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Wednesday, December 31

Through a fluke of scheduling, I get to leave work at 1:00 p.m. today.

I think that's a lovely way to end the year.

Another photo gallery of the past year: 2003: A Year in Pictures

Tuesday, December 30

So many good links today!!

Amazing photos: The Best of 2003 Photoblogs

Oh no, not again: Shatner to Record Another Album [via Jon]

The comments on Davezilla's post make it all worthwhile: Gem Sweater Mania [via Davezilla]

I thought this was a joke when someone sent it to the off-topic list at work, but apparently not: FBI urges police to watch for people carrying almanacs

Monday, December 29

'Tis the season, and resolutions are on my mind. I am already decided on a few of the most obvious - managing my finances so I might not have to work when I'm 80 (unless I want to, of course), and visiting the gym for more than sightseeing purposes once in a while.

But other than taking care of my financial and physical health, I'd also like to make myself a better person. I've talked often of volunteering but always found something else to do with my oh-so-valuable time. So I'm adding volunteering to my list of things to do this year. One good resource I've found through the volunteering section over at craigslist is One Brick, an organization that helps other charitable organizations find the manpower to do their good deeds.

I want to see Il barbiere di Siviglia (think: Elmer Fudd and Buggs Bunny) next month before it leaves the SF Opera. Anyone up for some of the $35-$40 seats? Yes, we'll have to bring Kleenex for the nosebleeds we'll be suffering, but it's Opera! It's The Barber of Seville! It's a chance to see Elmer Fudd Live!!

Ok, I know that Elmer Fudd won't be there, but from that far away, we can imagine that it's him up there singing his lungs out. Maybe you'll want to bring binoculars?

Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas!!

click the Ornament of Shame (can't seem to lose it no matter what I do!).  See what's on the other side - that's me in my Girl Scout uniform, hair circa 1980

Wednesday, December 24

I am not at all ready to go Home today - I have dishes in the sink, food in the fridge, and I haven't packed a thing except the gifts. Which makes it all the more imperative that I get out of here as soon as possible. 'Cause I'm already missing Mass by going down there as late as I am, I don't want to miss dinner too!!

More fun than you can shake a funny-lookin' stick at: Mr. Picassohead

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone. Drive safe and treasure your family, whether it is through bonds of blood or friendship, or (best yet) both.

Plumber's Butt Pandemonium [via Brian]

I'm going to be watching a lot of Law and Order this weekend (and knitting!), so I find this very appropriate: "Law & Order: An Adventure to Color" [via Reecie]

Tuesday, December 23

I talked to my mom last night, and she confirmed that it was very exciting for them yesterday. I feel terrible, though, about the two women who died. They did everything right, except they picked the wrong door to leave by. I probably know someone who knew them.

I can't wait to go Home tomorrow night.

Random (because it's better than complaining):

I'm doing a search on a library site, and the item I'm looking at has the following subject headings associated with it:

Accident victims
Amusement parks
Amusement rides
Future life
Aged men
Large type books.
Psychological fiction.

Matrix Cow [via Fireballing]

Carpool Cheats

Seamless City

Digital revolution leaves Google feeling quite flush [Kevin]

Monday, December 22

It would appear the quake was a bit more serious than I thought: Magnitude 6.5 earthquake shakes California, kills two. and 6.5 earthquake shakes California, kills three

My brother just called me about the earthquake he felt, and now I can't get through to him any of my family.

Other info sheets (why are there at least 3 of these for the same earthquake on the same site?)

On this, the shortest day of the year, I'll go over the reasons why cold weather is better than warm weather:
  1. Less fog in Daly City.
  2. People picking up/dropping off their friends in the wee hours of the morning with their *boom* *boom* stereo systems rockin' the house(s) tend to leave the doors of their cars open for less time, and they drive away sooner.
  3. Annoying sounds made by your neighbors (e.g. conversations that really should be kept private, fingernail cutting on the porch, silly music, etc) dramatically cut down by their wish to keep their windows and doors closed.
  4. I look way better in sweaters and coats than my summer clothing.
Are there any that you can think of?

Saturday, December 20

Spontaneity has never been a strong point for me, so I'm always glad when someone gives me the opportunity to be spontaneous. It makes me feel young and reckless, beautiful and daring, feelings I don't enjoy very often.


Friday, December 19

Woohoo!! With the exception of one gift and a few gift certs, my Christmas stuff is done. Oh, and I'll be baking this weekend so I can bring some chocolate treats in for my co-workers next week.

I got my mom some dusting powder last night, the kind she has been wearing my whole life. Now when I walk around my apartment, I can smell her. I like it.

Christmas is here, which makes the terrible things that have happened lately all the more terrible while offering comfort at the same time. What a dichotomy.

Some fun Christmas stuff:
Come All Ye Faithful! [work safe only if no one is looking and you put your headphones on]
There is a hearty debate raging over who gets to go down in history like Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

My vote is "like Columbus!"

Wednesday, December 17

Leila's ice skating / birthday party pictures.

My company is celebrating it's 25th anniversary today. There is a lot of food from the expensive place in the Public Market, there is a karaoke stand in the lobby, there are balloons everywhere, there are chocolate cookies in the staffroom with "25" stamped on them ... and an ice sculpture.

I took pictures, they will be posted soon.

Ice sculpture:

Jem licking the ice sculpture:

On a related note: Penguin Sweaters [via Reecie]

Christmas has begun. As of last night, and thanks to Jish, I now have wireless internet in my apartment. (I almost said "I am wireless," but I refuse to get a cordless phone, so there you are.)

Now if I could just get my laptop to see the modem, it would do me some real good.

Tuesday, December 16

With Amy as my inspiration, I have decided to clean out my savings account (mostly) and pay off my credit card. I am officially debt-free. And without much of a savings account ... but I'll fix that much sooner now that I'm not sending a large percentage of my pay to Citi every month. This feels really nice.

Question of the day: If you were a woman, would you sleep with you? [via Hooey]

Monday, December 15

I was telling someone how tired I am today, and she asked "when people as you out, do you feel compelled to say yes?"

Um, yeah, I guess I do. I think it's because of my high school years, when no one ever asked me to do anything. I haven't spent an evening at home since the 5th, when I was too sick to do anything (except for this last Friday night, because the party I was invited to was cancelled. And I still stayed up too late).

Not that I'm complaining - every night has been a really nice visit with someone (or some people, as the case may be) I really like, and with one or two exceptions, I haven't seen any of the same people twice all week.

Tonight? Leila's party! Woohoo!

advent calendar, 2003

Sunday, December 14

You know, I never found Keanu Reeves all that attractive till I saw him today in Something's Gotta Give. Perhaps it's because he's decided to branch out and try things like smiling and showing emotion and talking in something other than either the surfing dude voice or the monotone. It made a real difference.

That, and I'd like someone like him to show me the kind of attention he was giving Diane Keaton.

Other random (but worthwhile stuff):
Best Snowglobe Ever and Mr. Picassohead [via Ernie]

Superhero Journal: Holiday Gift Guide of Independent Artists

The best line from last night was "who's been touching my ass?"

Oh, and the name thing? It's really not a big deal. I was referring more to my customers who should get it right simply because they have nothing more to go on than my emails, which state my name and how to spell it at least 3 times an exchange, not everyone else, of whom I am much more forgiving.

Friday, December 12

I don't know what it is lately, but no one seems able to spell my name right these days. In the past week, I have seen many of the iterations of Kristin available, mostly Kristen, but occassionally Kirstin or Kirsten ... even a Kristy, which no one who knows me ever uses.

It's not a big deal. I usually answer to anything starting with Kris (and I give other peoples' names at restaurants so I don't get confused with the Kristy's, the Christine's, the Christina's, etc. also waiting for a table), but it's just strange that when people are responding to my email in which my name appears in the From field, the "Thanks, Kristin" part, and the .sig file, that they'll still spell my name wrong. I don't think any less of these people - although I do have something to say to the woman who responded to one of my emails and called me Karen - I'm just noticing the overwhelming number of people who are getting it wrong. Maybe it's the holiday stress.

The complete set of iceplant pics (a la the Marsscape): Fort Funston, December 08, 2003

Thursday, December 11

Seeing as how I never win anything, I think it's funny that I actually stop to consider and then won't enter contests for which I cannot enjoy the prize because of prior engagements.

Do you ever get home from being out with a friend and realize all of a sudden that you were rather a bore and tended to monopolize the conversation, talking all about youyouyou? Sorry about that Leila. I'll try to be a better listener next time.

Wednesday, December 10

Gosh. When I looked at my calendar last week, December was an almost blank slate and I thought I was going to have plenty of time to sit around and wrap presents and bake and write out, address, and mail my cards.

This week, I'm wondering when I'll be able to fit in a shower every day, as well as more than 5 hours of sleep per night. I think perhaps I need to make myself unavailable next week.

Tuesday, December 9

Min Jung rocks, and Pete Yorn can float my boat any day. I haven't particularly enjoyed other Alice shows, but this holiday deal, with Howie Day, Mr. Cutie Pants, and Guster was pretty darn cool. And since MJ works for one of the sponsors of the show, we got the best seats in the house!! Which was good, since I had worn the "cool" shoes that would have had me limping by the end of the evening, not the ones that look awful but would have been kinder to my feet.

I'm all jazzed. And tomorrow night? Movie with Leila!!

This is what I look like when I don't really want my picture taken: at Ren Faire and at a party.

So I finished Les Mis last night at about 12:05 a.m., approximately 4 months and 4 days after I started it. It's been a looooong road (there are good reasons why this book is usually abridged), but an enjoyable one.

Now for The Count of Monte Cristo.

Monday, December 8

Iceplant at Sunset
December 8, 2003

So I made a change to my appearance the other day. While I was looking simply for "something different," I appear to have gotten "something really different." Well, different to me. In some lights (such as my living room), you can't tell a change at all. In other places (such as my bathroom), it's so dramatic I'm not sure how I'm going to cope.

In other news, my company holiday party is on Saturday and I have failed in the "find a date" department. That's ok. I'm assured there will be others there without dates, so I won't be alone in my aloneness. I have to get to the dry cleaners, however, as I suspect I will be alone in my wrinkledness if I don't.

Sunday, December 7

You know what's sad? I'm considering implementing Knowspam and I'm afraid that I will start to feel neglected, since my incoming mail count will drop from 100+ a day to less than 10 and most of those will be from lists that I'm on.

Ah well. I guess that means I'll just have to send more email in order to receive more email.

It's been a sick sick weekend, but I did get out yesterday just to prove to myself that the outside world does exist.

Holiday: Happy Holidays from Lester
A Photojunkie Christmas
The 12 STIs Of Christmas [via Jish]

And to get you ready for the release of the new movie: The Very Secret Diaries

Friday, December 5

*yawn* *sniffle* *cough* I just woke up.

How has your Friday been going?

Thursday, December 4

A friend at work today mentioned the concept of nose tampons, and at this point in the course of my head cold, I would like to show my support for this idea. Granted, the strings hanging from the nostrils would not be so attractive, but when it's a choice between constantly wiping your nose with tissue that feels more and more like sandpaper as time goes by, and the strange sight of strings hanging from your nose, I'll go for strange any day.

Damn, it would appear that this is not a new idea.

A tip for the holidays: If you're going to Target for anything, take a list and don't allow yourself any spontaneous buys.

I went to get some socks, and I came home with socks and $100 less money in my checking account. *sigh* (cough cough)

Funny of the day, courtesy of Eddie, Jessa's co-worker:

Go to Google and type in "miserable failure" and click "I'm feeling lucky."

Wednesday, December 3

Oh, to be able to breathe from both nostrils, that would be heaven.

Can you believe I'm getting sick again??

Most embarrassing moment today: thinking there are only 13 days between October 20 and December 3. Why? Because I forgot about November.

This is almost as embarrassing as the time I realized there are really 26 letters in the alphabet, not 24.

Tuesday, December 2

I was testing a complaint from one of our customers today and had to use her patron record to try to reproduce the behavior. Imagine my surprise when, in addition to the expected name and address and phone number and barcode fields, I saw a note field in her record with this phrase in it:

Thou saucy onion-eyed bugbear!

Turns out it's a combination of Elizabethan insults. I really do like my job.

Monday, December 1

Carrying the "needle in the haystack" analogy way too far:

"What do you do if your needle is made of hay?"

sidenote: minute for minute, the quickest way to fall asleep? Take a class on data mining in UNIX systems. Notice the timestamp - this training started 10 minutes ago, and I'm already trying to find ways to stay awake.

So everyone who said they would go see Love, Actually with me saw it this weekend while I was away. Or they live in Seattle.

Does anyone else want to go see this movie with me??