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Tuesday, September 30

Happy St. Jerome's Day (the patron saint of librarians)!!

Holy toner! [via Brian]

Buy local!!

Last night I read an article on bioengineered food, and while the article was well-balanced as to the pros and cons, the dangers and the benefits, I decided that from now on I would make an honest-to-god effort to buy locally supplied groceries. Better that than food that isn't really food.

The article pointed out that growers are not required to label their food as bioengineered (and most don't), but you can tell which foods aren't bioengineered from the packaging. Those who label their foods as "organic" are prohibited by law to use bioengineered techniques in the producing their food.

In any case, Rebecca points to the top 10 ways you can conserve nature, one of which is
Buy locally grown and produced food: Buying locally reduces greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants from food transportation. One study estimates that the average meal travels 2400 km (1500 miles) from the field to your table.
Farmer's markets, here we come!

Monday, September 29

I think it's funny that someone who (seriously) wants to be elected as governor of this state has something on her site that I have to warn people is "quasi-unsafe for work." [link and quote via Kevin]

My weekend? My weekend was great, thanks for asking.

On Friday, as I sat in the airport waiting to board the plane, I thought to myself, "Gosh, it's been a week since my niece was due, I wonder if she's already been born and no one told me." So I called my brother, and it turns out she was born just that morning ... it's still open to debate as to how long I would have had to wait till anyone called me to tell me about it.

So I'm a real aunt, not just an aunt-in-waiting. It's so weird. I'm so excited. Her name is Carly Rae and I guess everyone is just fine.

I flew in to San Antonio at 11:30 that evening, and my friend and I stayed up till 3 a.m. talking about all the big stuff. True, it was only 1 a.m. for me, but I also got up 2 hours earlier than I would have otherwise. We went country dancing Saturday night (I bought some sexy black jeans too!!), and all was well. Yesterday we spent the day walking the Riverwalk and drinking in bars (did you know that a minor can go into a bar - and drink alcohol - if their parent/s are with them?) and eating Chicago-style hot dogs.

A bit of history to explain the best line all weekend - my friend is in SA because she's going through a nasty divorce and can't afford to live in California any more. She is living with her mom, who helps out taking care of her daughter and rents her part of the house cheaper than anything she could get here in the Bay area. In any case, her daughter (the minor who did *not* get an alcoholic drink when we were in the bar) was reading over a Chinese horoscope info sheet that she got at a birthday party, and she was reading her mother's horoscope (the dragon) out loud to us. Apparently, Jen's sign is not compatible with the dog sign. Anna pipes up, "Mommy, maybe daddy is a dog!"

Maybe you had to be there, but we were rolling on the floor laughing.

Friday, September 26

EeksyPeeksy is awesome.

Even if I wasn't still hyped up on the endorphins from last night, I'd still be all psyched that it's Friday, that I get to blow this popsicle stand early, and that I get to see one of my bestest friends tonight.

Having a hard time getting any work done.

Needless to say, and yet I'm going to say it anyway: I am exhausted this morning.

Hot Hot Heat fucking rocks.

I need to get in shape if I'm going to keep going to concerts like this one. Whoooeee! That was way more than enough to get my heart rate up for the recommended amount of time. And in case you were wondering, Willo and her friends are totally fun to go to concerts with.

Thursday, September 25

When I eventually met Mr. Right I had no idea that his first name was Always. -Rita Rudner, comedienne (1955- )

I'm glad I'm not the only non-teenybopper to like Ricky Martin. He rocks my world. Especially when I'm trying to explain why it's just too bad that older people have to be more careful about which button they hit when they are trying to cancel some of their requested items, rather than than cancelling all of them (yes yes yes, we are aware of the bad UI that doesn't check to make absolutely sure that they want to cancel *all* of their holds). And no, you can't move those buttons about. They're kinda stuck there.

I can't wait to go to San Antonio tomorrow. I even got my boots out last night and tried them on with every pair of pants I own (imagine my chagrin to realize that I no longer have any sexy black jeans ... it's been well over a year or two since I've even worn the damn boots and sexy went out the door at about the same time).

Feeling weird today ... angry situation has not been resolved, I'm happy to be leaving town, sad to miss the volunteer event for Fray tonight, looking forward to the Hot Hot Heat concert tonight at the Fillmore, and believe it or not, there's more stuff on my mind.

I also realized last night that I'm pretty booked through November. How did that happen?

Wednesday, September 24

So after 2 days and several hours of feeling crappy, things are looking up again. I'm going to San Antonio this weekend to visit a friend - she had a free ticket that had to be used by next Thursday, so I'm using it to visit her. We'll have many beers, laugh a lot and cry a bit, and this time I'm remembering to take my boots so I don't break my ankle trying to dance in inappropriate sandals.

And it's my grandma's 80th birthday today!! Happy birthday to my first and best friend ever.

Tuesday, September 23

Ever feel so much that you figure it's better not to say anything rather than say too much? Ack.

*Yawn* 12 hours of sleep does a my body good.

On another note, apparently being a sexy librarian has its drawbacks. [via Spinster Librarian]

Monday, September 22

being young is overrated. having a context to understand your feelings is true grace. - Leila
My thoughts exactly.

Heh. I just heard a manager use the word "shucks" with a customer.

Golly gee, this is going to be a swell week.

I don't get angry often. I get upset, irritated and pissed off rather a lot, but not angry.

[So I was angry, and one should never post to one's website when one is angry. Angry post deleted as causing more harm than good. Sorry about that.]

To try to take care of my insomnia, I uploaded the fun I had this weekend: my brother's birthday party, my Grandma's birthday party. I'll just keep concentrating on this and try to ignore the other.

Sunday, September 21

It's my sister's birthday 32nd today!! You know what this means, don't you? Five months till my 32nd birthday.

Figure that out if you can :)

Friday, September 19

I wish I'd brought my CF card reader with me this weekend so that I could share pictures as well as words.

I drove down to my parents' place last night and have spent the day getting ready for my grandma's 80th birthday party tomorrow. I went shopping with my mom, took my grandma on an emergency trip to the doctor for a problem she developed with her hand, shopped some more, had a birthday party for my brother complete with steak and chocolate cake, and made a lovely apple pie.

Now it's late and we have to be up early again tomorrow to make the final preparations for the party. But I'm looking forward to it, as many of my extended family will be making the trip from the LA area, and I haven't seen them in quite a while.

I hope you are all having a great weekend too.

Thursday, September 18

Quote of the Day:
I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at the random act of faith that brought to me.
(In the context of trying to get some work done.)

Ack. Sarah has cursed me to a new game. How will I ever get any work done now?

I just posted a bunch of shows that I have tickets for, or are planning on attending over in the Events section on the right. If you want to go with me, let me know!

I can't believe I'm making plans for November ... it feels like putting up Christmas decorations in June.

Amy and I went to see Erlimart, Super Furry Animals and Grandaddy last night. I could complain about my feet and back after standing for 5 hours, and how tired I am from less than 5 hours of sleep, but I won't 'cause that would make me sound old. And I'm not old, dammit. There were lots of people there who had a lot more gray hair than I do.

Instead, I'll just say that the bands were great and the people-watching was priceless and I got my ticket to see Hot Hot Heat next week :)

And you know what?? Today is my Friday. 4 p.m. today and I'm outta here!!

Wednesday, September 17

It's only 8:30 and already there are 4 urgent problems that need to be taken care of RIGHT NOW, and I'm talking to the computer in disbelief and frustration.

Doesn't bode well for the rest of the day.

UPDATE: there are now 7 urgent problems!! I'm starting to not care.

A few things:

Most recent Mirror pic

I do not know what K o b e B r y a n t s a c c u s e r s name is, so stop looking for it here.

The pinhole pic that Heather took of me on Saturday.

Uh oh. Forget Work, IM Is for Scheming, Flirting, Gossip. Who knew? Btw, you can reach me at
aim: booboolina1
icq: 96078214
yahoo: enigmatic2u

The only good thing about being stuck in traffic on the Bay Bridge is that you find out that it was blessed by one of the Pope Pius's quite a while ago. I wish I had my camera when I was in front of the plaque ... maybe next time.

Tuesday, September 16

Study: Sleeping position reveals personality. [via Jon] But I sleep all different ways! What does that say about me?

I think it means I'm confused. Which I am.

Speaking of birthdays, I will be out of town this weekend celebrating my grandma's 80th birthday. You, however, can go to LitQuake. A snippet:
A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics poll placed San Francisco at the top of the nation’s list in both book purchases and alcohol consumption. We are officially the city that thinks and drinks. It would be criminal to let this statistic go unnoticed, and so Litquake kicks off its 2003 festival with a lively panel discussion which addresses both of these important issues. Look for a complete program schedule elsewhere on this site. Tickets are available at the door for each event, except the Yerba Buena readings on Saturday and Sunday, which are free to the public, with picnic-style seating outdoors on the lawn.

Happy Birthday to my baby brother, Colin!

He's 23 today. I can remember when my mom brought him home from the hospital ... I feel so old.

Monday, September 15

Given our recent jaunt to the Ren Faire, this Craigslist post struck me as especially funny. [via Jessa]

Weekend update:

Saturday was a sandcastle building party event. (Jish didn't say whooo, so apparently it doesn't rate as a party). That night, we went to Geno and Devin's housewarming party, where the main entertainment was Ugly Half-Naked Guy across the street, who chose that evening to masturbate on his bed with the curtains open. (Don't worry, he had his shorts on ... but even from across the street, we could see where his hands were.)

Yesterday was learning more about my computer, figuring out how to rip cds, birthday shopping, doing laundry (including ironing and putting it all away), and then staying up too late reading Harry Potter.

*Yawn* Happy Monday.

Saturday, September 13

Blogging from my brand new computer - it's a thing of beauty.

Friday, September 12

I have a friend who is currently hiking in the French Alps. He's a co-worker, actually, and sends each of us in our team a postcard periodically to keep us updated on his progress. It's amazing how amusing he can be in such a short amount of space:
Bonjour (Team)!
So here's the challenge: we have only a 3-4 hour walking day today, ending at the petite cameau (?) shown on this card (and the fact that they have cards suggests something about the tourist flow), and we arrive in time to partake in a grand luncheon, rather than the trail sandwich we acquired early this am. at last night's refuge; and we drink a whole bottle of wine AND have some digestifs to further complicate our thinking; and the sun is shining forcefully, and the view of the surrounding peaks is as clear as the wine will permit, and now what? Does the intrepid hiker (me) cave in to the physical pressure to nap? Or does the dutiful correspondent (me) choose to tough it out on an umbrella-less table to write an update postcard to those of you keeping the wheels of industry turning? The indecision has me paralyzed.

Lyle Lovett is coming to town next month, and he'll be playing the Paramount in Oakland and the the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts.

Does anyone want to go with me?? Please? Pretty please with sugar on top? I saw him a year ago, and it was a great show. I'm sure it'll be even better this time.

Thursday, September 11

September 11, remembered.

Wednesday, September 10

Dinah's gotten to the bottom of the latest email scam. Don't fall for it, 'k? Alrighty then.

Tuesday, September 9

I was talking to a friend a few years ago about past romantic experiences, and I said something about having once been "head-over-heels-can't-eat-can't-sleep infatuated" for a boy down the street. He looked at me wisely (being about 12 years my senior), and said, "You'll be happy to know that when you get older, you won't have to worry about those feelings any more." He was being serious. He thought them a nuisance.

I looked at him aghast and promptly replied that I hoped never to lose those feelings, or the ability to feel them.

And that's all I have to say about that right now. More later.

Monday, September 8

So did anyone else have a great weekend?

The weekend started out with welcoming a friend back from England Friday night, and I was not the designated driver for once, so I got to get tipsy (at Zeitgeist, where I ran into Sarah). After the last few weeks at work, it was nice to not have to be responsible for a bit.

Saturday, I went to the Farmer's Market, then spent a few hours driving along the SF coast and stopping to take some great pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge and write letters and enjoy the sunshine. The day ended with a Pizza and Porn party, which was, um, educational ... and I fear that it will take years for the images to fade from my memory. Let's just say that Star Trek has been ruined for me forever.

And yesterday was the Ren Faire with Jessa, ever an interesting experience although this one was by far the best. Only a few pictures will follow, as I didn't pull the camera out much. I bought a new bodice, however, which is red and makes me happy (and I can breathe!!).

I fear it will take all week to recover. So very very tired now.

Friday, September 5

2 concerts I'd like to go to in the near future.

Granddaddy and Super Furry Animals
Hot Hot Heat

Both are at the Fillmore and both are $20 and under.

Woud you like to join me?

You know summer is slip-slip-slipping away when you turn off the lights as you're leaving for work in the morning and it's still dark enough that you can see your shadow cast by the streetlamps on the wall behind you.

Thursday, September 4

(After a 1020-minute delay to boot up my computer) Did anyone else feel that earthquake? It was a 3.9!

Apparently they did: looking around the site, 2081 people have already reported it. Wow.

For those thinking of visiting the Bay area, or those who are already here, seems that there's a 62% probability of at least one magnitude 6.7 or greater quake, capable of causing widespread damage, striking the San Francisco Bay region before 2032. Yeah, like we haven't heard that before. Still, can't hurt to be prepared.

Here's a thought for ya:
Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. - Confucius
I don't know nuthin' man.

Sooo tired. A certain member of my family forgot or didn't realize the significance of my moving closer to the City last November, and booked early morning plane tix from San Jose Airport. An hour down there, and then another hour to drive back up here by 7 a.m. At least at that hour there's not a lot of traffic.

I bought a computer last night! I'm sure I paid too much, but waiting for my laptop to execute anything (including going from one window to another, minimizing windows, closing windows) was driving me batty. Shopping while desperate is never a good idea. But the money used was from an unexpected tax refund so it's almost like it was free.

Hey, I'm rationalizing having spent the most money on one thing since I bought my truck 11 years ago. Leave me alone.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 3

Someone very nice named Lou Nuygen asked me recently if I would be interested in putting up some text links to some product he's selling in return for *gasp* money. I'm not sure if I'm interested in the proposal, but Lou, I'd like more information. Unfortunately, the email came to me from good ol' MAILER-DAEMON, with no reply-to address.

Lou! Please write again, and include some contact information this time!!

Gas in car to go to groomers $4.50
Cat car carrier $32.99
Grooming fee $80.00
Getting The Look from one seriously ticked-off cat -- Priceless!

[via Kat Hunter]

It's Wednesday, it's Hump Day, and it's all downhill from here. On that note, may I present:

The Weather in Hell
[via Metagrrrl]

Tuesday, September 2

Have you ever considered what's really important to you? Try coming up with a list of things you want to do before you die. It helps to put things in perspective.

Things I'd like to do before I die, in no particular order:

1. Learn Tai Chi
2. Learn basic engine maintenance
3. Knit a blanket

Yeah. This list used to be longer, and I know I have a copy of it around here somewhere. The fact that this is all I can come up with is, I believe, the result of being a bit too content with the way things are. I've never had a problem with my lack of career ambition, but one needs a bit of a fire under the butt to move in a forward direction in life, right? The journey is what it's all about after all. Thinking big thoughts.

What do you want to do before you die?

The English are funny folk, e.g.
So much to stew, so little thyme. Basil (middle-aged, middlebrow, middleweight) seeks fragrant Rosemary. Keele - Nottingham - Manchester triangle.
Also funny, The Devil's Dictionary (Version 2.0)

Monday, September 1

There are days, days when I'll do (just about) anything.

Today is one of those days.

If I buy (and wear) this bra, will I look as hot as she does?

Need a user manual for your hero? Here are a few: Will Turner, Aragorn, and more.
So much fun. [via Fujikosmurf]

Happy Labor Day! I'm celebrating by being at work. Laboring.

Yesterday, I went with Wendy to see San Francisco Mime Troupe: Veronique of the Mounties and it was a great show.

Not quite what I expected in terms of a mime show, as the actors talked and there was singing, but once I got past that part, it was a lot of fun. From the Guardian:
Inaugurating their 42nd year of free theater in the park, the Mime Troupe serves up Michael Gene Sullivan and Bruce Barthol's punchy tale, which posits the inevitable redirection of the war on terror northward to Canada. The country's only hope is the Ameri-phobic super-Mountie Veronique Du Bois (Velina Brown) and her American contact, a rebel librarian (Keiko Shimosato). Complete with half a dozen musical numbers (backed by composer-musical director Jason Sherbundy's cookin' three-piece band), the wacky but wise story suggests that peace lies in international solidarity as much as homegrown opposition to flag-waving pseudopatriots.
Should you decide to go see their last show today, wear some sunscreen - I was under a tree or a hat all day yesterday and my face is still as bright red as a tomato.

Oh, and they'll be all over the Bay area for a while, so you still have a chance to see them even though they're not in the City.