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Saturday, May 31

Again, I don't get what part of not being able to function the next day makes drinking too much the night before worth it. I could almost understand, except that when you can't remember the bulk of the evening, how do you know if you had a good time?

On another note, as I was taking the second exit off the Bay Bridge yesterday on my way home from work, I had to swerve out of the left lane so that a fire truck could go up the offramp. After they passed me, I thought it would be ok to go back, but had to move again for the ambulance that was following. I feel as though I missed something major.

Also, went to a going away/birthday party for two special friends (and I do mean special ) last night. It was fun, it was loud and it was very smoky (cough cough). Taking it slow today - although I can function, this is just age setting in.

Friday, May 30

So yeah. Let's talk about the Star Wars kid and the fiasco the charity fund has become.

Let me start off by saying that not a single person who donated money to this "cause" has any right to ask for that money back. None whatsoever. No one has been in any way mislead or scammed out of their money. They saw some poor kid who was taken advantage of by his schoolmates, felt some glimmer of empathy for him, decided to send money to him - knowing nothing about his character, his personality, his circumstances, nada. At that moment in time, they lost any control they might otherwise have had over the money.

Maybe this will be a lesson that people are more complex than first impressions would suggest, or that a 30-second video generally can't communicate what a person is about - just because they appear at a disadvantage does not make them pure of heart or worthy of your pity. I'm not saying that anything Ghyslain has done since that tape became public indicates a less-than-peachy personality. What would you do if you made a mistake like that when you were 15 years old and suddenly had the media literally knocking on your door, disturbing your family and friends, calling at all hours, etc.? Wouldn't you feel like punishing the jerks who put you through this in the first place? Litigation may have a bad image, but it's a totally reasonable recourse in situations like this and doesn't reflect badly on him at all.

Back to the refunds though - just because a cause turns out to be not as great as you'd imagined doesn't entitle you to your money back. Where is the line where people feel they can say "I don't like way you've spent my money"? Ghyslain made no promises, he didn't even express a desire for the money in the first place! How can people give money freely and then expect to have a say or be able to judge how that money is used? These aren't taxes, he's not an elected official. What did they think he would do with this money? Save it for college? Get a better outfit to wear next time he found himself in a room with a video camera and a broom handle? On the other hand, what if he decided to buy some crappy clothes with it? What if he gave it to a group that someone had some moral objections to? What's it to them? Why do they get a say, or even an opinion, in what he does with the money? Again, he didn't ask for it - I was there when those responsible for gathering the donations were trying to get in touch with him, looking for legal approval to write the check. As much as he tried to avoid it, they were persistent.

It's simply that he turned out to not be the person they thought he was. They were putting this trust into someone they didn't even know!! He's not part of their community, he has no history with them, and he has no responsibility to them. It's not like he set up the fund, nor was there any understanding that he would do what they wanted with the money. When they clicked "send" (or whatever button Paypal uses), they lost all control over how that money was to be used.

I'm sure that when all is said and done, he would rather be without the money, and without the publicity that has come along with it. Still, that doesn't entitle the donors to the money they freely handed over. Not a penny.

I won't even get into the frustration and stress that this has caused Andy and Jish. At one point they were looking at having to cough up at least $200 each to make up the possible losses from Paypal fees so that these people would get all their money back. It's even more ridiculous than the initial charity drive.

Thursday, May 29

"How do you know when you're on a date or just hanging out?" It's the current question of the day. Sarah has her own thoughts on the matter. So do I.

I was once caught in a situation where the guy I was out with told me straight out that we weren't on a date, we were just hanging out.* Which was strange, since all through dinner I'd been sure that it was a date. Since then, I've been rather adamant about the definition of a date, and being clear about what's going on. Not that I've had much opportunity to get excited about it, but that's another story altogether.**

In any case, if the D-word doesn't get into the request and there is some question as to whether the outing is a date or not ... the only real criteria, other than romantic intentions on the part of both parties, that I can come up with is that you need some sort of advance notice, a minimum of 12 hours before the planned outing. Something where you can end the planning conversation with "So it's a date!" (which you might say to a good friend as well, but it works here.) And so both people can feel some sort of anticipation and nervousness - what's a date without some sweat? I mean, if you're not worried that they might not like you, then you're not interested enough.

So those are my scattered thoughts on date status - have I missed anything?

*His declaration was in response to my comment "it's been so long since I've been on a date ..." Once I was assured that we were not on a date, then I remembered all the errands I had to run, like returning my movies and picking up my dry cleaning. I don't think that was the response to "what should we do next" that he was looking for.

**I did ask someone out recently, and when I mentioned it to everyone - and I did mention it to everyone - almost every single person asked me pointedly "Is it really a date? Are you sure?" And I could confidently say that yes, it was a date because I had been careful to put that into the asking, as in "**, would you like to go to dinner with me sometime, like as a date?"

Lamenting over the rather arbitrary size measurements set for women's clothing these days and how they make us feel about our weight and mass, a co-worker and I came up with a new set of standards by which to judge our beauty and self-worth: good hair and nice teeth. Sounds like how one would judge a horse, right? All that's missing is the shiny coat and bright eyes.

Hey, it's a step in the right direction.

Wednesday, May 28

Wanna know how to get out of doing manual labor? Get injured early on so that you're sidelined for the rest of the task. (ouch! my poor finger!)

It makes no nevermind that the Mexican food I was paid back with seems to have fixed the problem altogether. (still hurts, and it's hard to bend - it'll be like I'm flipping people off all day long!)

See, all you need to do is say something, and suddenly everything is fixed! 'Cause who wants to live without knowing what movies I've seen in the past few days? I know. I share your relief.

Also, the skin disease known as "peeling of burned skin" has officially begun. I have to be careful that I don't scare people with my huge dandruff.

Site issues: I'm trying to keep the right column of this site updated, but Blogger lost my current template and has reverted back to the March pre-SXSW template. I haven't had time to go through the current source code and strip out the blog content, and get everything organized again, so ... It'll get done this weekend, perhaps.

Summer sunburn: Rather than go for the spectacular, once a year, all-over sunburn, I've decided to go about it in bits and pieces this year. At Bay to Breakers last weekend, I burned just the part in my hair. This last Sunday, I burned the bridge of my nose (because I put my glasses on before the sunscreen) and a lovely crescent on my chest that describes the difference in area between where I put sunscreen on above my tank top, and where the tank top slipped in the course of the day. I think I burned a different part in my hair as well, since pain when I brush my hair seems to be more general than it was last week. Hey, at least my back doesn't hurt anymore. Skin cancer, here I come!

Friends: I recently sent out a note to a few friends, saying that it had been quite a while since I had done anything with my friends that didn't involve either only one other person or a 50-person party. Last night's gathering was just the right size - small enough that no one was left out of the conversation, but large enough that when some wanted to discuss contraception or technology, those not interested had someone else to talk to. It was an experiment, and the results were favorable.

Tuesday, May 27

Do you have a digital camera? Does it use CF cards? Amazon is now offering the Viking 256MB CompactFlash Card for $54.14 with a $20 mail-in rebate!!

I'll let you do the math.

Congratulations to Shannon and Edmond, they're getting married!

Monday, May 26

Oh man. I didn't drink and I don't smoke. But going to bed a 4 a.m. is too hard on me these days. I woke up a bare 3 minutes before my mom called at 11:16 this morning and I'm still not feeling right. But for the first time this weekend, the weather is abso-fricking-lutely beautiful and I can't let it get away from me. Got to make up for the past 3 days of crappy weather.

Baker Beach Moss Beach, here I come ...

Carnaval was fun.

Super Diamond rocks (as does Notorious, the 80's cover band).

Dancing is apparently the ideal form of back pain therapy. The pain that has been dogging me for over a week has disappeared. I need to go dancing more often.

I have also discovered the joys of downloading music. Must. Go. To. Bed.

Sunday, May 25

Awesome. One little word. [via JillMatrix]

Friday, May 23


smitten to smote
i got a response to my little note
i can breath again
but i won't
[related to this post]

Two things to finish off this rather good Friday (not to be confuse with Good Friday):

The PowerPoint Anthology of Literature [via Hooey]

Spiky Bras:
... your man will think of you fondly whenever he waterproofs a window, seals the leaking roof, or caulks the bathroom tile.
[via Davezilla]

Today I was introduced to a treat that is even more wonderful, if possible, than Coffee Crisp. It's called Tim Tams and it's Australian, which makes it even harder to get than Coffee Crisp, which comes from Canadia.

And the variety. I swoon.

At this very moment, we are plotting to see how we can get more without paying $116/case.

You don't know how much I can identify with this:
Rumination of the Day

I think the Army should develop a fleet of nuclear-powered attack unicycles, because nobody's ever going to be intimidated by a bunch of guys on unicycles. In fact, they'll probably think it's funny. And then, when their guard's down, BOOM! We strike!
It might also help if the soldiers juggled.

(Fred Meyer)
Jessa, you understand, don't you?

Thursday, May 22

For Jessa, 'cause she's not online right now to chat with and she digs this sort of stuff: Gargoyles. [via Sarah]

Speaking of chatting, turns out someone's going all Big Brother at work and it was suggested that perhaps I should uninstall Trillian. I did it only half an hour before I left, but I felt so alone and out of touch, like how I would imagine it would be if I didn't have a phone at home. Imagine having to write an email or get up every time I want to tell someone something.

It's amazing what familiarity will convince you is the way things should be.

Event news:

This weekend is Carnaval in San Francisco, touted as "the largest multi-ethnic community-based artistic celebration in California."

I have a friend who will be participating, "in samba whites, banging a huge drum. [He is] a member of SambaƓ, a samba group that will be the eighth group marching in the parade on Sunday. [They] will have the grand marshal of the parade, Carlinhos Panderu de Ouro, on [their] float. The parade starts at 10:00, so [they] should be beginning soon after that."

Are you planning to go? Want to go with me?

Is skinny dipping by yourself is a good thing? Hmmm... since I've never done it, I can't tell you. Get back to me with an answer, will you? Tuesday is time enough I think.

I like fog.

Wednesday, May 21

Post deleted due to excessive whiny content. Let's just say that my back is feeling better, as is my mouth. Thanks.

Tuesday, May 20

Awesome! Remember the pink guy? Turns out he has a site! This is about as exciting as the BNLBlog. Thanks, Gwen.

Spent the evening at Baker Beach, watching the sun go down. It was so nice, I think I'll do it again. Stress over almost running out of gas can be surprisingly counterproductive to maintaining that zen-like calm gained by watching waves crash and the sun sink into the sea. I'll be better prepared next time.

Heh. And Jish called me earlier to warn me that he'd linked to my post below regarding Ghyslain. At 3:30 this afternoon, my hit count was at a lowly 130. As of 9:00 this evening, it has risen to 470. I don't think I've hit this level in about a year.

Monday, May 19

Am I a bad person because I think the Star Wars kid broohaha is utterly ridiculous? As of this writing, they've received 279 donations, totalling $2745 (which includes an anonymous $500 donation!).

I know the people involved in the publicity, and it's definitely for real - they're not raising the money for themselves, they've been in touch with the kid in the video, yadda yadda yadda. I'm happy for Ghyslain, and that people have responded to his humiliation with this outpouring of ... well, of money, but it's ridiculous! I suppose I'm wondering why people identify with him so much and not the millions of other innocents who have been taken advantage of by their peers online. To each his own, I guess.

I hope ... I don't know what I hope. I hope that he's not scarred for life by the video-on-the-internet situation. I hope whatever he does with the money makes him happy. And I hope these people find someone in their own communities that they can identify with and throw some money at like this.

Happy Monday!

Thanks to Kevin, I found out that my favorite live band, Barenaked Ladies, has a blog.

In other news, the part in my hair got sunburned yesterday. It hurts today, and I know it'll hurt tomorrow. Then I'll forget about it till a week from today, when I'll be brushing my hair and wondering what sort of skin disease I have as HUGE flakes fall out of my scalp.

Sunday, May 18

Another Bay to Breakers, come and gone. Although I didn't participate in the run/walk this year, I did go to the end to meet up with my friends and watch Bonnie Raitt perform (and not in that order). I feel as though I walked from the Bay to the breakers, but perhaps that is for the best. In any case, I didn't take many pictures as in years previous (e.g. 2001, 2002), but I'll get what I have posted up here soon. In the meantime, remember this guy?

Saturday, May 17

Last night was exciting: after work, I went with Jish and his sister to see the new Matrix. If you liked the first movie, you'll like the second. Keanu still can't act, but the action sequences and the story make up for it ... although there were a few interludes that either didn't fit or have not made their purpose apparent yet, which was a little disappointing, but not enough to make me not like the movie.

The previews were pretty exciting too. I'm looking forward to the action movies coming out this summer, like (and I never thought I'd say this) 2 Fast 2 Furious, The Italian Job, and Terminator 3. I hope they live up to their promise.

Then we headed off to a bar I remember from my college days to see a Police cover band, Stung. They were great perfomers and amazing impersonators of the band and its sound. Very nostalgic. Apparently they'll be playing for Bay to Breakers in the Park, around 8th Street. Look for them tomorrow.

Today it's farmers' marketing, cooking, and going to a birthday party tonight. Tomorrow, I'll be meeting with my friends at the end of the race.

And the really good news? My unwelcome houseguest made another appearance last night and was dispatched with a minimum of ceremony, and not by me. I can sleep easy again. My hero was repaid with a very good dinner.

Friday, May 16

Happy birthday to Derek!

UPDATE 5/17/03: the celebration ... the evidence.

Thursday, May 15

If you were a dessert item, which would you be?

[inspiration from Kevin, who I'm sure didn't mean it that way]

Ah, sleeping (mostly) from 7 p.m. - 5:30 a.m. ... life can now be enjoyed a bit more fully now that my eyes are a bit more open.

Also, public libraries' wishlists. [via Spinster Librarian]

Wednesday, May 14

The true definition of friendship levels. [via Gnome-girl]

Ah, the price of popularity. Jish interviewed someone and then Fark linked the interview. In the popular vernacular, he's been farked and it's taken his server down.

I feel bad for oversleeping this morning, but only a little bit. Apparently I needed that extra hour of sleep.

Also, there's a lunar eclipse tomorrow night.

Important Eclipse Times in Different US Time Zones:
May 15, 2003

Event Eastern Central Mountain Pacific
Shadow starts to move across 10:03 pm9:03 pm8:03 pmMoon not up
Total eclipse
11:14 10:14 9:148:14 pm
Total eclipse ends12:06 am11:0610:069:06
Shadow moves off the Moon1:1712:17 am 11:1710:17

Tuesday, May 13

Ack. Post-lunch coma.

Monday, May 12

A recent invitation that mentioned "sturm and drang" prompted a google search.

Definition: Strum & Drang is Storm and Stress: like I'm all Dranged out.

I had a nice weekend, but now I'm all dranged out about my family ... JessaJune surprised me with a laugh and I almost swallowed my Jollie Rancher and now I'm all dranged out ... my bangs are dranging me out because they're hanging in my eyes.

CrappyHappy Monday!

A few things:

Someone found my site by searching for coma suitra pictures of naked woman. I want to reassure whoever that was that my sex life in no way resembles a coma. Well, not when it's active.

My latest Mirror Project submission.

Rent-A-Fag. [via spinsterlibarian]

From an email sig file: "When life hands you lemons, ask for a bottle of tequila and salt."

Saturday, May 10

I'm Blogging This.

Friday, May 9

I'm all giddy today and I don't know why. Sunlight perhaps? Going Home for Mother's Day? Seeing the real booboolina? It's Friday? My hair is being manageable?

Doesn't matter, I'll ride this roller coaster to the end. And then I'll get back in line to ride it again.

Ack, today's Amazon choice is between toasters and floor care products. Which do I choose?

Thursday, May 8

Had a party for Jessa this evening to celebrate the last birthday she'll ever have ... or at least she claims that the counting stops here. Much fun - I like her friends, and I think we all got along famously, even those who arrived knowing only the birthday girl.

Now I'm back, it's late, and there's something large crawling on my ceiling. Bleh. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to things like this. If I wasn't habitually paranoid, I wouldn't have noticed, especially since it's been six months since I moved here and this is the first I've seen. But that is the way of phobias. Bleh, bleh, bleh.

Happy Birthday, Jessa!

Wednesday, May 7

What will it take for you to be a millionaire? And the more important question: will it be worth it? [via Choire]

So Amazon's gold box thingy is getting all interactive and shit. They've started pausing you in the middle of your click ... don't need that .. click ... too expensive still ... click ... and asking you what category you'd like to see next. Yesterday I chose digital cameras over gardening stuff. Today, I chose power tools over vacuum cleaners.

Sooooo disappointing when an email has a subject line like "Briana- Girls with Horses" and the gif is broken!!! Damn.

Two things:

1. is no more. Watch the video, it's a nice farewell. They were gone this morning, but now they're back? Um ... See Philo's post for more information? I'm all confused now.

UPDATE: ok, they're really gone now. Again, go watch the video.

2. There's a benefit comedy show tonight in Berkeley that promises to be a great time. It's for the Berkeley Dispute Resolution Services (BDRS). Tickets are $15 and up (contributions over $15 are tax deductible). All proceeds go directly to benefit BDRS. Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8 and it'll run just under 2 hours. It's at Ashkenaz (Music, Dance, and Cultural Center) at 1317 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley.

Tuesday, May 6

I was talking to a friend the other night while making cookies and I forgot to hit the timer button on the last batch of the evening. About 20 minutes later, I went sniff sniff, what is that smell? before remembering about the cookies. As my mother has noted in the past, I am one of the few people who could manage to burn cookies on a no-burn cookie sheet.

I almost threw them out, but then a vague memory suggested that might be unnecessary. I brought that last pan-full of cookies in to work yesterday and they're almost gone.

I don't get it.

Ernie's back, and funny as ever. You can return to wasting time at work now.

I think I have found my dream job: Bibliotherapist [via Spinster Librarian]

Also, The Dante Inferno Test [referring link] and How to crash IE with one line of code [referring link] *heading off to install Mozilla/Opera/etc.*

So remember my burst of courageous energy I went through in March? It's fizzled out, as much because that is the nature of infatuation as because of an apparent lack of interest on his part, either in me or in romance, I can't tell which.

Really, stuff like this requires attention from both sides to keep up the drama and enthusiasm. Up until this point, all the drama has been in my head, and that's been alright, but I can't keep it up anymore. So since the cancelled (and never made up) date, I have found my store of energy for putting myself forward dramatically reduced. Which is ok, but as I said yesterday, leaves me feeling kind of boring. Someone said recently that he didn't have drama in his life, but he thought he was pretty interesting (and he is), but I don't think that applies to me.

Perhaps that will be my next endeavor - to become interesting without the crutch of drama.

Neat link of the day: Summer San Francisco Festivals

Monday, May 5

Do you ever feel boring? Like, not only do other people not really want to hear about your boring life, but you don't really want to either? That's where I am now. G'night.

The reason why most of California turns up its nose to the Central Valley (this story takes place in the Fresno metropolitan area):

Her: oy. So his brother is an idiot, you knew that, right?
Her: (So-and-So's* brother, I mean)
Her: he was driving drunk and rolled his BRAND NEW truck that his grandparents bought for him
Her: and rather than take him to the emergency room, his buddies shaved his head and SUPER GLUED his cuts together
Her: and put bandages on them. Thereby GLUING THE BANDAGES TO HIS HEAD
Her: I have no words for this
Not-Her: that's beyond dumb.
Not-Her: they should go to jail for being too dumb to operate in the rest of society.
Not-Her: wow. too bad he's family.
Her: yes, So-and-So was begging me to tell him he didn't actually share genes with the guy
Not-Her: I'm sure he was adopted. the brother, I mean.
Not-Her: any family resemblence is purely coincidental.
Her: or left by aliens
Not-Her: ah, the more likely option.

*to protect the innocent and the guilty.

Boring Weekend recap:

Saturday I had lunch with Jessa and tried on silly hats. Then I watched Matrix and put up the San Antonio pictures. On Sunday, Kevin and I went to see the Trash to Treasures exhibit. Interesting stuff. I thought the pieces upstairs were more like something I'd like to see every day than the stuff downstairs. I spent the rest of the day cooking and baking and then went to see the sunset. A nice, non-exciting time, with chocolate chip oatmeal cookies to show for it.

Sunday, May 4

Yes, the traffic is awful and the housing costs are entirely out of control, but this is one of the many reasons why people still live here in the bay area:


The San Antonio Fiesta pics are up!

Friday, May 2

Time + Nothing else to do + Motivation = lots of pictures!

This is a ficus tree that I almost killed recently. Notice the 4 leaves left to thrive on this otherwise dry plant:

Here are the plants I bought in my "eternal hope" phase - the eternal hope that one day I would meet a plant that I could keep alive.

This is a box of "candy" that one of our clients gave us during a recent users group meeting. Doesn't it look like the little girl is going to eat that chick?

This is what the candy apparently "really" looks like. I'm not sure that's better than biting the head off a live chick.

And here's someone who's gone a little overboard with the whole "I need to know what's going on in the world all the time" idea. Either that, or he lives in his van, with all the amenities.

And this, folks, is the weather in the Bay area today. It hasn't rained all day, no. It started this shortly before I got off work, so that I would be sure to require twice as much time to get home.

Ah, applying one's makeup by the glow of the computer screen. If that's not geeky, I don't know what is.

Thursday, May 1

More funnies (or scaries, depending on how you look at it):
Study Ties Employment to Mediocrity, Lowered Libido [via RileyDog]

Happy May Day!