else says it better.

Except that I don't practice being invisible. I just find that people don't hear me, see me, know I'm there. It's strange.

Once I notice it, I fear it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy, that the more I think I'm invisible, the more true it will become and the harder to get out of. But I don't know how to become visible again without trying to get attention. And I am so not into trying to attract attention.

Monday, January 29

Note to self:

When picking the jeans that you wore yesterday up from the floor in preparation for putting them on today, check to see that the underwear you were also wearing yesterday are no longer in them... BEFORE YOU PUT THEM ON.

When your tv doesn't work, here's a backup, offering the full value of the couch-potato experience: test pattern

Heather is definitely worth reading today. (This is not to say she's not worth reading every day. I just felt the need to point out today's entry in particular.) The comment about costume changes and dialogue coaching and plates almost had me on the floor laughing.

Some funnies she points to are dishes for dummies and prawn boy.

Some people just have a way with words and saying what needs to be said.

Tee hee... I was looking up stanford taiko drumming and Google wanted to know if I really meant stanford taco drumming. What's funny is that it comes up with 12 results.

By the way, the info on Taiko Drumming at Stanford can be found here. Better hurry if you're interested - it's almost sold out!

MetaGrrrl has Blogvoices.

Go tell her how cool you know she is.

Sunday, January 28

Books, books and more books.

Now where in the world am I going to put them??

Note: while looking for those links, I came across this "recommendation" from Amazon. It's a rather amusing simile, don't you think??

"Women are like golf courses," writes sex educator Lou Paget. "Even though you may have played a course a hundred times, chances are your approach shot rarely lands in the same place on the green."

It's another glorious day, and all I can think about is the fact that I will soon be entering into my fourth decade. I've never understood people who freaked out when approaching 30, and I still don't give it too much significance, but it's strange sometimes to realize just how long that time span is. I don't think there are many other species on this planet that live that long - elephants, parrots, and apes are the only ones that come to mind.

What is getting to me now is that it also makes me think about being an adult. Certain events, like not having to tell my mom where I'm going, getting an apartment, opening a checking account, getting a real job, graduating with a masters degree ... all these things tell me I'm an adult, but I've never really thought of myself as a grown-up, because deep down I still feel like I'm 16 years old. Facing 30 is just another event that tells me I'm an adult, even though the rest of me has a hard time believing it.

I'm not one of those people who believe that certain milestones have to be passed by some arbitrary age. Since I'm not looking for marriage and I'm not going to have children, there goes two main reasons why I think a lot of people attach more significance to 30 than it deserves.

It's not a big deal, and I'll be over it by lunchtime (which is in about half an hour). It's just something I thought about when I woke up and looked out the window this morning.

And by the way, I'm turning 29 next month, not 30.

Not only is it coming back, it is back!!! Yippeee!!!

Saturday, January 27

Just heard from Jessajune that Blogvoices will be back soon, thanks to our wonderful friends over at Pyra. I second her vote that Pyra rocks.

What a glorious day!! The sun is shining, the sky is crystal clear ... I wish I was working on more than 4 hours of sleep to appreciate all this beauty.

The reason I am conscious after only 4 hours of sleep on a Saturday morning is 'cause I'm going to part 2 of the tutor training for The Reading Program. Someday soon, I'll be doing something that will benefit someone other than myself.

Oh, and I stayed out way too late last night. It's not the training's fault that I am sleep depr

Friday, January 26

Would anyone like to make a contribution to help out the victims of the Indian earthquake?? They give addresses to mail checks, or you can contribute via credit card on the site. Very convenient.

I'm sure if you're not from the SF Bay area, you can surf around the site and find the appropriate link to pay from your location.

Pointed out to me by Stefan, Team-Handball, a sport largely ignored here in the U.S. According to him, our team (we have a team?) is losing badly at the World Championship in France. The Germans just beat America 40:12.

They'll be making movies some day about the hardships of American handball players, and how they were ignored until they started winning. As usual.

So I'm reading over a business proposal here at work and I come across this description of value. It's pretty standard, and says all the right things to the person we're trying to sell to:

Value to User
-trusted names
-financial security
-valuable service at a low price

And the thought came to me "Sounds like the world's most boring date."

And I giggled so much to myself that I couldn't read any more.

Still giggling.

For me to mail to a certain someone later on. Damn megacorp's mail servers can't find my personal address book. Grrr.

the burrito page

Percussive maintenance. The preferred method for keeping that pesky printer producing papers, with print.

Ahh, I am tired.

If you're in doubt, or maybe unsure of a woman's right to choose, read this. Please.

Check it out!! It's the Google Search String of the Day. Classic.

Thanks to Jerwin for that link.

Made a few changes to the online homestead tonight. Real estate is valuable, even on a personal website. Actually, I only made one change: I put my list o' blogs in a dropdown list. However, this will lead to more changes, like putting the nonblogs in a dropdown list, maybe changing the font on those items off to the right. Who knows, maybe one day I'll go so far as to implement a complete site redesign.

In the meantime, if you're not a fan of dropdown menus - I'm not, but I had to make the lists available without taking up so much darn space - I've created a page for links alone. Click here to reach it. I'll make a more permanent link in the morning.

After my recent furniture rearranging episode, followed by this site adjustment, a friend of mine commented that I was always moving something. I replied that, hey, if I can't move myself anywhere, then I'll just move everything around me. At least the scenery changes.

On that oh-so-witty note, g'night.

Thursday, January 25

Lucky us, we get to hear the Chef song. Repeatedly. We'd change the music, if I could stop giggling.

the above is a .wav file. If you want the page it comes from, click here.

Wednesday, January 24


Comments for today:

I have no hair!!!

I'm exaggerating, of course. But I do have a lot less hair today than I did yesterday. In fact, it feels like I'm walking around with about 10-15 lbs less stuff hanging from my head than earlier. Makes for a curiously lightheaded experience. Not to mention the curls. Damn. I might actually have to invest in a brush and a blowdryer.

I'll say it so you don't have to. Airhead.

I am suffering from some serious email withdrawal today. Someone is training on my computer, so I don't have access to my megacorp email, and our email server is down, so I can't get to my company's email via the web. I am stuck with the booboolina's email. If you have any humanity left in you, please write.

Finally, I found the cutest site today. Everyone else seems to have known about it, but I just caught on. So I'll say hello to Fiona Elise's site as well.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, January 23

Preface: these were collected last Friday. It is only now that I'm taking the time to post them. So much for my "blogging less to say more relevant things, or relevanter things." Maybe tomorrow.

Words to live by:
As for the railing...eventually, I let go. Tomorrow night, maybe I'll fall.
The walls I've built around my heart serve a dual function: they don't allow people to hurt me, and they don't allow people to get too close to me. But, as usual, Heather says it better.
Grown Up?

Well, I qualify for all but
F: I don't believe in umbrellas, and the weather channel is boring
I: If it's a really nice sweater, and your jeans are clean, what's the problem?
L: most stay open all night. Those that don't, close at 3 a.m.
M: my insurance has gone down, but I'm still driving my little old truck - no car payments for me!
N: don't have a dog, and I never would have fed it McDonald's
Q: well, if I even went on a date, that is
X: hardly, as evidenced by the activity on this site
The effect of cyberculture on my life has been a good one. But that could be because I actually live close to some of the people I read online, and can meet them once in a while. And I have something to talk about on planes.
Cool Australian travel posters. Makes ya want to jump in a plane and head down under. Thanks to Loobylu for that one.
When you decide to be evil, remember also to work on making your voice sound like you've been on Broadway for a few years.
The dorks across the cube wall are broadcasting their pertinent, relevant, germane and significant views on the intelligence of other people (how's that for the pot calling the kettle black?!). It's Ricky time. He's good for drowning them out.
Boobooolina, Chef-style

My Mob Nickname:

Gandhi Mangler

Gosh darn it!! When will all be right with the world again?!? FTP, dammit!

Something's rotten in the state of ... well, the state of my website.

Found this thanks to Dinah.

Beautiful pictures.

And so it starts. Bush to Block Abortion Funds for Worldwide Family Groups

A fascinating site, to be explored when I have a whole lot more time (or maybe just when I'm not at work :) : Nobody Here

What is with this big empty space?? I can assure you, it's not a planned thing. Looking at the source code again ...

I can be such a dork sometimes.

Monday, January 22

Another cool library site: the Redwood City Public Library has started something called the LibLog: A Library Weblog, powered by our friends at Blogger. As per usual with a library's mission to make sure you have all the information available to you, they even include a list to other blogs with links to library issues.

Sunday, January 21

My Yahoo horoscope for this weekend: ...Give a party if you're able to do so with grace. Some sense of limitation with your home environment may compel you to postpone entertaining. It's your companionship that people care about, not your decor.

Despite the recent rearrangement of my furniture, I think most of my friends (or at least those who have seen my apartment) would agree that I have a "sense of limitation with [my] home environment" which might "compel [me] to postpone entertaining."

However, as one friend pointed out, company was something I could offer my friends this weekend.

My new favorite site: Librarian Avengers

Thanks to LithiumBoy for the link.

Saturday, January 20

I am going to see U2. In concert. In Dallas.

I am lucky to have such a hip and groovy family.

I had lots of relevant and not-so-relevant stuff to say today, but I forgot to post it to the site before I left work. I guess it'll have to wait till Monday.

In the meantime, I went with some wonderful friends to see Suburban Motel: Part 1 tonight.

If you have the opportunity to see the play, do so. It's funny, it's sad, and it says a lot about (or aboot) personal responsibility and the hard places people get themselves into, without feeling forced or preachy.

Parental warning: DCW (Dirty Canadian Words).

Friday, January 19


Thursday, January 18

After the last, depressing post, here's a ray of sunshine - my friend Silvia, one of the few people I've kept in touch with since high school, called me tonight (wish I'd been here, but I was out doing the damn laundry) to tell me she delivered her second daughter the day after Christmas!!

After two miscarriages, this little bundle of joy (aka, Kathrine Elise) comes as a blessing to my friends. I wish them all the love and luck in the world.

Relevant points from today:

Mark has been declared my "content boy." He was also declared a web tease today. As he puts it, he's just a walking "Coming Soon" page. If that's not a tease, what is??
"Stir occasionally" means that you have to stay in the kitchen and stir more than once every 5 minutes. If you leave to clean up your apartment and turn on the computer, you will come back to stuff stuck to the bottom of your no-stick pot.
I get so friggin' lonely sometimes. I get all nostalgic and sad when I think back to the love, the friendship, the warmth I used to have that is gone now. These episodes don't last long and they're mercifully rare, but they're rather intense when they happen. Grrr. It doesn't help when you listen to this song over and over.

However, I find that the moods pass more quickly when I just immerse myself in them, let them wash over me, around me, and through me. Then I get something more than pain out of the experience.

So I'm reminiscing and feeling sorry for myself, hoping he's happy wherever he is, wishing he was here with me, but knowing at the same time that what happened had to happen. We weren't right for each other, but we had a good time trying.

It's a good thing these phases don't last long and don't happen often.
Coffee mugs make good soup bowls.
And doing laundry when you don't want to sucks. It sucks big time.

Wednesday, January 17

How's this for relevant? A run-down of the important points of our company meeting tonight:

New tagline: "At some point of time, someone should do something."
The next bowling night is Feb. 3rd.
We need to find a pinball machine for the office.
Mark has to stop eating his keys. Hip-left: unlock. Hip-right: lock. We didn't get a demonstration of the alarm or the hatchback opening functions :) Maybe next meeting.

Highlights of the dinner afterward:
Where did I file my dinner?
The logistics of sock-filtered coffee
Making me laugh with food in my mouth
Seeing how many glasses of water I could drink. Total: 4.5 8 oz. glasses. I am now going to the bathroom every 20 minutes.

I'm glad we're small and we can have a good time like this. I am not looking forward to the hairball all successful companies eventually become. I hope we can maintain some of the fun, though. And remember that we all started out as friends.

Wow, that was sugary, wasn't it? I'll excuse myself by saying I haven't had dessert yet. Now I'm satisfied. And trying to brush the fur off my teeth. Pthftth!

Very useful term. Especially for those of us who support other computer users, or are frequently stupid ourselves.

I am one of those special individuals who do both.

In an effort to say meaningful stuff, I am going to try not to post so much during the day. The theory being that if I wait for something relevant to occur to me, it might stand out and have more value, rather than being buried underneath posts about gum, my cold toes, doing laundry, and Naked News.

We'll see how long I can hold out.

Gum tip: If you wrap your pack o' gum in a rubber band, then it's easier to get one piece out at a time. Good for purses, cars, etc.

Compliments of Judy.

Tuesday, January 16

Apparently, all you need to do is voice a little complaint and your problem is solved!! Shortly after the last post, Chuck showed up and spent all of 10 seconds lighting the pilot in my oven. Now I know where it is and can do it myself the next time.

Now I'm waiting for the pizza I ordered to be delivered, and for my apartment to warm up. Ah well, I have last week's Ally McBeal and this week's X-Files to keep me entertained. The chair will get delivered just as soon as I've eatern. Email? Laundry? They'll get done eventually.

On a more sober note, I found this page, led there from the discussion on Plastic about the woman who was arrested for giving her 13-year-old sexually active son condoms. It's tragic that early sexual activity is linked to adolescent morbidity and mortality in these countries.

Plan for tonight: do laundry, get rid of the damn chair, eat dinner, write email. In that order. Get to bed at a normal hour.

Instead, I'm sitting here, freezing my toeseez off because I have a gas leak in my kitchen that I can't take care of, waiting for the PG&E guy to get here. The laundry is sitting here next to me, just as dirty as before. I can't leave to deliver the damn chair, and I can't cook dinner. I may be calling for a pizza soon. I took a chance and turned on my computer, so I guess it's email time.

Brrr. And I had to turn off the heat because I had to open all the windows and doors - it's a strong gas leak.

Something to look at soon. When I have time.

Pointed here from

Cheesy indeed, but worth thinking about

Gosh. A day late, but this sort of thing (like Christmas) should concern us every day.

Pointed here from J

Guess what?!?! My birthday is coming up and I want this. (Thanks to DJ, the guy I met on the plane, for the suggestion)

But then, I want peace on earth, a flat stomach and a man in my life, too, so I'm used to disappointment.

Ok, this is just about the coolest thing I've seen on the 'net in a while: 101 Things to do Before You Die

Thanks to Jish for that one.

Random thought:
I had to explain a joke today and this line was used: "Just like my flirting, my jokes can be so obscure, no one gets them but me." At least I was amused.

Major pet peeve: people who can't get contractions right. For instance, the difference between your and you're. Just think about how it's being used, folks. If you are saying something that translates into YOU ARE, then use the you're version. If it concerns possession, such as drugs or jewelry, then it's your. Or yours. Whatever fits the occassion.

Same goes for their/there/they're. Their refers to possession, such as land, sanity, or rollerblades. There refers to location. And they're is a contraction of THEY ARE. Such as, THEY ARE going to the movies. This sentence could be shortened to THEY'RE going to the movies.

You could even say THEY'RE going over THERE to get THEIR belongings. Or, YOU'RE such a wonderful person for getting YOUR contractions correct.

But then, I can't get lay/lie correct, or keep i.e. vs. e.g. straight, so maybe I just shouldn't say anything.

Interesting. I have posted three times already to my site today, but I can't see them on my PC. In fact, the computer can't seem to see anything after last Friday, no matter how many times I shift-refresh. I can see all the recent postings on the blogs -> I've read today, just not on my own site.

And it doesn't seem to be Megalocorp's fault, since I have my laptop blugged in to my right and I can see all my postings from yesterday and today.

Hmmm. I don't want to flush my cache, 'cause then I'll have to remember all those URLs. Poor me. (sniff)

testing, testing. I think it's the megalocorp's problem this time ....

Ahem. It sounds like a tv

Thought fodder for the day: Let Slip The Wanting To Keep

Monday, January 15

One down and four to go. You'd think I would have gotten farther today.

And I haven't even been reading the blogs. Or doing anything else recreational.

Edit, write, edit, write, .......

Interesting idea brought up during a conversation regarding the benefits of using a PDA as an address book:

What if the number of friends you had was determined by the memory capabilities of your electronic device? Imagine someone introducing themselves, and you have to turn them away, saying "I'm sorry, I don't have any more room in my cell phone for your number." This might be remedied when you realize, "Oh, wait, I haven't talked to this other person in over six months. Let me erase their number and add yours."

Better make sure that you also have a backup somewhere else to ensure that you never lose friends' contact info. Those PDAs are awfully easy to drop (doh!) or lose.

Just a thought.

Happy Monday! Some people get today off. Many others have to work despite the holiday. Me, I have to work. But it's not so bad. I have been neglecting my real work because of all the consulting I have to do while maintaining a social life. So today I get to focus on the important stuff and get it out of the way so that I can finally MOVE FORWARD!!

Hey, take a look at my StorTrooper over at Blogging StorTroopers (& Friends). I'm in the 11th row down, second from the left. See the hair?? That's how it usually is (big), only it doesn't look that good. Today I'm in pigtails, my default Bad Hair Day 'do. And that's my favorite green sweatshirt, and the bluejeans I'd live in if I could.

I kept notes of my fabulous trip up north, but I haven't had a chance to do anything with them just yet. Soon. Wish I had taken a camera.


Friday, January 12

I'm off (my rocker) for the weekend to sunny Seattle/Tacoma.

Hope y'all have a weekend so fantastic and glorious that they'll be writing about it in history books for years.

Blogging StorTroopers (& Friends)

Are you flying this weekend?? Visit the Air Traffic Control System Command Center to see if your airport is experiencing delays.

Thanks to Cory, we have Divine Interventions.

Oh. My. God.

Interesting way to get hits. Or hit. Whatever.

However, the evolution from "I'm just doing this for myself" to obsessively checking site stats and writing for an audience is something I've experienced myself. And those search engine referrals are interesting. People look for the weirdest shit online.

Some searches that led to my site:

the muni rave
alexander keyssar
satan rave
rave webcam
rant and rave
"Naked Pictures Of My Ex-Girlfriend"
shoes to rave in

Satan rave? Shoes to rave in? Muni rave? I'm not sure I wanted those hits, but to each his own, I suppose.

I brushed my hair today, which was a big mistake. With the rainy weather we're having today, I'm all frizzed out. It makes for a big mop-like mass on the top of my head. I have big hair. But it's clean and well-conditioned, so it's also really soft. I have lots of big soft frizzy hair. Big. Soft. Frizzy. Hair. Lots of it.

(BTW, brushing my hair, having it clean and well-conditioned, and it frizzing out are not unusual states for my hair to be in. It's just exceptionally soft and frizzy today, which is why I felt the need to mention it at all.)

Another evil game, courtesy of Heather and Zal, it's Atomica. Not as addictive (yet) as Bejeweled, but close.

Ha!!! Scott made me laugh with his rendition of "She'll Be Comin' Like A Fountain".

What a great way to start a Friday :)

Thursday, January 11

This is old news, but worth pointing out again. According to Stefan, it's the best internet concept in years. Another enlightened male of my aquaintance proposed the same system for university lectures and was dubbed a genius. I pointed out the advanced maturity of some professors, but they had an answer for that too: they would have special assistants to hold the lectures !

Today's Word of the Day is

flibbertigibbet \FLIB-ur-tee-jib-it\, noun:
A silly, flighty, or excessively talkative person.

Flibbertigibbet is from Middle English flipergebet, which is probably an imitation of the sound of meaningless chatter.

Trivia: Flibbertigibbet originally meant a gossip or chatterbox, but it soon took on the idea of a light-minded or frivolous person, especially a pert young woman with such qualities. Flibbertigibbet was also the name of an imp or demon; it appears in a list of 40 fiends in a book by Samuel Harsnet, and also in Shakespeare:

This is the foul fiend Flibbertigibbet: he begins at curfew, and walks till the first cock; he gives the web and the pin, squints the eye, and makes the hare-lip; mildews the white wheat, and hurts the poor creature of earth.
--King Lear, iii. 4.

Five fiends have been in poor Tom at once: of lust, as Obidicut; Hobbididance, prince of dumbness; Mahu, of stealing; Modo, of murder; Flibbertigibbet, of mopping and mowing.
--Ibid., iv. 1.

Interesting. I wonder if I know anyone like that?

Life Update: I am not as young as I like to think I am, but I can still have a good time.

I am 28. This morning I felt older. Much older. I thought I could say, Yeah, let's go out on a Wednesday night, to a concert, stay out really late ... and I would be able to deal with the consequences the next morning. I am dealing with them, but I didn't think it would be this hard. Still, I'd do it again if the opportunity arose, and the only thing I'd change is the footwear.

I went with a friend to see the surprise Neil Young concert last night at the Warfield. According to KFOG, it was indeed a surprise to most. Someone "leaked" the info earlier that day, tickets went on sale at 4 (couldn't buy them online or over the phone, as we found), and the show was at 9.

To be honest, I didn't really think I'd be that into Neil as a singer. I went more for a) the spontaneity of the whole thing, b) a chance to go to the City, and, last but not least, c) an opportunity to hang out with a really cool guy. But I ended up liking the music, too.

Things I could have done without:
standing for 3 hours in bad shoes (my feet still hurt)
copious amounts of smoke. I washed myself and my hair this morning, but I can still smell it.
loud, irritated coat-check lady

What I really liked:
wonderful dinner beforehand
great people-watching opportunity
I got to see old guys rock!
Kenny Wayne Shepherd is great "stay awake" music for the long drive home

Here's to old people staying young!! (no pun intended)

Bookmarks for me: From Zannah

Guide to Logical Fallacies. From GirlHacker

Things to Say When You're Losing a Technical Argument. From Antenna

Scientists Genetically Engineer a Monkey

Some good sound bites:
"These are not Day-Glo monkeys."
"Our goal isn't to make sick monkeys. Our goal is to eradicate diseases."
"We are only in this business to make disease models to eradicate diseases,'' he said -- adding that there is no single gene for height, good looks or intelligence anyway.

I am going to hold off from expressing my views on animal testing, because there just isn't enough time in the day for me to get into it. Suffice to say that I am not comfortable with it, regardless of the benefits. But the doctor in the article is very well-spoken.

Wednesday, January 10

Hey look! Jasper made the news!!

(Note: if the second link doesn't work today, then it will tomorrow. If you're really desperate, go to the link that works today, or just go to The Bleat and find it yourself.)

U2 is back!! You can take a look at their schedule.

Tickets go on sale on Jan. 21st - anyone want to go with me???

Tuesday, January 9

I'm watching A Night To Remember, the 1958 version of the Titanic story. This must have been a difficult movie to make and watch, considering that many survivors were still alive at the time. From the description, it looks as though there were survivors involved in the making of the film.

It looks just like the 1997 version, except without the love drama, and it's in black and white. The band is playing; sneaky men are trying to get on the lifeboats with the women; the third class passengers are not being allowed up top till too late; and the woman playing Unsinkable Molly Brown looks very like Kathy Bates

Differences: the ship is maintaining a very horizontal position as it sinks; they are focusing on the rescue (or lack of) efforts on the parts of the other ships in the area.

All in all, just as dramatic and tragic as the newer version, even without Leo and Kate and all the computer animation. Or maybe because it is lacking those aspects :)

... ok, I spoke too soon, the ship isn't horizontal any more. It appears the ship lost just as much china this time as it did last time.

It must have been very lonely there, at the end, for those on the lifeboats as well as those left on the liner.

Time to go move a chair.

Grr. It's late. I'm hungry. My phone date stood me up. Grr.

Furniture verdict: It stays where it is. Mostly.

I am going to do away with my armchair and footrest. Since people rarely come to my apartment, this combo is usually used as a temporary repository for either clothing or mail, or any other odds and ends don't make it very far past the door. When people do use these items, they generally have to be helped out, such is the state of the cushions.

Good points:
the computer is now next to the phone jack, so I don't have two 15 foot cords snaking their ways through my apartment.

Now I have a really good reason to by a new desk.

The light behind the tv now brightens the room much more effectively than it used to.

With the chair/footrest gone, I'll have much more wallspace to work with.

Bad points:
the computer setup is on the other side of the room from the couch, making comfortable work conditions on the laptop no longer an option.

Now I have to buy a new desk.

With the lamp behind the tv, there isn't one next to the computer, making for a comparatively dark corner.

With the chair/footrest gone, I won't have a handy spot to drop read-later mail, or drape my clothing when I don't want to put it away, or sit when unwanted guests come to my apartment and I don't want to sit on the couch with them.

Many little creatures were disturbed by my rearranging activities last night. I wonder how upset they are. I try not to think about it.

Well, I've read all the blogs I need to read today. Lots of good linking, as evidenced by the all the activity below.

Last night I decided to move all my furniture. Generally, I have this urge about every 6 months. This time, it's been almost a year. Which is probably why I did it even though the inspiration didn't kick in till 9 p.m.

The only fly in the (insert appropriate edible substance here) is that I'm not sure I like the furniture where it is. Unfortunately, my apartment is so small, I don't have many options - every piece of available wall is taken by furniture. So, if I walk in tonight and all I can think it ow! when I stub my toe on either the chair or the couch next to the door, or Bleh! What an aweful place to live! then it'll all have to go back.

At least it won't be that hard to put everything back where it started out, since most of my books are still living in the hallway and the computer has been dismantled and won't be remantled till I *know* that's where it's going to go. The moving wasn't so bad, it's the preparing to move that's difficult.

Startup ideas

My favorite (being the country music fan that I am): Buck like Funnies "...half price admission if you mispronounce the name."

The others are equally as amusing.

Loobylu's featured poem was a treat to read today. Wow.

Hey, take a second and click the button. You may be saving someone from cancer.

Dinah keeps hers in ointment. I keep mine in soup.

Where do you keep your flies??

Monday, January 8

The scarlet number

I can't believe someone actually writes stuff like this in this day and age, establishing a number (of sexual encounters) past which women would be considered loose or immoral. I mean, I could see this stuff in mainstream print maybe 30 years ago. But we've actually entered a new millennium and *this* is what people are getting hung up about. Yes, sexual health and responsibility are issues for every woman, at any age ... but establishing moral judgements for something that is really no one else's business in the first place!! Grrr. That's not the way to go about it, folks.

Emotional and physical responsbility is the issue, not dated ideas about how many sexual partners a woman should have by the time she's 20, 30, 40, 80 years old.

Thanks to Elise for that pointer.

I've been reminded of this a few times lately. I have to remember that just because I have opinions does not mean that everyone wants to know what they are.

Sunday, January 7

He's back from vacation!!!

Random notes from this weekend:

I saw Chocolat this afternoon. Really great movie. Entertaining, even if there wasn't enough focus on Johnny Depp. At least there was no lack of chocolate, one of the best things in the world, and a more than adequate consolation prize certain other lacks in life :)

The weather has finally changed. As I discovered *just* as it started to rain when I delivered a bed to a friend who's been sleeping on the floor for the last few months. Should've known to do it earlier in the day. At least the smog cover we've been enduring at least since Christmas will be washed away.

Beware of little old men who knew you when you worked at a gym before getting a 'real' job (read: a job where all you do is sit in front of a computer all day). They will tell you that you really need to get in the YMCA now, you've grown. Thanks, venerable one. I needed you to tell me that. Hey, at least he's honest.

Back to the movie (because the idea of Catholic guilt has always baffled me): How did the idea that physical pleasure is a sin become so pervasive in our society?? Is it because of the extensive influence of the Puritans and the Catholics? Mind you, I was raised Catholic, so I know whereof I speak. Like the work ethic, the guilt factor contributes to making us unhappy little machines. I don't like it.

I once did a paper on prostitution in the Old and New Testaments. It was Saint Augustine who maintained that prostitution was a necessary evil because it preserved the sacrament of marriage. I think he thought that, by allowing men to commit (what he thought were) small sins, the greater good of the family was able to survive. I guess if men were allowed to let off that "extra steam", then they'd stick around and stay with their wives and children.

In the same way, I think this movie tried to show that people could indulge in little sins and thus keep their perspective on what was really important and take off the edge that might cause them to commit larger sins. Or maybe not. Maybe it was more about trying to fit in and put down roots while maintaining your personality and ideals. Or maybe it was about wives leaving abusive husbands, or mothers letting go of their children, or a lesson to people who sleep on boats while others pour gasoline all over it. I don't know. I think maybe I'm reading too much into it. It was a fun movie, though.

Moving on...

Tulips and Gerber daisies are very pretty flowers. I'm glad I put out the $$ for them this weekend. They are brightening my apartment to no end.

I can carry on a telephone conversation, watch X-Files and chat with a friend, all at the same time. Not well. But I can do it.

Don't bother bowling after moving furniture all day. Your legs will be tired and your arms and hands won't work properly, causing you to play like crap. I didn't break 90 either game. Argh.

Flirting: attention without intention. But sometimes it's worth it to follow through. Evaluate for risks, then do it anyway.

That's all. I should post this before it hits midnight, so it's still officially a weekend post. Later alligators. Unbelievable!! It's amazing what those techy people can do, given the right resources.

Thanks to Little, Yellow, Different for that pointer.

Yay! She's back!

Friday, January 5

If you're interested in seeing a nice intense little debate over what Pyra should be doing about their server issues and donations, visit Jish and click on the blogvoices icon.

I love Matt's response. Makes you appreciate what they're doing, regardless what you think about the money issue.

One of the (many) drawbacks to working in a cube farm is that if loud stupid people are having an inane conversation next to you, there's not a darn thing you can do about it except put your headphones on and deafen yourself trying to drown the idiots out with good music.

I wish there was something we could do about people who wear too much perfume/cologne.

Friends who give warm fuzzies with little or no prompting are worth their weight in gold. Better yet, they're worth *my* weight in gold.


Hard on the heels of Bejeweled, I have found JigZone. Jigsaw puzzles are another wonderful way to productively pass time.

Thanks ? /usr/bin/girl

Fat in Chocolate. But no, they actually cover pig lard with chocolate and sell it. Apparently it's a joke, but still ....


Thursday, January 4

testing. again.

After four days, I've only gotten to the K's!! At this rate, I just might get caught up with everyone by the end of the month. Or not. It helps that some people aren't posting right now. Good for me: some people are on vacation. Bad news: some people are sick, in the hospital, or are having other emergencies.

Maybe this post will work. I guess you'll know when I know.

For someone who doesn't have someone, one might wonder why I'd include a post about the Chinese Love Calculator.

Let's just say that I'm in the mood for love. How's that?

Via Heather, via /usr/bin/girl.

Evan has a good point about making this journaling thing more meaningful. I've been thinking about that too, lately. My solution that I came up with is to register another domain that no one knows about and post anonymously. That way, I can write what I like all the time, without worrying about who's reading it. As Jish points out, "Politeness is half good manners and half good lying." (Mary Wilson Little). And lying isn't always about saying something untrue, but it's also about not saying things that are true. And I find that's what I do a lot here. I'm very polite. I'm tired of trying to be polite all the time. As I've said before, I am not a kind person.

Ok, so I wrote 2 blogs last night that I was really proud of, but they both got lost in the black hole that is ASP server errors. I hope Pyra gets that new server soon.

Unfortunately, I don't think I can recreate the genius that inspired those entries, so I'll just give a little summary.

If you like cheesy action flicks, then you'll be glad to know that The Mummy Returns is coming out in May. Yippeee!! I loved the original. I hope the cast and the writers can pull off a successful sequel.

If you like less cheesy action flicks, I just saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon last night. If I was capable of giving it more than two thumbs up, then I would do so. The fight scenes were so good, they got applause from the audience when we were finally allowed to relax. Here's a couple of thumbs and my big toes. Up. Way up.

I was also admiring my new home calendar last night, featuring the art of Alphonse Mucha. I like my taste in calendars. This has no reflection on my taste in clothing, men, or home furnishings. I just like the calendars I find each year.

The other calendars I bought feature the art of Louis Comfort Tiffany (I love those lamps!) and Pilobulos, a modern dance/ballet/acrobatic company.

Three calendars! you might say. Yes. One for home, one for the office I usually work in, and one for my other office. As arbitrary as I might find marking time to be, I enjoy the artwork that goes into the way we mark it.

So that's the best I could do, trying to remember what I wrote last night. I'm glad I could remember where I found the links. They're good 'uns.


Wednesday, January 3

I got a lot of cool cds for Christmas, but I think my new favorite is Kenny Wayne Shepherd's Live On.


At long last, Jessajune has posted the rest of the Renaissance pics.

Why am I blogging at 1 a.m.? Well, Bejeweled is one reason. And I finally got my Visor going and was immediately sucked into the games.

Other than that, damned if I know. I'm not even tired, which is worrying me more than the fact that I'm up this late. I hope I'm not slipping back into insomnia.


I started this blog quite a while ago, and then got caught up reading my own archives. Nostalgia? Or vanity? Questions for another time.

G'night all. I hope I can function tomorrow. (forced yawn)

Tuesday, January 2

My co-worker just told us about his new pet, Jethro Tur Tull.

Nice way to end the day, with a chuckle.

As if blogging weren't addictive and productivity-inhibiting enough, now I've found Bejeweled. Now's the time when self discipline is supposed to kick in.

Just. one. more. game.

Thanks (!) to Heather for that one.

Monday, January 1

Yippeeee! She's back, she's back, she's back.

Hopefully this time for good.

2:30 a.m. and I'm finally home from what turned out to be a very nice celebration. We played some games, had some chocolate fondu, watched the West coast celebrations at midnight and then watched Lord of the Dance on KQED to the tune of various disco tracks (muted the tv and turned on the stereo). All in all, I'm glad I went.

I hope everyone had (or is having) a fun and SAFE New Year's celebration and that the coming year turns out better than the last.

G'night, and Happy New Year.