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Thursday, May 31

Ohmygosh. JessaJune just brought my attention to the fact that it's 3:20 and I haven't posted anything today. Actually, I did post something earlier, but I guess Blogger ate it. Oh well.

Not a heck of a lot to say today. I'm working. (!) Still dealing with relationships. They're everywhere, you know. Sometimes this is brought home to me more than other times. How much of who I am and how I feel about things is wrapped up in the interactions I have with other people, friends, co-workers, family members. I mentioned earlier that I didn't have any problems in my life. Now I have issues, and it's not money or my living situation or my health. It's all about my relationships, and how they are or are not going the way I'd like them to.

On that rather vague note, that's all for today.

Wednesday, May 30

Finally, an answer to the age-old question: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?, with a bonus.

Well, we've run quite the variety of musical tastes here today. So far, we've listened to

Live: Throwing Copper
U2: All That You Can't Leave Behind
Santana: Supernatural
Glenn Miller and the Army Air Force Band
Steve Miller: Greatest Hits 1974-1978
Ricky Martin
The Tubes: The Best of

I'll keep this updated as the day wears on. And on. And on.

Never one to shy away from making myself feel better at the expense of others, or appreciating those who do the same to cheer me up, Eric has won my heart with this immediate reaction to the Cosmo tips for women mentioned below:

for one thing, they all look scary ... like evil spindly androids ... they just look WEIRD ... abnormal ... like those walking-stick bugs.. with strange protuberances on their chests ... there's still men out there who aren't attracted to alien concepts of beauty.

I was just surfing around 3Bruces and found a couple of sites that, while they immediately raised my feminist hackles, are also friggin' hilarious.

Leash Your Girl!
"To be honest, I'm not even sure the child I support and care for is my own. But, since I've put the YPL: Leash Your Girl on my wife, we've had no more maybe-babies!"

Cosmopolitan tips for women
Warning: crude humor, not for sensitive readers. You need a certain sense of humor to appreciate this one.

And finally, A Former Video Game Widow's Tips to get Your Man Away from the Monitor and into Bed
Not so anti-feminist, but still funny, especially if you know anyone who has been relegated to game-widow status.

The author admits she was suffering from the heat ("It's stewing my brain to a flavourful mush, add salt and pepper to taste, serves two"), but I enjoyed reading this anyway.

Hey folks, got another one of those emails today, urging people to click through to The Breast Cancer Site and help provide mammograms for underpriveleged women with a single click.

From the email:
Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among U.S. women ages 40-55, and is second only to lung cancer in cancer deaths.

During the year 2000, 182,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and 43,300 women will die of breast cancer.

At present, one woman in eight either has or will develop breast cancer in her lifetime.

.... Just visit once a day, click on a button, and sponsors make a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Donations from the site support the National Breast Cancer Foundation's efforts to provide a free mammogram to underprivileged women who otherwise can't afford this life-saving early detection test. It's free to you and only takes a moment of your time.

I have a friend who just decided to shave her head 'coz she's going through chemo treatments for her second bout of breast cancer. Seems worth the effort, no?

Tuesday, May 29

Yet another piece of evidence that JessaJune and I are the same person, which is why we are rarely seen in the same place at the same time. We seem to be living much the same lives (or at least we're facing much the same issues and decisions).

Better to make a decision, and make it yourself, and deal with the consequences of your own making, isn’t it, then to force, nay manipulate, others to make your decisions for you?

And why can I see that so clearly, yet still not want to do it?

So easy to slough off the responsibility of the decision to someone else. But I know why I don't want to do it.

Pompetous? Pompitous? Puppetutes?

Thanks to John for the pointer to the last site, a possible explanation to something that might be only jive.

I just took TheSpark's Stress Test!, and here are my results:

You exhibit a stress percentage of 20% which barely registers. Get a job.

Your Stress Test answers indicate that to reduce your stress level even further you should eliminate at least one of the following from your life immediately:


From, who only registers at 10%.

I feel better knowing that someone's got our back out here in California.

I agree with Patti Ann about the need for swirly thing-a-ma-bobs, but I feel we also need to work on the transporter technology. Could you imagine it?? We could have lunch in the Bahamas today, if only we had a transporter here in the office. Dinner in France. Or chinese food from, um, China. Spend weekends in Italy, or Brazil, or ... or ... Mountain View.

And for those who just read the previous post about not spending so much money, well, we'd be living in Star Trek times, right?? They don't use money.

Not a heck of a lot to say today, except that I had a good weekend. I got all my laundry done, went to a club in San Francisco on Saturday night, and hung out with some cool old and new friends. I saw The Mummy Returns on Sunday. And yesterday I went hiking in Pacifica.

Not much to reflect on all that except that I do indeed have the coolest friends, relationships can be exhausting sometimes, it's good to re-examine the basis of your convictions sometimes, just to make sure that they still make sense, and sequels generally aren't as good as the original.

Oh, and I really have to stop spending so much money.

Friday, May 25

Something every woman needs. And so classy!

"VirtuaGuy has been downloaded and used by dozens of thousands of users so far... We got happy customers from all over the world, including countries we didn't even know they exist !"

From Rev. Brian Chapin (right above a link to ChickenCandy).

Darnit. Forgot my towel.

The Secret Diaries of Alan Greenspan


He said what Kidman perceived as threats was just his way of being romantic.

The Erotic Journal of Martha Stewart


Some people call me the space cowboy
Some people call me the gangster of love
some people call me Maurice
'cause I speak of the pompetous (?) of love.
-- The Steve Miller Band, The Joker

It took me 24 hours, but I remembered the observation I forgot yesterday:

I noticed while I was stopped at a light yesterday that the guy in the car behind me was laughing. I suspect it was because he had seen me singing.

No embarassment, no face-reddening, no ohmygod, someone saw me. Instead, I turned up the radio and sang the rest of the song along with Ricky

Thursday, May 24

Yup. Gonna see this one

Heads up from Edmond:

Tomorrow, May 25th, is Towel Day in memory of Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and other works.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has a few things to say on the subject of towels.

Most importantly, a towel has immense psychological value. For some reason, if a non-hitchhiker discovers that a hitchhiker has his towel with him, he will automatically assume that he is also in possession of a toothbrush, washcloth, flask, gnat spray, space suit, etc., etc. Furthermore, the non-hitchhiker will then happily lend the hitchhiker any of these or a dozen other items that he may have "lost". After all, any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the Galaxy, struggle against terrible odds, win through and still know where his towel is, is clearly a man to be reckoned with.

-- Douglas Adams, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

Good news for me, I just received my towel from LandsEnd.

A funny from JessaJune:
Footprints in the sand

I dreamed that I was walking down the beach with the Goddess. And I looked back and saw footprints in the sand. But sometimes there were two pairs of footprints and sometimes there was only one. And the times there was only one set of footprints, those were my times of greatest trouble. So I asked the Goddess,

"Why in my greatest need did you abandon me?"

She replied, "I never left you. Those were the times we both hopped on one foot."

And I was really embarassed for bothering Her with such a stupid question.

Ohmygosh. I have to prepare for 5 birthdays b/w now and 6/6! Then I've got two more b-days next month, in addition to 2 Father's Days.

UPDATE: and 2 graduations. I just remembered about the graduations.

Good to know.

Thanks Dave.

Passion dies hard: jealous boyfriend, 100, assaults Miami woman, 38

I don't think this needs any comment.

Some observations:

My bread was moldy this morning, which means I have to go out for lunch. Darn.

NSI is slow.

I get way more excited than I should be when
people whose sites I read add me their list o' blogs.

And my memory sucks. There was another observation I made this morning on the way to work, and I can't remember it now. Maybe it'll come to me later. You know, when there's not a computer to be found.

Wednesday, May 23

In addtition to uttering today's Quote of the Day, Dave is also my hero for informing me how to stop all those annoying IE script errors from slowing down the load time for my site. (Hint: it involves taking out the BV counter code.) Yippeee!

Quote of the Day:

"The world is my bivalve."
-- Dave

Angel of the Day.

Kinda cool. Mine is the ArchAngel Gabriel.

Via Reverend Brian

An example of the oh-so-intellectual conversations I have online:

Unxmaal: blorp!
Booboolina1: glump!
Unxmaal: fmorz!
Booboolina1: kpert!
Unxmaal: mweee!
Booboolina1: tlooo!
Unxmaal: brapook!
Booboolina1: fawoopl!
Unxmaal: gordoopl!
Booboolina1: jendup!
Unxmaal: jenned up?
Unxmaal: what're you doin, all jenned up and no place to go?
Booboolina1: well, you know how it is
Unxmaal: yeah
Booboolina1: gotta do somethin' for fun

My first reaction to this is that she should get a life. But it's amazing what she can do with an Etch-A-Sketch. I guess when you've got a talent, you make the most of it.

I gotta wonder, though, why she continues to live in California, especially SoCal. I mean, isn't that hazardous to her art??

Via unxmaal.

Courtesy of Jisheroo, here's the Oz Prison Bitch Name Generator.

I'm the Ass Mangler. What are you?

In light of yesterday's pseudo-vanity search, someone notified me this morning that a search on dancing naked sexy librarian in pumps or birkenstocks with sexy eyes and a perfect ass will turn up only my site.

I think I'm flattered.

Tuesday, May 22

It trips me out when people do a search on booboolina. It's like a vanity search, but I didn't do it. This time.

It's been two days since I found out about this, and already I'm tired of hearing about it. <whine>When will it stop??</whine>

Question(s) of the Day:

How much would you compromise to be with someone you really care about? What pre-relationship decisions can you re-think and still remain true to yourself, with all the lessons you learned and your values intact? How much of it becomes you doing something you didn't want to do because now you really want to do it vs. doing it just to please the other person?

It's only 8:30, and already I've learned two important lessons today:

1) It's important to pen your friends in. Pencil just doesn't cut it. Mostly 'cause pencil doesn't show up as well on calendars.

2) Just when you think you've done the dumbest thing you're capable of, rest assured that there's always something dumber you can do. And you probably will. Soon.

I was thinking of something that happened earlier when I wrote point #2, and then I proved it again. I'm a genius.

Monday, May 21

I took's Sex Test again, just to see what sort of results I'd get this time, and my score has improved!

Congrats! In your life, you'll have sex with 11 people! [...]* You have an untapped source of sexual energy.

* much information deleted that you don't need to know for *my* protection


Sent to me by Unxmaal:

Red Panno D'Or Parachute Pants

Battius and Payneslayve's journal

Ok, I hadn't planned on posting anything about the Kaycee hoax. I figured I hadn't invested a heck of a lot of emotional energy into her story, and anything I was feeling others had said before and said a lot better than I ever could. But it's everywhere, and I'm dismayed at the pain and confusion that this has caused, and heartened by the love that has survived the revelation. To that end, here are some reactions I thought were worth posting:

Her name was not Kaycee and she was not my daughter....

the end of the whole mess

MeFi post one

MeFi post two

a conversation with my sister



Halcyon's words

So What Happens Now?

For what it's worth, the strongest emotion I'm feeling is sadness at the destruction of trust. Whatever Debbie's/Kaycee's motives, she brought out the best in a lot of people, but it was done dishonestly and now those people feel used and betrayed.

And from now on, no matter how much these people who cared about her try to still feel good about the whole experience, it will color the next time they are asked to risk themselves emotionally. They'll wonder if it's real, if the person is telling them the truth, if, when they give their hearts, they will be treated with respect. If they'll be treated with the truth. Because this time they weren't.

My first reaction is "Oh, well. She was too good to be true in the first place. This is just one more example of peoples' insensitivity and callousness. Time to move on." But that's just my cynicism reacting to one more brick being put on the wall around my heart. Because I cried for her too.

Lunchtime meditation:

It amazes even me, even now, after having at least one bad burn per year for most of my 29 years, how very red my skin can get. The sock line and the fact that my knees didn't burn kinda disturbs me too. That candy cane-coloring comment I made earlier was not idle.

Best line of the weekend, from a friend recently made single:

"I have to reset my radar for cute firemen. I mean, it's already set for libraries and Taco Bells. I just have to add firemen."

Darn it.

Weekend recap:

Busy, busy, busy. I have been going non-stop since Friday. I think. It may have started even before then, but this is a weekend recap, so we'll start with Friday night.

Went to see JessaJune in A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Friday. Excellent. Everyone did a good job, which is not something you can say all the time with community theater. There was some, well, interesting choices made by the director about the interaction between Oberon and Titania and the pixies or sprites or whatever you call them. Not bad, just interesting. When the pixies were onstage, it was, um, ahem, difficult to pay attention to the other actors.

Saturday I somehow managed to talk a friend into cleaning my shower for me. Much like Tom Sawyer and the fence. Although I promised to wax his car for him next weekend in return, I still think I got the better end of the deal. Especially now that my shower is cleaner than when I moved in. Sorry, he says I can't give out his number, as he does not want to wash others' showers.

I also went to A La Carte and Art in downtown Mountain View, which was nice, if rather warm. Actually, hot was more like it. Friends and overpriced art always makes for a good day.

Then I drove up to Pacifica to meet with Jish to go to the Dave Matthews Band concert at Pac Bell Park, which was pretty darn good. Not the best concert I've been to, nor the best DMB concert I've seen, but certainly not a waste of my time. Have to remember, though, that no matter how much they say you don't really feel the wind there, you still need to take a jacket and a blanket. Maybe two.

And the finale was yesterday, when I participated in my third Bay to Breakers, a walk/race that is really just a big San Francisco party. Everyone knows the Kenyans are going to win the run, so they just dress up and have a good time. I took two rolls of film during the day, which will be posted as soon as I get them developed. I really need a digital camera. Anyway, after walking over 8 miles my legs are sporting what feels like 2nd degree burns (the only part of my body I forgot to put sunscreen on) and my feet are blistered. But I'd do it again (just as soon as my feet heal and forget what I put them through yesterday).

Some of the highlights:
There were lots and lots of naked people running. Well, they were naked except for shoes, of course. There's a group of people who dress as salmon and start at the end of the race and run to the beginning. There was a group of women dressed in pink slips running together (get it? pink slips??), and a group of people dressed as rolling blackouts. I heard the Village People performed on the Hayes hill portion of the route, but I think we were ahead of them at that point and missed the show (darnit!). A good overview of the experience can be found here. PS, in an effort to *not* have to go to the bathroom, the only thing I consumed until dinner last night was an apple, a banana and a bottle of water late in the race. I was successful, if slightly dehydrated.

Finally took a shower and then watched season finale of XFiles before crashing for the evening. Now I'm working from home, 'cause I figure no one else needs to endure the sight of my candy-cane-colored legs and groans as I walk on sore feet. Not to mention that me in shorts is not the most pleasant thing to see, even on a good day.

On that note, I have get something done now. Oh, and apply some more moisturizer.

I'm a Persian

Friday, May 18

Sometimes smugness can be used to one's advantage.

Oh my.

According to Bonni:
... the Latin name, which translates to "a shapeless phallus" and the second part is "titanium" which generally implies something very large.

Matt has now jinxed us. Dammit.

I love people who can write.


Jail Babes

I don't think this requires any comment on my part.

See also: Military Dudes and Military Babes.
Note: that second link gets a 404, but I'm sure they'll have it up and running soon. Too soon.

Via Mighty Girl.

I have pots. (Pots. Not pot.) And paint. And I had, at one time, the intention of using one on the other. Anyway, if I was the least bit artistic or original, I would have thought of this a long time ago. I tried some freehand artistic stuff and it looked like something a kindergartner would point at and laugh.

Maybe I'll get some stencils. Then I can do stuff like Mark did on his walls.

Or maybe I'll just sit back and admire the genius of others.

Thursday, May 17

And I'm going to her show tomorrow night. I suspect that the whole time, I'll be thinking about this post.

I'm having a tough time taking this seriously.

It was so obviously designed by a man. A man with cleanliness issues. Which he should get over. Even before he learns proper english.

"To prevent from strench"?? WTF?

This is the cutest thing I've seen today.

I want one.

via unxmaal.

RoomsToGo, just about the coolest furniture site I've seen, including IKEA.

From unxmaal.

La de da, de da.

M: Do that thing you do so well.

Me: You mean that criticizing thing I do so well?

D: That's the thing!


Via Steve

Sappy. I love it.

Wednesday, May 16

Memorable Quotes from the Day ('cause I finally took my headphones off):

"Bjoern, if you die of frappucino poisoning, you won't be able to do much around here."

"Kristin, show me your Twix... Don't make me go through your drawers."

I am building a shrine to the Twix Empty Wrapper God.

Heh. From the site:
There are enough TWIX® Cookie Bars produced each year in the U.S. for every man, woman and child in the country to have four bars each! Aren't you glad you're eating your share?

I think I'm eating more than my share. I'm depriving some man, woman or child in this country of their share of the wealth. It's wrong. I need some self-discipline. Or something. Although I suspect that if anyone tried to take them away from me, I'd slap 'em silly.


Designed by amateurs
Built by volunteers
and piloted by madmen.
Yeah, you're qualified.

Sounds like fun. I wonder if the recovery crew recovers more than the pilot?? Pointed here by The Jishman

Recent comment on my new banner image:

"I keep blinking when I look at your title image.

It's like free drugs. I will visit more often now."

Well, I do what I can to bring 'em in and keep 'em coming around.

Tuesday, May 15

She's gone.

Question of the Afternoon:

"Are you offending me!?"
- Mark "Offended" Bakalor

Question of the Day, posed by J:

What IS swearing and spitting without enthusiasm?
Mumbling and drooling?

This entry has been deleted due to bad taste of said entry and disgust on the part of the author for having had the temerity to post it at all. (see comment for verification of this opinion)

Suffice to say that my apartment is mostly clean, I woke up early today and my teeth hurt, which is keeping me from eating doughnuts.

It's nice to think someone has a crush on me, but I suspect someone I know was just entering email addresses trying to discover who had a crush on them. I don't feel like spamming any of my friends, so I guess this crush, legitimate or not, will have to stay secret.

I was discussing the concept of dating vs. not-dating based on decisions about long-term compatibility and life goals, and a friend came back with this:

Heh. And we -- my mother, my sister, and I -- had the "marriage and children" conversation this weekend. My mother lives in terror that I'll be one of those people who has dogs instead of children. And I just don't even want to get into how THAT makes me feel. Except dammit, if I'm going to have children, it has to be because I want them, and my partner wants them. Not because, as mom so quaintly pointed out, my sister's theoretical and potential children should have cousins.

I laughed so hard, I almost fell on the floor. I am forever grateful that my mother doesn't care to be a grandmother just yet, and that I have enough siblings that their 'theoretical and potential children' will not want for cousins due to my lack of procreation.

Monday, May 14

Ever add an item to your List of Things To Do just so that you could cross it off??

I have this monster list of stuff I have to get done, and to look at it, I haven't done a darn thing today. But I have!!! So I just added some of those things I did today, just so that I could cross them off and prove to myself that I was busy and productive and not, um, wasting my time writing email. Ok, one more item to add to the list.

Quote of the Day: "I have Peach Pleasure"

I am the proud possessor of $2.90 in my checking account.

At least until all the money I spent this weekend goes through.

2! 2 posts in 1!!

(more recently)
My Word of the Day: Clueless:
completely or hopelessly bewildered, unaware, ignorant, or foolish.
This applies not only to others, but to myself as well. But mostly to others.

Addendum: for J, it's Medieval Pick-Up Lines, courtesy of Totally Useless (5/11/01).

Very apt, as Renaissance Faire season is starting up again.

(earlier this morning)
Grrr. Can't post to blogger. Didn't sleep much last night. Somehow gained a lot of weight recently. Lost my makeup. Don't particularly want to do the work I have to do today.

Yup. It's Monday

Friday, May 11

It seems lately that it's all about how to do it, how to act like you're doing it, and how to do it by yourself. Oh, and how stick figures do it.

Kama Sutra
via Davezilla

via Heather

National Masturbation Month
via Metagrrrl

Sexual Positions Free
via Totally Useless

Blogger is down, so I'm *gasp* posting this manually, 'cause I have this need to get the information out there...

Let me tell you, it pays to read the blogs of people who live in your area, so that you are there when they announce that certain tickets have gone on presale.

This makes my day. Well, this and my anticipated lunch with JessaJune.

UPDATE: Blogger has since come back from the dead and seems faster than before. THANK YOU. And my lunch with JessaJune was wonderful.

Thursday, May 10

Ah ha! So it's going to be one of those days, is it?? Hmmm...

My day was going along fine. In fact, it still is. But within the past 10 minutes I have:

spilled water down the front of my silk shirt and new pants (leaving a noticeable-only-to-me water stain on the shirt, which will now have to be dry cleaned rather than just hung in the bathroom till the wrinkles fall out). I'm going to see someone about my drinking problem. Really I am.

gotten out of an hour-long phone conference where I found out that yes, I really do have to do all that busywork. Soon.

spent 5 minutes downloading what promised to be an excellent movie clip, only to find that I don't have the software to run it or the enthusiasm to go look for it and re-download the file.

discovered that the sandwich I just finished isn't really agreeing with me.

BUT, I am looking forward to:

seeing my bestest friend from San Antonio for dinner tonight, just as soon as she tells me she's landed

going Home for Mom's Day, where I won't be taking my laptop or doing anything work-related, and I get to bake a pie for my grandma. And have a bbq. And see Daisy. And of course, hang out with my mom.

As for living in the moment, the moment is still good. I just can't believe all that stuff happened in such a short amount of time. Good thing I'm in a good mood. Chipper, so to speak.

Wednesday, May 9

Quote of the Day:

"So, I'm supposed look over your shoulder to make sure you're doing this right?"

"Yeah, I have to go to the bathroom ...."

Maybe you had to be there, but it was very funny.

Ohmygosh. I don't have anything to do tonight. Whatever shall I do with myself?

Most suggestions welcome.

I'm crazy.

Just letting you know.

Uh oh. They're taking over.

And I want a shirt.

Via Matt.

Well, it's nice to know that I'm useful for something around here, even if it's just to explain the intricacies of American slang. Which is pretty poor, since I'm not all that knowledgable about the why's, how's and where's of American slang.

Tuesday, May 8

And look!! California gas prices!!!

De Jisheroo

Doing some research on Rosie the Riveter, I came across some cool links:

Rosie the Riveter and other Women World War II Heroes

The park

Rosie the Riveter as depicted by Norman Rockwell.

Same as above, only in color (and with ordering instructions)

An index of WWII prints featuring women and their role

The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter

The song

Mantra for the Day:

Eating when/because I'm bored is a Bad Thing.

Phone Etiquette (5/5/01).

A good list of guidelines for people who call people.

Why can't everyone be on the same page that I'm on??

Monday, May 7

So, how cute can you get?? Damn. To be that cute, maybe even I would bear a child.

Or maybe I'll just look at other peoples' kids. Yeah, I think that's enough.

From The Empire That Was Russia: The Prokudin-Gorskii Photographic Record Recreated

Prokudin-Gorskii [1863-1944] intended his photographic images to be viewed in color because he developed an ingenious photographic technique in order for these images to be captured in black and white on glass plate negatives, using red, green and blue filters. He then presented these images in color in slide lectures using a light-projection system ... involving the same three filters."

The point here is that the photographer in question was taking pictures that, when put together, create color photos ... of pre-revolutionary Russia.

You have undoubtedly reached this web site by mistake

From JessaJune (whose birthday is tomorrow, for all of you who haven't been to her wishlist and ordered her something ... go write her some email!!)

Someone just searched the web for my name and found my site. I followed the search request and found that females who sport the same name are many, and they all seem to be involved in sports. It could be a sign that I'm the odd one out, as I haven't been involved in a sport since I ran track in high school. But since my site came up first in the results, I'll just take it as a sign that ... that ...

... damn it. Any wit I might have had just flew out the big plate glass window and now I don't have anything cute to say. Just make up something appropriate.

Note: no pun intended on the second sentence.

Barbarian Librarian, oh-so-kindly sent to me by Dave.

She's my new hero. You just don't see a whole lot of librarians in skimpy leather outfits shushing people. At least not in the Mountain View area.

And Dave's my hero, too, for thinking of me when he found this link.

And courtesy of Edmond, we have The Difficulties of Being a Goof. May we all be up to the challenge.

Lesson learned today:

Know yourself well enough to determine if you really can eat your breakfast, talk on your cell phone and fly down the freeway at 80 mph at the same time.

Multi-tasking isn't a skill everyone possesses and there's no shame in admitting that you can't do it. Especially when you're endangering everyone around you while you search your Mercedes for stuff for your phone conference and the driver behind you becomes more and more pissed as you swerve all over the fast lane. Hell, I know I can't put my makeup on when I'm in motion. I wait for a red light. Which meant that I had to wait till I got in to work this morning, as red lights were few and short this morning. A mixed blessing.

Just a thought.

Weekend recap:

I finally went dancing Friday night, for the first time in many, many months. And even though I was at my lowest point of health in this particular allergy attack, and I am also at the lowest point of physical fitness in my entire life, I still managed to dance most of the evening and not embarrass myself or cause injury to my partners. And my two friends, Niklas and Joey, each rode the mechanical bull twice. Heh. They're still walking funny. And yes, I do mean ha, ha funny.

Saturday I didn't see the sun till I woke up around 11:30 (I really needed the sleep), only to go to a "May the 4th Be With You" party at Jish's, where we watched the "first" three Star Wars movies. In a row. Then we took a break, drove his new ride for a bit, and finished up the Aliens saga.

And yesterday I felt so crappy because of the sugar from the cough drops and the dehydration caused by the decongestants I had taken that I didn't do a whole lot of anything. I did try to see The Mummy Returns, but the line was too long, so we saw Joe Dirt instead, which wasn't as bad as you'd think. It fit my sense of humor at the time. And I got my laundry done.

So now I have clean underwear, and lots of it. And I'm not taking any more medication, so everything is better today.

Lesson learned this weekend:

Sometimes the medicine can make you sicker than the affliction you're taking it to cure. This is known as the Law of Diminishing Returns.

I'm off the medication now. And drinking lots and lots of water. I'll trust my body to heal itself.

Friday, May 4

Cool Site,

Life is a nice rug, slowly being pulled out from under my feet. I'm being pulled along for now, but one day I'll most likely be on my ass, on a cold wood floor. But for now...


Pointed here by Dave

Inspired by Edmond, the Statement of the Day is "Everyone would look different with or without hair."

Uttered by Mark.

The person who can tell me what I just got in the mail from Amazon* will win my undying gratitude.


*without looking at my wishlist

Jish is temporarily MIA. And we're SOL.

It would appear this is only a problem for me (sometimes). Sorry for the (somewhat) false alarm.

I described to a friend of mine last night how I avoid gettting hurt and disappointed by not really expecting people to follow through for me. He told me I was very smart to do that. All I could say to that was, yeah, just one more brick in the wall I've put up to keep from getting hurt.

I'm not sure that's a good thing.

Thursday, May 3

How is it possible that I am experiencing a post-lunch coma when lunch consisted only of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?


Bulwer Lytton Fiction Worst Opening Paragraph Awards,
where WWW means Wretched Writers Welcome.

John sums it up nicely:

I don't want to be someone who is 30, I want to be two 15 year olds.... So to the powers that be, thank you for sending a song to reclaim the fighting spirit that keeps me moving forward... and thanks for not putting any speed traps along the way.

Insurance, after all. I don't need the points.

Me, I'd rather be 25 and 5.

As a 29-year-old who is experiencing allergies for the first time in her life, let me just inform the world that they suck. Big time. ::cough, cough::

Wednesday, May 2

Going home now ::yawn::

Dinah announces that it really is a month of celebration. Let the partying begin!!

Tee hee

Where in the world have I been?? Just found a page of famous n aked librarians. On a librarian's site, no less.

I have to admit, I kind of fell into this whole librarian thing (right into grad school), but the more librarians I know, the cooler the group gets.

Tuesday, May 1

Help!! I'm drowning in sweetness here!! Save me!!*

Ok, the balance has been restored with a few well-placed "I hate you's".**

**Not seriously, of course.


10 Laws of Bad Science Fiction

From Julie.

You know, most of the time I love our open, no-cube office environment, where we all have the ability to see and talk to everyone around us, without feeling boxed-in or isolated.

But today I read a bit of Kaycee's blog, and I wish I had some walls around me now, so that my co-workers couldn't see me cry. I think I'm going to take a walk.

Quote of the Day:

"It's not just about theoretical process models and wearing cute little belts"

Sometimes I feel this way.

It's 11:11 a.m.

What in the world am I doing with this site?

What in the world am I doing with my life??