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Friday, January 31

An IM moment late on Friday afternoon:

metagrrrl: "Yesterday, I saw a hearse driver peel out and flip someone off. That has to be in direct violation of the employee handbook."
metagrrrl: If I couldn't be me, I'd want to be Maggeh.
enigmatic2u: I know. I often have that thought too. Tall, beautiful and witty. And nice, to boot. there isn't anything to dislike her for.
metagrrrl: Yeah, cuz Bryan's cool too. They are truly the perfect couple.
enigmatic2u: yes, they are.
metagrrrl: They're probably cannibals or something. It *can't* be that good, can it?
metagrrrl: I'm sure they cooked would be delicious.
enigmatic2u: where is Jay?
metagrrrl: Hungary?
enigmatic2u: hahaha!

A co-worker remarked the other day how very white I am. I guess it takes some people a bit longer to notice things like this than others.

Last night, a group of my friends decided to become advocates for gerbil safety. If we can find a web designer willing to take on the project, we'll register something like

And my sister is looking for an chartered flight that will allow her and her husband to fly with their dogs in kennels with them, not in the cargo area. Does anyone have any idea where she might find one? She can't bear to think of the dogs in the cargo area without her for a flight to Germany, where she will be living when her husband is reassigned from Kosovo.

Thursday, January 30

And the Bloggie conspiracry theories abound ...

I bought my plane tickets to go to SXSW last night.

I'm getting in at 5:40 p.m. on Friday, March 7th, and leaving at 1:20 p.m. on Tuesday the 11th.

Is anyone else coming or going around those times? Would you like to share a cab?

Wednesday, January 29

In my quest to actually keep to my resolutions this year, I've made all my doctors' appointments and kept to them. The trip to the optometrist was interesting (and I got some cool pics out of it). The trip to the dentist was a little painful, but taking the xrays was actually kinda fun. Diagnosis happens next week (ouch!). Yesterday I saw the doctor who might become my primary care physician. I'm not sure yet. I'll have to think about it.

She's Russian. Her nurses are Russian. Every patient in that office was Russian. More than half of the notices and signs on the walls were in Russian. I was the youngest person in there, and the only one who didn't speak Russian fluently. It was an interesting experience.

What was more interesting, though, was the bus ride back downtown to get on BART. There was the guy who felt compelled to push past me to get out, even though there was a door directly behind him. The woman who carried on an animated conversation with the bus driver, in which both of them were getting themselves all worked up about some people. The catfight she almost started with another passenger who sat next to her.

Definitely worth $1.

Tuesday, January 28

Did you know that today is the 17th anniversary of the space shuttle Challenger accident? Neither did I.

Go read Dave's writeup, 'cause it's good.

Tuesday, shmoozeday. Bleh.

Monday, January 27

Three good 'uns:

Lord of the Rings, featuring Humphrey Bogart. It's worth the wait. [via Steve]

The Insecurities Project, photos under pressure. [via Hooey]
And I promise to get last year's SXSW pics up before I take any pictures in Austin this year. I promise, I promise, I promise.

Feeling much better today, thanks for asking. It's amazing what a day of clearing your floor that's been carpeted with papers for the past week, hanging out with good friends, and eating a vegetarian meal will do for the body and soul. Not to mention all the water I drank. It didn't even bother me that I woke up a bare half hour before my alarm rang to run to the bathroom, because I felt so much better than I did yesterday.

I went grocery shopping on Saturday in an effort to balance out all the carbohydrates I eat. Knowing that I tend to procrastinate on using veggies until all I can do is throw them out, I used most of them last night. Boiled potatoes and a stir fry of olive oil, garlic, soy sauce, mushrooms, bok choy, with a lot of ginger and sage seasonings thrown in ... very good. Today's lunch is the rest of the potatoes and the sauce from the other veggies. Mmm... hungry already.

Sunday, January 26

Remember when I said I had never had a hangover? It's saying things like that that doom you when all is said and done.

I think I'm experiencing a hangover and I don't like it. I can't understand how people could go through something like this and then go out drinking again, knowing they'll make themselves feel like this again. I'm thinking it's going to be a long, long time till I drink any alcohol again. Which sucks, since I had plans for SXSW this year. Oh well. I can have just as much fun with a coke (unmixed) as I can with a Cape Cod.

Overheard last night during the meat part of the fondue party, fearing that the piece of shrimp she just put in her mouth was undercooked:
I can't die of food poisoning! I have to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow!
It was a fun party. I actually had two beers ... I think I overdid it a little on all the cheese, vegetables, and chocolate that I ate, however. It'll probably be about a week before I have to eat again.

Saturday, January 25

I just finished watching Trekkies, the documentary covering the phenomenon that is the Star Trek fan base. It has gotten me thinking about freaks, fanaticism, simple enthusiasm, hobbies, and escapism (much like Barbie Nation).

I'm still stunned, though, so maybe I'll elaborate on this after I've had a few weeks to process what I just saw.

Friday, January 24

Today's theme: RTFM.

Ok, I'm tired of being on break. And I'm feeling much better about myself and the world around me. Hello Friday!!

As evidenced by the 4 pieces of Important Tax Documents that arrived in my mailbox yesterday, it's tax time again. Or time to start thinking, I should get going on that tax stuff, so that I'm not rushing to get it turned in on April 15th. You know, like I do every year, right up until the 13th.

In any case, as difficult as those darn forms are to figure out, at least they don't look like this. [original post]

It sucks when you make a point not to drink when out the night before and you still feel hung over. Not that I know what a hangover feels like, never having had one, but this is what I imagine they feel like. And if the reality is worse than this, may I never ever enjoy the experience.

It's 2 a.m. I have to be at work at 8 a.m. It takes me an hour to get ready for work. It takes me an hour to get to work.

I really shouldn't go out on school nights. *yawn*

Thursday, January 23

Edmond has his hiking pictures up. Beeeeauuuutiful.

How do you describe a day when you're having trouble deciding whether to listen to Cake or Beethoven?

Guaranteed workout: get lost in downtown San Francisco when you're determined to get where you're going.

I have no idea how far I walked last night, but it was mostly uphill and I was panting much of the time. But I went to see my friend be funny, and it was worth the walk through the rain.

Also, cold weather+glasses+exercise=foggy lenses. I hope I typed that right.

Wednesday, January 22

It's Good to Talk Kristin.

Have You Had Your today?

[via Bring Out The Sarah]

Damn. I just finished voting on the finalists of the Weblog Awards and some of those were darn difficult to decide, especially the Most Humorous Weblog, the Lifetime Achievement, and the Weblog of the Year awards. Too bad you can't pick at least two on some of these.

Regardless, all the blogs that made it this far are certainly worthy of checking out, and I have a feeling that my list o' links will get substantially longer after going through the finalists.

Holy cow, I just got the notice to register early for Bay to Breakers to get the 15% discount ... which brings it to $2 more than it cost to register last year. Hmmm.... Beginning to wonder just how much those t-shirts are worth anymore. I can donate the amount of money I used to pay to participate, and then just enjoy the spectacle sans t-shirt.

Um, I mean, without the B2B tshirt ... I'll still be wearing a shirt, just not that one.

Tuesday, January 21

Apparently, not enough people have signed up for the music settlement to use up even most of the money available. I've signed up, have you?

Saturday, January 18

You know you want it: Naked A-listers. Just click.

January images:

Moon in the trees, low-res (hi-res)
San Francisco in the sunset, early, low-res / hi-res
San Francisco in the sunset, later, low res / hi-res
Winter day in Mountain View: trees, magnolia, magnolia tree, another magnolia tree.

Friday, January 17

So I'm listening to my Swedish pop and it reminded me ... The Sprintpcs help line has really good hold music. And you know how lucky I was last night? I got to listen to it for 45 minutes!!

And did you know that there's a Calgary, Alabama? Neither did I. But the chick on the phone insisted that it was a call to Calgary, Alabama that incurred the long distance charges I saw on my bill. Never mind that my plan includes free long distance and I didn't go over my minutes all month. I tried to tell her that it was probably Calgary, Alberta, but no no no, she says it was Calgary, Alabama. So, either Shannon really lives in Alabama, or someone has to bone up on her province codes.

At least I got to switch to a lower plan. Yay me.

Thursday, January 16

Restless and ill-tempered today, but I'm very aware of it and trying to get past it and so I'm not talking much ... 'cause I know I'll just complain and even I get tired of hearing myself complain sometimes.

So like I said, not talking much today ...

Wednesday, January 15

Happy Birthday to Dr. King. Since I'm not taking Monday off, I can celebrate today.

Some days, I get a lot of joy from interacting with customers. Other days, it's a pain in the ass.

Guess which kind of day today is!

Someone felt compelled to cover all their bases yesterday by searching for the following string:

sexy libarians and sexy librarians

And it's always a good idea to check the destination of the train you're boarding. Otherwise, you can end up going in the opposite direction that you need in order to get to work.

Tuesday, January 14

FYI: my birthday's a month from today.

Monday, January 13

Lessons learned this weekend:

I really shouldn't leave the house without some sort of substance in my hair to keep it under control.

Peoples' perceptions of me can be, and often are, wildly different from my own perceptions of myself.

I have lost most of my ability to have fun with drunk people when I am not drunk myself. Rather than persuading me to drink more, I go grocery shopping instead. Yeah, that was me at Safeway on Friday around 11:30 p.m. What a partier I am.

UPDATE: don't put pasta in the freezer.

Sunday, January 12

Today's treat: Me as a youngster.

Michigan, either in 1972 or 1973. That's the first dog I ever knew, but no one can remember her name. My grandma dug this one up to prove to me that my father did have some experience with dogs before the current mutt he and his wife obtained recently.
Disneyland, January 1976: I'm not sure if that's a pattern on my pants, or dirt. Probably dirt. I'm fascinated with Happy's beard.
Disneyland, January 1976: Still trying to figure out that beard thing. Notice the lack of glasses. I hadn't run into that door yet.

Friday, January 10

Feeling a little cynical today? I am. This will sooth your soul, right before it gets eaten by evil: Hello Cthulhu. [via Metagrrrl]

There was a guy on the train this morning who made me smile. Sometimes smiles come to me easier than at other times, and I can usually gauge how well my day is going by how long a smile stays on my face after I've turned away from who or whatever made me smile, but this guy has had me smiling all day long. Not that he was even aware of my presence on the train, but ...

It was a dark, cold, and dreary morning at 7 a.m. on the BART train, and this guy got on with his sunglasses and headphones. As we rode from the City to the East bay, I just knew that he was the kind of guy who liked to listen to Bob Dylan. How did I know this? Because I could hear the music from his headphones from half a train-car away. Not only that, but he sang. He sang out loud. Staring out the window into the dark, with his sunglasses on, he sang along to Bob.

It's only in recent years that I've learned to ignore people in other cars and sing aloud as I'm driving, so I can only admire someone who will sing aloud on the train.

I'm still smiling.

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, January 9

You know, I can totally ignore any impulse to base my self-worth on the number of friends I have or don't have on Friendster. However, when I repeatedly check on my site and see that NO ONE has left any comments in the past two days (except Brian, thanks Brian!), I start to feel a little neglected and, worse, unfunny.

Poor me. My life is so hard.

The fact that I have already downed quite a few Advils this morning and I'm still hurting tells me that there's a wholelotta lot of pain going on somewhere. I'm just glad I took the painkillers first. Ouch.

Wednesday, January 8

I went to visit with Jane last night and spent about half an hour driving around, looking for a parking space large enough for my widdle twuck. If she hadn't offered to let me park in her driveway (which I hear is going to be a severly punishable offense soon), I'd still be looking for a space, I'm sure of it. I think the following exchange from Leila adequately sums up parking in the City:
me, picking up a friend in Cole Valley on our way to the Sketchfest: "clothing crisis? ready to go finally?"
him, pointing to the space where I'd parked my car in front of his apartment: "is that your car?"
me: "um, yeah..."
him: "you got a parking space?"
me, laughing: "I guess I did."
him: "you wanna just move in?"

I have this irrestible urge to call someone Honey Bunches of Oats, as in "Aww, honey bunches of oats, everything will be fine" or "Honey bunches of oats, will you go to the store for some sugar?" or best yet, "This is my honey bunches of oats".

You can't imagine how frustrating this is.

Via Caterina:
Tea is in my opinion a phantasticum, coffee an energeticum -- tea therefore possesses a disproportionately higher artistic rank. I notice that coffee disrupts the delicate lattice of light and shadows, the fruitful doubts that emerge during the writing of a sentence. One exceeds his inhibitions. With tea, on the other hand, the thoughts climb genuinely upward.
-- Ernst Jünger
Tea, by the way, is my preferred beverage. Coffee, bleh! Mwahaha.

Oh, and vote for your favorite sites in the 2003 Weblog Awards.

So for some reason, hero stories are the theme of the week. Beowulf just defeated the dread Grendel, and I'm slowly working my way through the tale of the Seven Samurai, in which a town slated to be robbed of their crops after harvest recruits seven hungry but honorable samurai to hold off the raid. It's a three and a half hour movie. I just finished hour one and the samurai have arrived to save the day of villagers who can't seem to make up their minds about how they feel about their saviors (saving vs. making off with their daughters).

I feel like I should be listening to the "I need a hero" song, however much that might offend my feminist sensibilities.

Tuesday, January 7

Exciting morning today: The hero showed up to fight the monster, a woman was arrested at the BART station (reason unclear, unless it was the fashion police taking her in for leaving the house while having a really bad hair day), and we got to ride the prison bus to work instead of the nice big bus that showed up first, dropped its passengers, and then took off to circle the block a few times.

Monday, January 6

Feelin' a little hormonal today. Yay!

This would be known as the 'annoying' portion of the emotional rollercoaster. The part where you shouldn't take anything I do or say personally, but I will take everything you say and do personally. Seems fair, right? Right?

Aren't you happy to be riding with me?

So does anyone else find this whole Friendster phenomenon a little ... unsettling? weird?

Just in case you're wondering why I haven't asked you to be my friend, well, it's not that you're not my friend. It is only that I haven't asked anyone yet. Not sure I want to be responsible for pulling anyone else into the vortex of evil and insecurity that this has become.

Sunday, January 5

We burned Christmas trees this evening.

It's not as bad as it sounds.

They needed to be disposed of anyway, fireplaces were saved, and it satisfied our desire for fire. Besides, bonfires on the beach are just plain fun anyway. Even when the boys play with lighter fluid.

Saturday, January 4

So I went to see the optometrist today, and this is what he saw:

Left eyeball
Right eyeball
Both eyeballs

Feel free to use these images as desktop wallpaper. I will be.

Friday, January 3

Too bad neither of my resolutions involved making rational decisions, or just not being stupid, 'cause the two days since this year have started have been seriously lacking in both elements.

Cleaning up after Christmas? Feel bad about throwing away all those Christmas cards, but you don't know what else to do with them?

Try sending them to St. Jude's Ranch for Children's Recycled Card Program! [idea via KFOG, the world's best radio station]

Thursday, January 2

Beer train pics are up!!

Via SpinsterLibrarian: Easy Readers. Buy it here.

As one of my co-workers just commented, it gives a whole new meaning to the term "leatherbound."

Enough about my resolutions. You should go read the resolutions (and add one of your own!) over at Fray. And while you're there, read Maggie's story.

Wednesday, January 1

I had a dream today, and that dream was to visit Carmel*, a place I've heard much of, but never been to.

It amazes me each time I think of it (so I'm amazed a lot) at how much of my home state I've never seen, much less visited, as I race down the highway from point A to point B at 80+ mph. And that's the thing. I drive by so many places repeatedly on at least one particular A-B trek, but never have the time or the inclination at the moment to stop and see the sights or smell the roses or just be. Hell, I've spent most of my life in two of the most beautiful areas in the world, but I find that tourists tend to know more about what's there than I do.

So maybe I'll have two resolutions this year: that thing about my health that I mentioned earlier; and to travel more within my own state. Heck, within my own county would be a great start.

*Oh, and I didn't get to Carmel today. And no, it had nothing to do with sleeping in till 11 a.m. Shut up. It just so happened that a lot of other people had the same idea as an activity for today and I wasn't about to spend the whole trip watching for brake lights and looking for parking instead of watching for beautiful scenery or a nice little place to stop and enjoy the day. Maybe next weekend.

*yawn* Good morning! And Happy New Year!!

Today's Word of the Day is slugabed \SLUHG-uh-bed\, noun: One who stays in bed until a late hour; a sluggard.

I don't know, but I think not getting to bed till 3:30 a.m. is good enough reason to sleep till 11 a.m. In fact, there are are those who might think I got up too early.

The Beer Train, by the way, was awesome. I think it made for the best New Year's Eve celebration I've ever had. Jish joined us for a bit, and Jessa and her boyfriend stayed with us the whole time. I'll have the pictures up soon, as they were awesome in and of themselves and deserve to be seen as soon as possible.

How was your New Year's Eve? Did it live up to your expectations? Are you still recovering?