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Friday, May 31

Guess what! Turns out that Caltrain is not cutting weekend service till July, so my friends have decided to take advantage of the delay. May I present to you The Boy Who Cried Wolf Beer Train!!

Starting point: Ausiello's Tavern, 864 El Camino Real, Belmont, CA
When: Saturday, June 22, 2:00 p.m.

Need more information? Maybe some visual imagery to convince you?
Description #1
Description #2

Let me know if you're interested, and I'll add you to the Evite, if you like.

There's a bee buzzing outside my window. I can't see it, as I have the curtains pulled against the sun and the neighbors alike, but it sounds like summer to me.

I am just returned from El Paso, a hot place stuck in the middle of the desert for no reason I could see. All anyone from California could think while we were there was, "Why would anyone move to El Paso?" I'm sure it has some redeeming features, but they are not readily apparent to the casual traveller. Another time of the year, I would have liked to have stayed, perhaps, and tried to understand why people live in deserts like that. But with only one full day there, and two others mostly taken up with travelling, there wasn't time to acclimate, so we didn't try. Stayed inside most of the time, going outside only long enough to remind ourselves of why we didn't want to go outside.

Scorpions. I've never been anywhere where there were scorpions (or at least I didn't know about it). I was warned about them possibly being in house. I didn't sleep well either night I was there.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who liked to make points, but stated them in such a way that you weren't sure what reaction was expected? What do you do then? They have paused, apparently waiting for you to say something, but you don't care, or you didn't understand, and you have absolutely nothing to say. I just said nothing. I guess they get that a lot, because it didn't stop them from continuing on to make their point about their point.

Oh, and Mexico. I have never been near a border, either on the north or the south of our country. I was unprepared, then, for the disparity I witnessed between one side of highway 10, with UTEP and track housing, and the shanties and unpaved roads on the other side. Separated by a freeway, that two such different worlds could coexist boggles the mind. It's good to remember that most of the world is not as fortunate as we are.

Tuesday, May 28

El Paso, here I come!!


I don't usually find Triumph the Wonder Dog all that funny, but this piece where he interviews people who have been camping out in line for Star Wars, is frickin' hilarious. [via Jishanu]

Mmmm....Food for the Soul: Macaroni and Cheese [via Rebecca's Pocket]

Surprised? Hardly. The legal movement against foreigners continues. [via theshiva]

This would make a good image for the Captions Blog. As Brad says, "Who cut the cheese?" Unfortunately, the curator of Captions Blog does not take image suggestions. Oh well.

Manual, a collection of how-tos, well worth reading. You can find a linked list of authors here.

Besides other, more obvious differences, the biggest baddest most frustrating difference between Macs and PCs is that the close window button is on the opposite side of the screen.

I finally saw Attack of the Clones last night. I won't go over how I feel about it here, as it's been done over and again elsewhere, and better than I ever could. Instead, I'll point you to the Tomato Nation writeup , one that I heartily agree with. [via Evhead]

Everything may seem ok, but it's not. There are still people dealing with the disaster.

And then one day, there were less of us. We took a hit and speaking for myself, we vowed not to let the enemies of the lives we worked so hard to obtain, win.

We grieved and we went back to work. I worked harder. I wanted to make this life work even better than before because I am not a defeatist.

In some superhuman way, I wanted to set an example of strength for an America that seemed to be reeling harder than those of us at the core of the disaster.

But one day, I woke up scared. I started to look over my shoulder like a crazy person. I started crying in the mornings, just from reading the New York Post....

In all of my efforts to help save the global economy and business, I never once stopped to think about how to save myself.

We here at Startup Central just discovered that Count Dooku is also Saruman the White. That explains Saruman's great power - he's also a Jedi Knight (or, more appropriately, a Sith lord).

Today is not only my Monday, it is also my Friday. Yay me, I get to go to El Paso tomorrow to visit my sister and brother-in-law.

Remember me and my tendency to visit Texas? I'm just thankful that I get to visit Montreal later this summer. Yay for visiting someplace other than Texas once in a while.

Monday morning family value link: Giant nut drawing blushed approval [via Juul]

Saturday, May 25

A month short of my 2-year anniversary on the web, I've finally changed the colors. Whew!

Looking for a cuteness overload? Try Rate my Kitten. [via Pomegranita]

Friday, May 24

A nice writeup about last night. Especially that bit about Sarah.

Have I mentioned yet? There are pics here.

Ha! JessaJune just sent me a link to this UserFriendly Strip. Read it. It's funny.

psst! It relates to this story.

A lesson we can all learn from one man's mistake: Don't look at porn while you're supervising an exam and your computer is still hooked up to the monitor. [via Dan]

JessaJune and Jish and I are going to see the Vagina Monologues in August. I know this is far in advance, but tix go fast and it's best to get them while you can. Tickets start at $20 and go as high as $60. We're heading for the cheap seats.

Would anyone like to join us?

8:30 p.m., Saturday, August 10, 2002
Geary Theater
415 Geary St., SF

PS - this is Eve Ensler's (the founder) final perfomance.

Box office phone: 415 339 9500 Call Center: 415 782 2277
Online tickets

The idea is that we will meet for dinner before or go out after (decision to be made later), and anyone interested in joining us is more than welcome to do so.

For the first time ever, I got through to the KFOG morning show, to relate the story behind my middle name. And then they didn't even play my bit on the radio. *sniffle* Well, at least I got through.

Thursday, May 23

Y'all missed a good time!

Never one to use a test directory, preferring instead to make all changes on the live server, things will look weird around here till I manage to iron out the changes I'm attempting. This will be soon.

Thanks for your patience.

Speaking of Ender's Game, Army Turns to Computer Games to Woo Recruits. This also sounds a lot like that Robin Williams movie, Toys. [via Spike]

Hard on the heels of cd security debacle, Sony decides to lobby for ban on markers. [via JessaJune] Meanwhile, they're also paying someone else to provide even more security. Seems like any profits they're hoping to secure through anti-piracy strategies are all being spent on those very same strategies.

My man and I took a walk yesterday out at Shoreline Park. And I took some pictures.

Yay! They're finally making a movie out of one of my favorite books, Ender's Game. Like all adaptations, I hope they stay true to the story. If they could do it with LotR, I'm sure they can do it with this one. [via 3Bruces]

PS - the short story that he based the books on is great, and is contained in the collection of his short fiction, Maps in a Mirror.

Just what every woman is looking for: The perfect Bra [via 3Bruces]

Unbelievable. Couple arrested after toddler left home alone ... so that they could go see the midnight showing of Star Wars. [via SnarkyBitch]

This guy is the later form of this guy.

Wednesday, May 22

Cookie Monster and Big Bird to marry [via saltyt]

"Somewhere, Miss Piggy must be swooning."

Dinah wants to have a truffle party. Who else is interested?

An 80's moment ...

So a delivery truck just pulled up in the parking lot outside our open back door, and the brings-back-so-many-memories sound of Kenny Loggins assails our ears, and the deliveryman jumps out of the truck, singing "I'm all right" at the top of his lungs.

Via Dinah, this song is also known as the theme from Caddyshack.

Now I'm being serenaded by the Eagles "Life in the fastlane," a great tune.

A duet ... I wonder if Eve Ensley could whip up something comparable and create a dialogue instead of her usual fare. [via Jishanoo]

ps, here is the pic I left out of my Bay to Breakers gallery.

pss, the Vagina Monologues will be here in July and August. Anyone want to go with me?

We have a situation. I bought a friend of mine a voodoo doll recently, and now we find that all the pins are bent and crooked.

Does anyone know where we can get more of these? Note: they must have black ends, as really, what else are you going to use a voodoo doll for?

I'm not a big fan of cocktails, not liking alcohol much (although I was introduced to the Cape Cod [vodka and cranberry juice] at sxsw and got more than a bit tipsy from it), I very much enjoyed reading Maggie's latest piece over at the Morning News: The Case for Cocktails.

Thank (pick a deity) that I actually like Black and Tans, or I'd have some serious trouble keeping up with the Drunken Jones's.

I was afraid for a while there that I'd have nothing to say today. Much to my delight, I found something (ahem) worthy of being blogged in this here space: Hot Flash Mamma. Thanks, Gail.

Tuesday, May 21


Doctors warn men that bras can damage their health

Let the jokes begin. [via Davezilla]

Some random shots of the weather yesterday:

There was a better rainbow that I missed by 2 minutes later on in the day, but this was an unexpected gift

And just to prove that there is a silver lining after all ...

These pictures were taken within 5 minutes of each other.

Great. Just what we need to hear in this age of overpopulation and rampant STDs: Unprotected sex is an anti-depressant, claim doctors. Well, at least it's good for something. [via JillMatrix]

Google Doodles. Go check out today's.

Childhood flashback, kinda: Virtual Lite-Brite. Way cool. [via TwistyPants]

Monday, May 20

Winning the award for Fastest Posted Pictures, I have managed to get my Bay to Breakers, 2002 pics up within 48 hours of the event.

Now if I can just get those pictures from the Beer Train (March) and the wedding I was in (April), I'll feel like I've accomplished something.

Stephen Jay Gould, Biologist and Theorist on Evolution, Dies at 60

He'll be missed.

Who said that?!?

The Hivelogic Visitor Screenshot Gallery is pretty neat. See, you load one of his wallpaper designs as your own, and then send him a pic of your desktop. Ernie's is the best. The Best.

The Loose-Leaf Bible

I have yet to read this, but the excerpt from tells me that it will be worth the effort of reading from a screen.

There is a group of people - mostly bloggers, but hopefully few who are not - getting together this week for drinks and conversation. Please feel free to join us! Please, please, please!

The Plan:
7 p.m., Thursday, May 23rd
Savoy Tivoli
1434 Grant Ave.

It's big, it has lots of tables ... and if you get there early enough, there's a good chance you can sit down, as it gets *really* crowded later on. I would suggest taking public transit if at all possible, as this is in the heart of North Beach, an area not known to be kind to people trying to park. If you are put off by the concept of spending money, well, I'm just going to get a coke and enjoy myself.

Next month: South Bay!

BlogCon2002 sounds like fun. Kinda like SXSW, but no conference and no guilt about admitting that the real reason you're there is to meet and party with other bloggers.

I love the editing feature of IM. There are so many things I have typed with the intention of communicating them in this medium, only to realize once I had seen it in black and white that either it would be taken the wrong way, it was way too much information, or was simply in bad taste. And so I hit the delete key (sometimes I even have to use ctrl-A, backspace to get it all taken care of), and compose something better/nicer/clearer, and all is well with the world.

Just as long as I don't accidentally hit that damn Enter key when I'm going for the apostrophe, I'm all right.

Sunday, May 19

Footsore and soaked to the bone, but the Bay to Breakers footrace was a blast! Pictures will follow soon.

Friday, May 17

Heh. Want to go somewhere exotic for the vacation this year? There's now a Lonely Planet guide to Antarctica. [found in Jay's comments]

Wow. Like the investigator says, "What happened here was simply unimaginable." [via Caterina]

Tech Support With Ozzy [via Davezilla]

Let me give you a taste of how overbooked I am this weekend:

Tonight: San Francisco Symphony
Tomorrow: Giants game, followed by a graduation party
Sunday: Bay to Breakers, followed by Dave Matthews playing at Shoreline Amphitheater.

I'm tired just thinking about it.

Thursday, May 16

I swear, I need a remedial eating class - the section on not dripping food on your white shirt.

Does anyone know how to get strawberry juice out of a white t-shirt?

Baby's Got Kitty ... Again. Too frickin' funny. You have to click on the image to see the close-up to really appreciate the artistry here. [via 3Bruces]

The First Annual Kiss-Off

Please go participate. He says if more than 20 people join in, then prizes will be awarded, and I want to see what he comes up with.

Wow. It's been a whole month. Feels like it's been more like, oh I don't know, a year and a half, or something like that.

Happy Monthiversary, honey.

The rise of the creative class [via Leila]

A desktop idea for you: It's all sunshine, fluffy clouds, flowers, and evil kitties for you, Princess.

Wednesday, May 15

Jackelope Pictures [via Davezilla, who once dated one]

Ah, those crazy Santa Cruzians. Sexy tree too much for some Westside neighbors. I love the bit that says:
All trees can be seen as "phallic," but some would argue this eugenia is especially so. Viewed from the front, the hedge looks to have testicles, or perhaps bosoms....

The owner of the tree, Gillian Greensite, said she found it peculiar the plant has been there at least 15 years and suddenly someone is mad about it. She said no one has complained to her about the plant.
Well, which one is it? Testicles or bosoms? And no one complains for 15 years, and when they do so, they don't even approach the owner? People are weird. [via Blahblahblog]

Hey, it's Gail's birthday! Why don't you send her a note or something?

Tuesday, May 14

Random reference IM moment:

[talking about the renovation of an apartment we shared back in the "good ol' days"]
JessaJune: if it's hardwood, then they probably replaced the flooring. It was nasty, probably from the wet.
JessaJune: gave me that icky feeling of knowing I'd been sitting on it all that time.
Booboolina: Probably. And that was indoor/outdoor carpet anyway. Who knows what the former tenants did to it?
JessaJune: [giggle] I'm having a sudden flashback to the exploding pumpkin incident

Yes, there was a pumpkin. It exploded. It was gross.

If I drank more often, this story would really have an impact on whether I wanted to live in Canada: Quebec set to OK fast food beer delivery. Cool.

Ok, ok. Yes, I did feel the earthquake last night. At first, I thought it was my upstairs neighbors stomping around really loudly, but then I remembered that I've heard them stomp around, and it never shook the ceiling like that before. And then, perhaps erroneously, my first thought was "what do I have to protect so that it doesn't fall down?" Of course, I had been watching tv and was therefore also looking at my bookcase and my orchid, both of which were moving in a most ominous manner.

But then it was over in about 10 seconds, and I was ready to resume watching the movie. I was unprepared for the reaction of my guest, though, who was ready to hear disaster reports on the radio and was asking which doorjams we should stand in.

I have to admit, though, it was kind of exciting. Not the kind of exciting that I'd like to repeat, but exciting nonetheless.

Besides the banned books list the top 100 books of all time might also make a good reading list for the summer. [also via]

Ok, this is just about the coolest thing ever: Panoramic Maps Collection, brought to you by the Library of Congress, which is just about the coolest knowledge organization ever. [via]

Unfortunately, no where I've ever lived is represented here, but that's what happens when you grow up in a small town, and then settle in a town that didn't exist till the early 20th century.

Monday, May 13

In one of our rare public appearances together, may I present to you Jish and his Pixelated Girl

Much as I dislike the idea of advertising for alcohol (because, let's face it, I'm a prude at heart), I have to admit that I love the commercials. Like ESPN commercials, they usually have a sense of humor, unlike so many others that could really use it. So anyway, the ad for Mr Horse-Drawn Carriage Driver is frickin' hilarious. [via 3bruces]

Don't ask Tim what he does for a living, but please, do give him a hug!!

Finally, some good news for Bay area renters: Roar of the renters -- landlords grovel to attract tenants / Bay Area vacancies soaring, rents for apartments skidding [via Devin]

It was a good weekend. Learned a few things:

My grandma is my best friend. My mom is the best mom in the world. (I didn't learn that this weekend. I've always known it. I thought it deserved mention, though.)

Find the guy who has worked the longest at Fart and Sminal Smart and Final first when you need to find an obscure item. No one else will have a clue what you're talking about, much less where it is.

My dad had to take our cat in to be put down yesterday. For the second time in my life, I saw him cry. Never mind that I had lost my cat of 14 years, that alone would have been enough to make me cry.

Love is hard sometimes, and that's ok.

I wrote more than 12 pages of journal entry yesterday. Not once did my hand or my arms hurt. Already this morning, from typing this entry, my arms are starting to ache. I think that says something, either about the benefits of handwriting over typing or about my posture, I'm not sure.

Insomnia sucks, and that's never ok.

10 Things I Hate About You is a great movie, even at 2 a.m. on a Monday morning when you know your alarm is set for 6 a.m.

Friday, May 10

Off for the weekend! Have a wonderful Mom's Day!

Jish and Jason are right. Collapse is an awesome game. Wow. That's all I need, another game at work.

It distresses me how much attention I pay to the membership levels of my group. At the beginning of this week, we were at 84 ... and now we're at 81. I have to keep telling myself it's not personal, that they're not leaving because they don't like me. Can you tell I was not one of the popular, self-confident kids in high school?

Backdoor Project. It's not what you're thinking. [via Kevin]

I just wiped at least three tablespoons of superfluous cream cheese off my bagel, with enough left over to ensure a good heart attack in a few years.

I think a lesson could be learned here about conservation of resources and the nation's growing obesity trend.

Thursday, May 9

And here's two other posts all thrown together, 'cause blogger wouldn't even let me post, much less publish:

I have a friend who has a dog. Her dog likes tennis balls. She just complained that she is her dog's ball bitch. (hello dyslexia, I misspelled dog's as god's)

How many people do you know who would admit to that?

Kevin has a new domain and a new design too!! Go check out Where There's Smoke. Run along, I'll wait.

Two Truths and a Lie. Can you tell the difference?

I've reached that point where I want to say how happy I am at this moment, but I know that it would sound too-sweet, trite, lame, dumb, and everything else I've ever muttered to myself when reading other people who go on and on about their happy lives.

So I'll just leave it at that. Happy. That's me. Oh, and in love. And, um, happy to be in love. Loving it, in fact. Yep.

I've come to the decision that AT&T is evil.

I cancelled my service with them on April 23, determined to give up tv cold turkey. And I did a good job that first week, too. Then I turned it on after the weekend, just to make sure that it had, in fact, been turned off.

I still had cable.

I tried to stay away. I taped shows, to give myself and others the impression that I wasn't actually watching tv. I told myself over and over that I didn't really need it, that there were other things I could do with my time. But it was always there. They told me they'd turn it off one of these days, but they couldn't give me a firm date on when that would happen. I started to get used to having it all the time. I even started planning my evenings around it again.

And just when I had finally given in and decided that I'd watch Ed and West Wing while I ate my dinner last night ... they turned it off. Yes, I came home to a blue screen last night.

... And then I called two of my best friends in the world and spent all that cable money I was saving on long distance phone calls instead (and yes, I think my long distance provider is the same as my erstwhile cable company).

I guess it turned out ok.

Heh. That Ben Brown is a riot. Did you know that he works for Him?

Wednesday, May 8

So I just got spam from a wakeup service and it actually assigned genders to its services, such as Mr. Wakeup, Ms. Reminder, Mr. Notify and Dr. Dose.

Now, Dr. Dose (whatever the hell that is) could be a woman. But I find it interesting that only the reminder service is feminized. Are they trying to say that women nag?

Careful out there, even the libraries are getting dangerous. [via Redcap]

My favorite bit?
Isaac Cheng, a paralegal who loves libraries, complains, "Other people get inflamed with desire for a specific title just because they see you going for it. It happened to me with a Bergman movie. There was no way the other guy was a Swedish-film enthusiast!"

Ha! I just realized that Bay To Breakers happens in exactly 10 days and ... a couple of hours, and I can tell you just how much preparation I've done for it:

I walk a whole half mile from my apartment to the post office a few times a week. Sometimes I even go a bit farther and pick up a newspaper from the bookstore.

I foresee much pain in my future.

A Kitten Band!! And they're good, too. Although the calico doesn't play anything, I have to admit to a bias, since I used to have a kitty just like that. [via Davezilla]

Btw, watch the whole thing. It'll make you feel better about the world.

This is the funniest article I've read in a while: U.S. thinks little of Canada

There are so many jokes here, I'll hold off in fear of offending my Canadian friends and loved ones. But Dave has made a few, so at least I know the opportunity has not been missed entirely. Btw, be sure to read to the very end of the aticle. The best line is the one about Canada and Oregon.

So I'm in pain, and I reach for a pain reliever. But then I remember that I just took two of these pain relievers a mere 3 hours ago (ok, 2 hours and 45 minutes ago). According to the directions, I'm supposed to take only 1 every 8 to 10 hours. What's a girl doubled over in pain supposed to do?!?!?

Amazon keeps wanting me to buy stuff from Scott David Herman's Wish List. I don't know why. I don't even know who he is. And he's the only person not already a "friend" that they're pushing. Hmmm...

Jay has a new design and a new domain!! I (heart) purple.

You Might be a Redneck Geek if...

Just because I start my emails with "Howdy y'all" does not mean that I'm a redneck. Or a geek.

Happy Birthday to JessaJune!!

You can send a send a card or buy her something!

Tuesday, May 7

Getting in just under the wire, turns out that I actually own 1 of the 50 coolest records. And I'm stunned that I don't own any of the 50 uncoolest records, although I do have other albums by many of the artists listed here.

MetaGrrrl: Hearts may or may not be fonder, but eagerness certainly increases with absence.
Booboolina: You can always count on the loins.

On Death, English and College ...

JessaJune: I got spam from Death! It was very exciting.
Booboolina: Holy cow! What does he want now?
JessaJune: he wants me to use his "special powful tool"
JessaJune: apparently Death doesn't speak English very well
Booboolina: Well, yeah. That's to be expected.
JessaJune: But I always kind of figured that death spoke EVERY language. I mean... death. it's pretty universal!
Booboolina: Mabye in Hades, Greek is still the preferred language.
JessaJune: perhaps.
Booboolina: In the scheme of things, english is still pretty new.
JessaJune: sucks to be all of us, then. Dead AND having to learn Greek
Booboolina: Hehe. some people call that College.
JessaJune: fffft. heh.

I really need to visit 3 Bruces more often.

Excellent links found just today:

The Fatal Consequences of Masturbation (source link)

The Truth About Canadians (source link)

Two men released from jail because there is no law against cannibalism in Cambodia. source link)

The answer to the Abercrombie and Fitch debacle. [via JillMatrix]

Monday, May 6

uncle scotty's tips for straight boys [via Blahblahblog]

I disagree with the Uma Thurman bit, but the rest of it is pretty accurate.

For less innocent advice, check this out. It's priceless and oh-so-true.

Hot wet pavement (there's some sort of building cleaning going on in the parking lot outside our open door) isn't nearly as nice a smell as cold wet pavement (you know, a cool day, kinda misty, and the rain begins).

I met Noah this weekend. He's neat.

I just received a note in my inbox with the subject: Spam: Instant Internet Empires. At least they're honest about what they do.

Trying to look up the origin of the word "peeved", I came across the Specialty Dictionaries. For freaks like me who like to read dictionaries, this is fascinating.

Sunday, May 5

Nothing says beach bonfire in Northern California like crazy colored Japanese marshmallows and tofu weenies.

Saturday, May 4

When you start dreaming about Bejeweled, you know you've been playing it too much.

Quote for the weekend:
ice cream & strawberries are manna for the soul

Friday, May 3

A well-deserved Google bomb: Verisign.

In honor of this bomb, I am moving all my domains (and I'm distressed at how many there are) over to Dotster. In addition to not selling your domain out from under you, they have (I hear) a much better interface and process for administering your account. I never could change my address/phone/email/etc with Verisign/NSI.

Heh. But that means that all you have is the apartment address I lived in 3 apartments ago.

I have a dream, and that dream is to become a vegetarian someday. The problem with my attaining this dream is that I don't like a lot of vegetables. Seeming staples of the vegetarian diet, such as beans and peppers, are the bane of my existence. Bleh!! Oh, and I don't like melons either. And I've never successfully cooked tofu, although I understand that this is a fixable issue.

And for those who would denigrate such a dream - phooey on you. I like meat, and I don't have a moral problem with eating animals that have been sacrificed to my need. But I cannot in good conscience support an industry that doesn't treat any element involved with respect - the animals are abused through neglect, and then we're sold the results, all to fill the pockets of some already-rich people with heart disease. And besides, it's been proven that what you can get from meat and meat products you can get from other sources. The only things I'll have a problem giving up are milk (soy and rice milk just aren't very good substitutes) and cheese. Maybe I'll just give up the meat. Someday.

But in the meantime, the Veggie Patch seems like a good way to start. I've read three recipes already that don't involve beans or peppers.

There's hope yet.

Guide to Eating on a Shoestring Budget, something I think many of us could stand to learn.

I listen to Swedish radio at work. I feel all cultural and stuff.

The second funnies thing I've seen this week: The Kizombe Correspondence [via James]

I got one of these letters just recently for the first time. It didn't occur to me to respond!

I think I've blogged this before, but I'm too lazy to go looking for it now. Regardless, it deserves to be blogged again, for your Friday laughs: Where are the toons now [via Fujikosmurf]

And then there's the standard health alert: Don't let a pedicure disfigure you. All I can say is "A year?!?!?!" Bleh!!! [via Clamhead]

As JillMatrix points out, is it better to be made to lift your skirt in front of everyone (teachers, parents, and students alike) at a high school dance so they can see what sort of underwear you have on? Or to have an adult tell you in front of everyone that you don't have to because you are too matronly to wear that kind of underwear?

Thursday, May 2

Something to check out, in my copious spare time. rockstar shutmeups

An interesting theory:
Indians often worked on such a grand scale that the scope of their ambition can be hard to grasp. They created small plots, but they also reshaped entire landscapes to suit their purposes. A principal tool was fire, used to keep down underbrush and create the open, grassy conditions favorable for game. Rather than domesticating animals for meat, Indians retooled whole ecosystems to grow bumper crops of elk, deer, and bison.

In North America, Indian torches had their biggest impact on the Midwestern prairie, much or most of which was created and maintained by fire. Millennia of exuberant burning shaped the plains into vast buffalo farms. When Indian societies disintegrated, forest invaded savannah. Is it possible that the Indians changed the Americas more than the invading Europeans did?

[via RileyDog. 04/30/02]

I have recently had reason to talk to customer service folks who do not wait the standard 2 beats of silence after giving me a plethora of choices to choose from before saying (rather annoyingly) "Hello?! Hello?!?!", implying that I need to maintain a constant stream of chatter while I make my decision or that I'm wasting their time as I take 3 beats of silence to make my decision.

I hate that I just had to do the same thing to some customer service lady who was simply not on the ball and seemed to disappear from the phone call for no apparent reason. I didn't ask her a hard question. Really.

The latest and greatest search referral: sexy gangsta chicks from san jo

In my other life, this is so me.

Waaaaaay back on Sunday, I looked ahead to this week and thought to myself, "Self, you have nothing on your calendar. You'll have time to stay at home every night this week and take care of your home, relax, finally get your room cleaned up, relax, watch that three hour movie you got from Netflix 3 weeks ago, relax, start to work out, relax, get a menu planned for the next week, and everything else you've wanted to do for so long."

So yeah. I stayed home Monday night. Since then, I've been out, attended a most excellent May Day party last night, visited with friends. Tonight I'll be out, tomorrow night a guest may come into town and the next night I'm hosting another friend. Maybe next week will be slower.

Wednesday, May 1

Is that Blue Steel or Magnum?

The funniest damn thing I've heard all day week month year long: “I got some sugar walls baby”

And if you're at work, or around anyone under the age of 25, you should put your headphones on.

Has anyone else been getting an absurdly large amount of mail from unknown addresses that don't have any content?

They're never from the same address, they never have the same subject line (for a while there, there were quite a few that referred to html tags), but they also never have any message to tell.

Hmmm.... another mystery of the internet.

Speaking of the law, check out - you can create web pages reporting the crimes your friends acquaintances have committed ... all sorts of heinous crimes, including crack dealer, serial masturbator, sheep molester, prostitute, and hacker.

It's funny (if you're into that sort of thing) and it doesn't get saved to any servers (unless you do it yourself). [Jish told me about it]

Injudicious Conduct [via Jason]

Redneck Neighbor. Rednecks have made this country what it is today. Read and be amazed. I have to agree with Jish, the best part is the rock on a table.

Mena's Garage Sale Tips. I didn't realize that all garage sale givers had the same experiences.

It's safe to pack the tweezers again. *sigh* What a relief. [via Amit]