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Friday, October 31

'Cause I'm a dork and didn't have it together enough to get my pumpkin carving pics up in time this year, let me wish you a Happy Halloween with my favorite pic from last year. Please have a safe and happy holiday!!

Happy Halloween!!

Other random weird Friday content (to go along with the other random weird stuff going on around me in the office this morning):

Star Wars, like you've never heard it before. [via Jon]

California Wildfires: Photo Galleries [via Steve]

A Comprehensive Fetish Chart [not sure where I got this one from]

Unexplained tree-top boulders found in forest [via Jon]

Thursday, October 30

I've made some non-dorky plans for Halloween:

JessaJune: say, what are you doing on Halloween? Because apparently [someone] and I didn't REALLY have plans, he has company coming into town.
Booboolina: I still have no plans. if you want, we can go out. or we can stay in and watch Something Wicked This Way Comes.
JessaJune: Actually, I would LOVE to stay in and watch a movie with you!
JessaJune: and eat popcorn. And maybe ice cream. :)
JessaJune: Now I won't feel like a dork sitting at home, but I won't be totally fried in class on saturday.
Booboolina: I was feeling the same way, only with just the prospect of being home and a dork to look forward to
JessaJune: it's not dorky if there are 2 of us. ;)
Booboolina: exactly.

I know it's a novel idea, but before you plague your help desk with questions and concerns and URGENT problems, read the fucking manual, ok?

At least become familiar with this painstakingly composed opus of our collective knowledge, so that someone doesn't have to waste quite so much time getting an answer that is already available to you. Mistakes are alright, but even with the "the customer is always right" mantra that the service industry promotes, it makes you look a lot less like an ass if you just entertain the idea that you might be just a little ... less right.


Wednesday, October 29

I smell like babies and hot and sour soup. Hey, at least I have toilet paper and oatmeal, so it's not all bad.

Funky weather? Oh yeah. Yesterday at Fort Funston, where I am accustomed to donning my heaviest jacket and wearing socks before venturing out to the observation deck, I had to take off my light sweater because it was too hot to wear it while watching the sun set.

This evening I went to the south bay to visit with a friend and the above-mentioned babies. I could barely keep my little truck on the road, the wind was blowing so hard. It was like being on a movie set, the big fan blowing straight on me with someone throwing sand in there to make it seem as though I'm in a sandstorm.

If you want to get me one of these for Christmas or my birthday, or just because, I'll give you my mailing address. Thanks!! [via Spinster Librarian]

So do you say soda, pop or coke? See what everyone else says: USA soda/coke/pop stats by county. [via ... damn, I can't remember where I got this link from. Sorry.] It's a pretty picture.

I say coke or soda. Never pop. What are the others? Soda pop? Carbonated beverage? Sugar water?

On another note, what are you going to be for Halloween?

Tuesday, October 28

Today has been, in the words of WordKitty "less craptacular than yesterday." Yay for less bad.

So remember when I said I'd never answer an online personals ad? Well, I guess it just needed me to say something for me to finally stumble across one that I would actually like. So I responded, and he responded, and perhaps one day we'll both be free at the same time and be able to hang out. We'll see.

But now I've broken my hard-and-fast rule. Who knows what will happen now?

I made chocolate chip cookies last night. You can be sure I was taste-testing the batter continuously to make sure that it was still fresh. And then I had to have a cookie or two to make sure that they were edible. And then I had another this morning, to make sure they hadn't gone bad during the night. (Oooh, cookies gone bad. Sounds like a wonky western movie.)

And I just had another one, to test how they were making it through the day. I'm happy to report that they're still pretty darn good.

Monday, October 27

The phrase "It must be Monday" keeps getting thrown around today, like it's a bad thing.

On a good note, Dinah wrote an column for the SF Bay Guardian!

Saturday, October 25

Lacking in any personal content at the moment:

So very wrong. And yet so funny. [via Jon]

Ghettopoly Board game - Stolen Property Fencing Game [via SeekingGod]

Friday, October 24

So I found out that they're making a movie about Troy (special advance picture here [via Fujikosmurf]), and all I could think when I saw that Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom and other better-known names are in it, was the Trojan rabbit scene from Holy Grail.

Run away! Run away!

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. I mean, I like the orange and the black. The candy is a definite plus. It's a sign that Fall, one my 4 favorite seasons, is really here. And while I don't like dressing up, I like seeing everyone else's costumes.

But one of my favorite things is getting 2 movies that I really enjoy, and watching them instead of going to a party. These two are Lady in White and Something Wicked This Way Comes. Also not a fan of horror flicks, but these are just suspenseful and harmless enough that I can handle it, even when no one wants to watch them with me.

What are your favorite Halloween movies?

Thursday, October 23

Sometimes I wonder: if everyone around me wasn't so lonely and always on the lookout for that "special someone," would I still be lonely and looking?

I suspect the answer is no. Which would explain my deplorable efforts at "fixing" the situation.

Wednesday, October 22

All morning, I've been sneaking little cookies out of a bag of peanut butter chocolate chip treasures that I bought yesterday. I feel like an alcoholic, hiding the bag in the furthest reaches of the lowest drawer, looking about furtively to make sure no one is looking before I get another.

Help!! My sweet tooth is holding me hostage!!

Tuesday, October 21

Alright. Time for the admission.

My name is Kristin and I am a addict.

Not that I respond to the ads, oh no. Well, ok, sometimes I do. But it's in more of a "what a great ad! I hope you find someone compatible with it!" sort of way. I mean, these people put themselves out there, to be met with rejection, ridicule, and failure, and I think they should get a pat on the back once in a while, especially when it's clear that they put a lot of thought and/or time into it.

I have, however, started posting. Not the general bs like how tall I am, what color my eyes are, or how height/weight disproportionate I am, oh gosh no. No, I post stuff like "can you write complete sentences? want to correspond with someone who you'll most likely never meet?" Why? Because this is the sort of pathetic excitement I crave in my life. That, and I also crave personal email.

Hint: the quality of responses improves if you say that you want someone who can write.

This is also why this site has been neglected recently, as I try to keep up with the flood of correspondence that has come my way. But it's fun, and it feeds my sense of self-importance.

Moving on ...

I had a lovely visit to Dallas this last weekend - the weather was perfect, and so was the company.

Friday night, we went to Pete's Dueling Piano Bar. If you've never been to one of these, I would suggest going as soon as possible, especially if you like singing *all* the songs at the top of your lungs, and you like watching other people be made fools of by their friends and family. It was a blast.

Saturday, we went to the State Fair, which was alright. I took some pictures, which will be up later.

That night, while my parents went to a chili party, I went out with Leia (pronounced Leeeee-a), Ruaraidh, Tina, and Roger to dinner, where John and Connie dined with us. From there, we went to the Gypsy Tea Room to watch a friend-of-a-friend perform, and then on to a dance place, where I met Micah. I was a little unsure of whether I wanted to go to SXSW next year, but now I think I'll go, just to hang out with these people some more.

Sunday, I went with my father's wife to see Under the Tuscan Sun, a total chick flick, but a good one, and then went shopping for so long that I was limping at the end.

Now I'm back, catching up on all the stuff I've missed from being gone from work for 2 days, and realizing that the 6-month overhaul of my apartment is now due, and I'm dragging my feet to get it done. Isn't it too bad that I'm booked through next Tuesday? I wonder when I'll get my laundry done. Anyone want to do it for me?

Thursday, October 16

I'm heading out of town for the weekend. When I'm back, I'll have an admission, some updates, and a description of the weekend I'm going to spend in Dallas with my dad and the dfwbloggers.

In the meantime, isn't this an awesome horoscope? Granted, it's from a few weeks ago, but I still hold it close to my heart:
It'll be a good week to do all of the following: play soccer in the kitchen with Barbie doll heads; wake up in the morning to salsa music and start dancing while you're still half-asleep; talk about your problems until you've talked them to death; get the equivalent of a first kiss or a last laugh; seek out a mystical sign from an enigmatic saint wearing black gloves and a wry smile; call yourself Mumso, Mutiny, or Goofmaster as you upgrade your graffiti-scrawling skills; join Charles M. Young's campaign to change the name of the Pentagon to the "Emma Goldman World Cathedral of Ecofeminist Goddess Worship;" and be a vivid embodiment of Deena Metzger's idea that "Beauty appears when something is completely and absolutely and openly itself."

Tuesday, October 14

Damn. I can remember when the sun was still up at this hour. Vividly.

Tract housing for birds: Birdhouses

Monday, October 13

My niece.

I am ready to declare 2003 “The Year of Weddings.” Any protests? I thought not. This summer, I flew to North Carolina – twice! – for two weddings, both of which were fabulous and worth every bounced check. The nice thing is that everyone’s wedding is unique, like a snowflake or a venereal disease. - Sarah Hepola, 10/0303

You know summer is gone when you wake up at 1:30 a.m. (a mere half hour after finally dozing off) to put on a few more blankets and turn on the heater because it's too darn cold to sleep.

As for niece pictures, I got in too late last night to get them posted, but I'll do it tonight or tomorrow, depending on how much time I have before going to see Lyle Lovett.

Saturday, October 11

I have seen my niece and I can confirm that she is the Cutest Baby In the World. Yes indeedy. Pictures will be forthcoming, since among many other things, I also forgot to bring the CF card reader Home this weekend.

Friday, October 10

Pet Peeve O' the Day: interrupting.

Look, you called me for help. Don't. Interrupt. Me. When. I'm. Speaking. Dammit.


Two good links to help you get over my irritation:
Boys who call back. [via]
RIAA Gets Serious about Downloads

Happy Friday!!

What's the best thing about living near the sea and getting up at 5:30 a.m.? I watched a spectacular sunset at Ocean Beach last night, and when I turned to leave, I was surprised by the appearance of a full moon rising from the other direction. This morning? I watched the moon set in my rearview mirror while driving into yet another spectacular sunrise.

In other news: The first case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard Anas platyrhynchos

I can tell already that it's going to be an exciting day.

Thursday, October 9

"Large buttocks are pleasing to me, nor am I able to lie concerning this matter..." - Baby Got Back is translated into Latin. [via Hooey]

I was on the phone with the ex-roommie last night, and she told me that she just got notice that she had won 2 garbage bags of Zoo Doo.

Linky goodness:

Put A Snake In Office

Extreme pumpkins [via Not Martha]

Oddfellow's Fray story

On another note, it has become the season o' travelling and concerts. Too bad I'm not in a band, where I could combine the two. This weekend, I'm going Home to meet my niece. Next weekend, I'm flying to Dallas to see my dad (and meet with some DFW bloggers!).

Concerts and shows I've already committed to:
Oct. 13: Lyle Lovett
Oct. 25: Margaret Cho
Nov. 1: Super Diamond
Nov. 3: Modest Mouse
Nov. 7: Guster
Nov. 11: Cirque du Soleil
Nov. 21: Barenaked Ladies

Wednesday, October 8

I didn't forget, really. I just forgot to post about it: Happy birthday to my mom and my brother!!

My horoscope this week::
"... I'm pleased to inform you that this is the best time in years for you to work hard at being a sign of divine joy and a fountain of divine love."
I'm doing my darndest. Really.

The values of Teachers.
She said that when he died, an enormous light went out in the temple. Even though they rarely saw him, they all found themselves lost. Martine realized that what he had done was hold a space for them. His teaching came from having enough faith in them to say, “You know what to do,” and not from having all the answers.

Maybe some of our greatest teachers are the ones that simply give us the gift of faith, and believe in us. - Andrea

The only benefit of having Schwarzenegger as governor is that, as a Republican, perhaps his time in office will reflect badly upon the current president and will negatively (perhaps fatally?) affect his bid for re-election. Speaking of whom, check this out.

Tuesday, October 7

Two worthy causes:

The Virtual Book Tour is on again!! Check out the schedule and visit the tour as it makes its way around the blogosphere.

Where I've Been Besides being an awesome collection of music, according to Scott "for the month of October, all amounts over the $5.00 US minimum price will be donated to the P2P Defense Fund at to assist families and individuals hit with RIAA lawsuits. Donating to the fund is optional -- if you'd rather not donate to the fund, just pay the $5 US minimum." You can't go wrong.

Current life theme: Drama!! Drama!! Drama!!

I'm also way busy, which is good, or I'd probably obssess about the DRAMA! and feel like it had something to do with me. As it is, all I can do is laugh. hehehe.

Also, I wish the person calling me on my cell phone while I'm at work from an Unknown ID would leave a frickin' message. Every time you call, I am either on the phone with a customer, away from my desk, or I have my headphones on and I can't hear the phone buzzing (since I'm one of those people who turn the ringer off so my cellcubemates don't go crazy listening to the music - don't you wish everyone would do that? I do).

Anyway, a few laughs: How to: Be a Pirate Arrr!! (Jessa, that's for you) and How to: Cook the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. 'Cause I know you were wondering.

Monday, October 6

Seems it's always been this way, eh?
This week I'm doing a mini-unit on ancient elections and political graffiti. They love the fact that we've found ancient attack ads like "All the late-night-drinkers support Vatia for the post of city manager of Pompeii." - Mermaniac

Sunday, October 5

Happy day.

My brother and my niece.

My niece.

Fray was awesome this year. And guess what?!?! I already have the pictures posted.

Did you take pictures? Do you have them online yet?? Well? Let Fray know about them!

Saturday, October 4

Holy cow bunny rabbit, Batman. And some fluffy bunnie rabbits at that! [via Blue Green Egg]

Experience is useless if it doesn't teach you anything. I've learned that my limit is 3 drinks. No more. 4 is 1 too many. Besides feeling like shit, I also send silly emails. Blech.

Friday, October 3

Another funny.

Robert Palmer died yesterday after a long battle with love addiction, a family spokesman said.

I know, I'm a little late on the pick-up for this one, but it made me laugh, and I need all the laughter I can get today. [via Ev]

Thursday, October 2

I had dinner with these two last night. It was good to be in the South bay again (warmth! how novel!), and really good to be with friends (with Cheap Mexican (tm) and ice cream to boot!).

Today I'm going to the Fillmore to get tickets for Guster. Does anyone else want to go?

I'm also wondering if I should get tickets to see the Nokie Unwired concert, since Ozomatli is performing ... but they're the only band I'm at all familiar with. Ooooh, the unknown, so scary. If anyone else wants to go, lemme know. It'll make my decision that much easier.

And I'm going to Texas again. In two weeks.

Wednesday, October 1

Hahaha. It's nice to start a Wednesday off with a chuckle, especially when you've missed breakfast because you overslept. The Most Phallic Building in the World. [via Fujikosmurf]

And, there's a ban on Russian ads depicting euro having sex with dollar. Prudish Russians. [via Jon]

Along the same lines ... this is very good advice ... although I'm not sure that those signs should be taken as deterrents. Rather, I take it as a list of reasons to meet some "pick up acqaintances" (except disease AND childbirth, of course). [via Spinster Librarian]