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Monday, March 31

I'm still working on Sunday, but all the other days I spent in Austin are now online. It'll take a bit more work, but my time at SXSW this year is completely documented now.

I'd like to visit some museums for free.

Tomorrow the SFMOMA is free, as is the Asian Art Museum. And on Wednesday the California Academy of Sciences is free.

Would anyone like to go with me?

Did you know there was more than one way to spell Amy? I'm not sure if that's a blessing or not. In my company alone, I have an Amy, an Aimee, and an Amie.

I've heard it time and again in the past few weeks: Spring is in the air. And it truly is. It was so pleasant in the Bay Area this past weekend that I went out on Friday and Saturday nights and I didn't take a jacket. This is remarkable in a city where you don't so much ask "should I take a jacket?" as "which jacket should I take?" Yesterday, I went to the beach in a sleeveless shirt, and I left the windows open all day in my apartment and didn't have to turn on the heater when I got home.

Spring is evident in other ways as well. No one I know can actually focus on their work at hand, but they insist on going outside at every opportunity or doodling at their desks. Allergies are acting up, daffodils are in bloom, friends are looking for love. I actually asked someone out on a date a few weeks ago. That's as strong a testament as anything else you could come up with. Now I'm just waiting to see if it's going to be a Summer of Love, or if I'm going to be enjoying the single life for the foreseeable future.

But spring - it's definitely in the air.

Friday, March 28

On dealing with people who feel the need to hum in a cube farm:
I decided that coming unglued was NOT the way to handle things so I stayed quiet

A group of us went to Kevin's panel on the state of the spoken work in the bay area tonight at the Commonwealth Club. It was awesome. I don't even like poetry or most performance art type of stuff, but the people on the panel, Paul Flores, Emily Kagan and Tim'm West were ... were ... they were incredible. (See, I wouldn't do so well here since expressing myself is obviously not something I do well.)

In any case, I'm all excited about finding poetry slams. Not sure I'm into the open mike stuff, since it's such a mixed bag, but competitive poetry. That just sounds like fun. See Kevin's post for links to this kind of entertainment and participation. And if you want to go with me, let me know!!

Thursday, March 27

Haha. A song for all the wannabes out in weblog land. Also, Davezilla gets written up. [song link via Min Jung, article link via James]

Ok, SXSW: Saturday the 8th is now online. Soon to come, Monday and Tuesday. I took a lot of pictures on Sunday, so that's going to take a while.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure I either missed people I should have known, or misremembered someone's name with whom I spent quite a bit of time in a car. Please correct me as soon as possible, and I'll fix it when I get home tonight. Thanks.

Wednesday, March 26

When I was in high school, I knew a girl named Stacey who had ear-length red hair that she liked to flip dramatically out of her eyes on occassion. Ok, it was more like every 5 minutes seconds. In any case, she came to school one day and told us that she had developed a mild form of whiplash from the constant head tossing. I giggled a bit audibly, but inside I was laughing hysterically. And to be honest, I've been laughing at her ever since then.

I'm not laughing any more, though. At least, I'm not laughing at her any more. Remember the neck pain? That happened because ... you guessed it ... I was flipping my hair out of my eyes. Granted, I don't do it as often as she did, but I have more hair and it take more force to move it. So here I am, unable to throw my head back and laugh because I've been injured by my vanity. Literally. Physically. Injured. By my hair.

Now it's pulled back into a strict ponytail to prevent further head flipping (it's always hard when a habit hurts, 'cause ... well, it's a habit!), and I hate having my hair pulled back for days on end. Poor me. Maybe I should just shave it all off. That's the ticket.

Only 9:45 in the morning I've already learned how to apply a software patch and that kumquats are orange!! Gosh, I hope there's nothing else to learn today or my head might explode.

In a recent conversation regarding doing things for people simply because they're beautiful:

JessaJune: must not agree to do props for a *second* show, just because the cute tech director bats his long eyelashes at me...
JessaJune: must... resist... eyelashes
Booboolina: so difficult, they must be beautiful eyelashes ;)
JessaJune: they're very long and thick eyelashes
Booboolina: *sigh*
JessaJune: I didn't notice last time we worked together that he had nice eyes
JessaJune: it makes it far more difficult
JessaJune: and he seems so much more confident and competent than he did last year
Booboolina: and that's a deadly combination
JessaJune: I know! long eyelashes AND competence! it should be outlawed

Tuesday, March 25

The first of five installments: SXSW: Friday the 7th.

Right now, I'm just overwhelmed.

I am feeling overwhelmed by my own incompetence today. Also, I think I should have worn socks.

Monday, March 24

It's always nice to get comments like "also, on an entirely unrelated note, I looked at some of your photos today - I had absolutely no idea you were so freakin' good looking!"

I'm still sporting the smile that brought on.

Busy, busy week ahead. Thursday is Kevin's panel on the state of Spoken Word in the Bay Area,* Friday is definitely one party, maybe two, and Saturday is another birthday party. Seeing as how I spent my last weekend with no plans until the end of April just hanging out, this means that my weeknights will be full for a while. But hey, if you've got something planned, let me know. I'd love to put off what I should be doing for something fun!

Thursday, March 27, 7:00pm
Commonwealth Club of California 595 Market St. (at 2nd - Downtown), San Francisco
Cost is free for members and $5 for non-club-members
Personal details:
On the panel are three incredible poets, Paul Flores, Emily Kagan, and Tim'm West, each of whom will perform and blow your mind. Paul and Emily have both taped episodes for Def Poetry Jam, which will air on HBO this spring. Come for an hour of amazing poetry and thoughtful conversation. And to support Kevin's terrified ass. They need butts in the seats, friends, if they're gonna let him do this again!

Trading one pain for another - I threw my neck out this weekend, but at least now my feet don't hurt. Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 23

My latest Mirror Project submission here.

Friday, March 21

I have DSL at home. Yippee! Covad rules.

I am unable to do a thing today except color in the p's and o's and a's and all the other letters that one can color in on my notes and papers and such. '

Ah, the first day of spring. Spring fever anyone?

The Mirror Project needs your help! Go, donate!

Family isn't really a choice, SO's come and go, but friends stick around even though all they get is to experience my neuroses (and occassionally I'll lend them my truck). While my taste in romantic partners has been iffy sometimes, my taste in friends has never let me down. I'm like to say thanks again to everyone for ... well, for everything. Maybe if certain (ahem) world leaders (ahem) had friends like mine, they wouldn't feel the need to tear the world apart to fill whatever emptiness they have inside of them.

Thursday, March 20

I was told last night that my general living situation made me seem very much like an adult to some people. Granted, these are people my age or older who are living with their parents*, but that's beside the point.

The point is that I still feel like I'm 16, all gangly and giggly and I still can't assert any control over my hair. As our country moves into an ill-conceived war, my brother prepares for (or denies) his impending fatherhood, and my friends continue to get married/buy houses/bear babies, I continue to feel younger and younger and more ill-prepared for what's up ahead.

All I'm saying is that the events of the past week, both good and bad, have reinforced the feeling that I'm mentally and emotionally half my chronological age. That's ok, though. I liked 16. In fact, I've liked it since 1988.

*This should not be construed as criticism - if I hadn't gotten my job when I did, I too would have moved back Home and been happy to do so. There's no shame in going Home.

For those who might be wondering, it went well. Very well.

In other news, Elvis's suits. [via GDOC]

Wednesday, March 19

So instead of staying home last night and doing what needed to be done, I went out with Jane and bought cute red shoes. They won't help me out of my current fashion dilemma, but I feel better knowing I have cute red shoes at home. Everyone should have some cute red shoes at home, reassuring them that they're hip. I already knew I was hip, but still ... red shoes!

Tuesday, March 18

Someone with bad spelling has been using the internet again. What's funny is that they found my site by search for striped of there clothes and spanked. Yehaw!

I just ordered DSL. Not sure I can afford it, but hey, pics should be up within the next few weeks. Whew!
And I have acquired Photoshop, which requires only that I clear enough space on my hard drive before I can install it.
Oh and my allergy symptoms are just about gone.

This is a rare Tuesday that I can honestly say that I am enjoying.

A month late ... some links I have shamelessly lifted from My Blue House:

Life's collection of classic kisses
Heart-shaped patents

In Passing is always a hoot and a holler. Case in point:
"..Basic conversation, you know, where are you from, what do you do, and he says he's an executive at a major beer company. And I said, 'Really? I like beer, which company are you from?'"
"That's totally illegitimate! That's so illegitimate. You were trying to connect on a professional level based on the fact that you're an alcoholic! That's like someone saying 'I'm an author' and you saying 'Oh, I can read.'"
"Yeah, only the author would have to turn out to write for Reader's Digest, because this guy turned out to be a vice president at Coors."
--Two guys eating pizza at Jupiter.

Thank god for bad commercials.

Without bad commercials, I can't tell you how many times I would have been late for work. I can sleep right through whatever music most irritates you, but the moment that stupid "ring your bell" commercial for Expedia begins, I find myself turning over to slam the snooze button violently enough that I'm completely awake, thanking my lucky stars that I didn't have to listen to that tripe again and look, it's time to get up! Cars, teeth whiteners, dog food - whatever the flavor of the week that the radio stations overplay have always worked to get me out of bed relatively on time.

Monday, March 17

Because I'm too lame to have gotten my pics up from SXSW by now, I'll just point to everyone else's:

Michael Brown
Min Jung
Mike W.
Matt H.
George, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Matt, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

I even included collections that don't feature yours truly, isn't that generous of me?? This is as many as I've found so far. Let me know if there's others and I'll do something special for you.

As predicted, the St. Paddy's Day celebrations went off splendidly. Better than expected even, since the weather cleared up entirely a few hours before the guests were due to arrive, so they found us on the porch, enjoying the sunshine, the hors d'oeuvres and the silly headpieces (pictures forthcoming just as soon as I get dsl).

In other news, my mother always buys anyone who invites her to a wedding a waffle iron, regardless of whether they need one or not or where they've specifically stated that they're registered. This is because she still uses the one she received when she married my father, over 30 years ago. My grandma just gave me her waffle iron this weekend. This may be the sign I haven't been waiting for that they're not expecting me to tie the knot any time this year this decade soon.

And so it's Monday, I'm still congested, dealing with peeved customer emails, and anticipating my first first date in ... um, let me think ... 4 years? *sigh* 4 years.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 14

My parents throw a big-ass St. Patrick's Day celebration every year about this time (since the big day is rarely on a weekend, we have to settle on a slight anticipatory-type party). Anyway, I'm leaving soon to head off to the land of whiskey, stout, and lager, corned beef and cabbage and boiled potatoes, and best of all, my mom's soda bread.

It sounds like something that one wouldn't get that excited about, and I admit that it took me several years to learn to appreciate it, but my mom's soda bread is heaven on a plate. My Aunt Margaret, who spent the last 10 years of her life as the matriarch of our very fun, very large, and very Irish family would only eat my mom's soda bread - no one else's was good enough for her. This point of pride extends to all of our immediate family.

I drank enough this last weekend to last me the rest of the year (almost), so I won't be partaking, but I'll still have a good time. After all, I get to chauffeur my grandma and my brother and all the drunk people at the party. Yay me. See you next week!

Trying to sound upbeat without coming off as pathetic is my special challenge for this week. I think I'm succeeding, but it's hard to get past the voices in my head telling me that I'm being dumb and that no matter what I do, I still appear an idiot.

It's hard to ask someone to like you in a confident and assured manner when you're not sure why they should like you.

In other news, I think I have allergies.

Thursday, March 13

Cookies. Usually they are the balm of my existence. At the moment, they're my bane.

It's a sad day indeed when you hope you're feeling crappy because you have allergies instead of a cold.

Let's hear it for allergies as the lesser of two evils!

So after doing something that scared me, I had to go and have a dream about something that was really scary.

Short version (since I can't really remember the long version anyway): I was walking on a highway, much like most of the coastal highway along the California shoreline - high above the water, kind of on a cliff. As I rounded a curve, I noticed something strange in the water. As I looked closer, I found that it was the wing of an airplane. As the water ebbed, more of the outline of the body could be seen, and then I realized that what I had taken for rocks farther out were really the tail-fins of the same airplane. As I continued on, I saw the bodies of a few more airplanes, and I seemed to take it for granted, like seeing the tops of old ships that have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances near rocky headlands.

Eventually, I found myself in a sort of tourist information center overlooking the ocean (and one of the fallen airplanes) and I was holding a small gliding airplane in my arms, with the knowledge that at some point, I would have to do something with it other than hold it. I asked the know-it-all employee who was there to answer questions something, and he gave me some short and not particularly informative answer and took the plane out of my arms and threw it out the window. Until then, I don't think it had really sunk in that I would be flying this flimsy aircraft, but when he launched it out the window (with the intention of having me follow and get in), I had a moment of nervous panic. But I started out, hoping I wouldn't end up in the water with the other planes.

Perhaps I should mention that I am afraid of heights.

And that's when I woke up. At 4:30 a.m.

Wednesday, March 12

I'm listening to a slow, country-style version of Mac the Knife. It's been a weird month, but I think this just about tops the cake.

NOTE: there is a music equivalent to IMDB and it's called [via Fujikosmurf]

I've been offering unasked-for advice lately to friends about doing things that scare them. Not the Fear Factor kind of scare - that sort will leave you with nightmares. No, I mean doing things with your life that scare you, like taking risks, making that step when you can't be sure of the results. That sort of thing.

My rational is that life is short, and the quality of your life is reflected in the risks you take, the fears you face up to and get past. They will leave you not only more capable of handling the next crisis that comes along, but with more capacity to enjoy the experience. And besides, when you're on your deathbed, do you want to look back and realize that your life was a long series of safe stuff, colored in pastel? or do you want to see at least a few bits of real color? 'Cause that's what you're going to remember and appreciate - the things that got your blood going and your heart racing.

In any case, I just did something that might seem small in the large scale of scary things, but it has left me feeling mighty good about myself and now I want everyone to do something scary, just so they can share in this feeling I have.

Monday, March 10

1759.4 miles is a long way to go to find out it's just not your weekend to party. I call it being a party dork, where you go to a party made up of a lot of interesting people, and you just can't think of a damn thing to say except, so, how you doin'?

This, despite my last two entries, describes my entire weekend (with a few notable exceptions). Which is why I'm back in my hotel room at 10 p.m. on the last night of my little vacation, on the internet. I'm ready to go home and hibernate for the rest of the week month year life.

Short short recap:
Kick! was a lot of fun. I chose to cheerlead, as I didn't feel particularly well (and no, it didn't have anything to do with the beer either). Off to the Salt Lick for lunch, then a nap and then the Milkshake Media and GDS&M parties. Afterwards, we headed to El Sol Y La Luna for dinner and then the Omni for the rest of the evening, successfully edging out the wedding party that was there till we owned the room once again.

Yesterday, I decided to skip the conference altogether (again), and went to the Capitol, taking pics of the dome and the statues outside. I met up with a random group of bloggers again and we had lunch, walked the length of 6th Street, which doesn't have much going for it before 5 p.m. apparently, and then off to see the Bloggies. After dinner, we went to listen to the Fray Cafefolks, which was geat fun, although by the end even my back end felt flattened like a pancake.

Then Austin was witness to something that not many places get to see very often: large packs of web geeks roaming the streets looking for a good time because the Omni bar closes on Sundays. Really, though, you couldn't tell we were geeks, except that in every group, there was someone with their iBook, looking for wireless access.

Alcohol consumption has decreased significantly since that first evening, and that's ok. I'm going to need the rest of this week to recover from this weekend anyway.

Saturday, March 8

Well, the weekend has begun. Short recap:
Most people flew in, dropped their bags at their hotels and headed off to Breaking Bread with Brad, the usual kickoff to sxsw. There were over 50 people there, most of whom I managed to recognize (if not remember their names). The we were moved along in favor of the crowd waiting to see Loretta Lynn perform, so we started roaming the streets in search of someplace that would serve alcohol and not check ids, or at least not require them for entrance, since some people were not of the proper age and others had forgotten their ids. In California. We ended the party portion of the evening at the Omni, where much alcohol was consumed, and a lot of lipstick was left on cheeks.

Then we came back to the hotel and had some greasy pizza.

Personal alcohol tally: 3 Shiner Bocks, 2 cranberry vodkas, and a vodka collins (suggested by Shaun). And no hangover this morning. Awwww yeah.

Now we're off to Kick!, after picking up some sunscreen ('cause it doesn't matter that it's overcast ... I'll burn anyway).

Thursday, March 6

Gosh, between sxsw and other, um, drama I'm kinda nervous. See all you fellow sxsw-ers tomorrow!!

Well, we're back. Won't stop me from shopping for a new host, though. Any suggestions?

Oh, and if you sent any mail to me yesterday, please do me a favor and send it again. Thanks.

Wednesday, March 5

Dammit, the site is down again. I should have moved my hosting the last time this happened, but sometimes it takes a few repeats before the lesson sinks in. Granted, I haven't paid for hosting in over a year, but I figure that's the responsibility of the host to let me know when to pay and how much. Now when I try to go to my host's site, I get the same page as I get when I try to access my own site. Not a situation to inspire confidence.


Tuesday, March 4

When you suspect things are too easy, they probably are.

Best line from On the Town, a movie we watched last night:
"I'm a streetcar named impulsive." -- Lucy Shmeeler

I know I'm the only one who cares, but it turns out that the only nightclub I would ever consider going to by myself is opening up again, but in Fremont.

Yes, the Saddlerack is back.

But it's in Fremont. Anyone want to go with me? I just want to dance. I'll buy you a drink and you can people-watch - trust me, you'll see a side of the bay area you didn't know existed.

Monday, March 3

How do you feel about the impending doom that Shrub is bringing down on our country? Do you feel like it's never been this bad and there's absolutely nothing you can do?

Let me illuminate you: people have felt this way about war for thousands of years, and they've used their imaginations in ways our Puritan-based culture would never think to stop the madness.

If you'd like to see this for yourself, it turns out that people all over the world are showing or reading the Aristophanes' play, Lysistrata today. It's called, strangely enough, the Lysistrata Project, and there's a group putting on a show in San Jose today at 3:33. See where it's showing in your area.

I wish I could go, but I'll be there in spirit. It's a great play regardless of your political views, smart and fun and completely relevant. I wish we could solve today's problems so easily. [original link via JessaJune]

So, now that everyone in the family knows, I can stop being coy and announce to the world that I am going to be an aunt by the end of the summer.

That is all for now. I'll have more to say on the subject later.

Sunday, March 2

5 days till we take off for Austin, and I finally got my pics from last year up. As promised.

SXSW, 2002