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Friday, January 9

Happy Birthday, Amy!

I would have blogged this, but Jane did it first: Prevent the selection of Dr. W. David Hager to head up the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee

Jish pointed me to a reportedly sooper dooper new browser:

Thursday, January 8

Stuff I want, or want to do, this year, in no particular order:

1) buy a real bed (something bigger than a twin!)

2) buy a grown-up car (my truck is the car of my 20's - I'd like to move on to the car of my 30's now)

3) buy a photo printer (photos as gifts! photos as decorations!)

4) move into a cheaper apartment, closer to work, with lots of light (this means East Bay, folks)

5) start my 401K and put a heck of a lot of money in it (I've been eligible for over 6 mos now, it's about time)

6) lose a considerable amount of surface area over my entire body (how can someone else love me if I find myself unattractive?)

7) discard at least a third of my possessions (I have so much stuff!!)

8) acquire/form/become part of a new group of friends (I like my old friends, but I fear that my move across the pond will make visits possible only if I'm willing to come into the City, which will become less and less likely as time goes on)

9) start or contribute to some sort of college fund for my neice (by the time she's that age, who knows how much an education will cost?)

10) meet and marry either Pete Yorn or Chris Isaak.

This list is incomplete ... it's mostly just a placeholder for me. Also, that last one is negotiable.

Someone just mentioned to me as a warning that Mr. Isaak is considerably older than myself, while Mr. Yorn is a bit younger. You know what? It doesn't matter. According to, Chris and I (Chris and Kristin! I think it's destined to be) are 85% compatible based on our biorhythms. And that's good enough for me.

Wednesday, January 7

So it's that time of the year: I went to see my optometrist this weekend, and he took pictures of my eyes again ... from the inside!

Eye #1, Eye #2 (I don't know which is the left or right eye).

And I got contacts today. Apparently contact insertion is not like riding a bike. You can forget how to do it after 4 years.

Tuesday, January 6

So after a bit of thought, I've decided to shut down little social list that I had going. I'd had dreams that I could build something resembling the DFW or Toronto blogger groups, but alas, it was not to be. I'm not sure if I wasn't being inclusive or interesting or comprehensive enough, or if the environment is just different here, with people less likely to form large roving bands of bloggers than they would in say, Austin.

I hope I didn't come off as too bitter in my farewell email to the group, 'cause I'm really not.

In any case, I created a notify list (see below the Events area on the right, as well as the bottom of the page) that people can join for just such updates as I used to send to that group. I'll probably post more often, with more stuff, and not just the stuff that I'm doing, without being too terribly annoying ... although if you sign up, I would imagine that you want to hear it and I won't feel too badly if I am compelled to send something out more than once every few weeks.

Monday, January 5

To everyone who has interacted with me since December 1, 2003:

Do I appear uninterested? Do I act uppity or snobbish? Do you get the feeling that I just don't care? Do I show up to parties late and leave early? Do I appear to be unable to dredge up a smile even if my life depended on it?

Don't worry, it's not you. I seem to have fallen in some emotional hole and I'm having trouble digging my way out. But I will, and then all will be smiles and laughter and I'll be able to make small-talk again. I'm hoping this happens soon, or my social life will wilt beyond hope of repair.

In the meantime, please bear with me. I'll be back to normal soon enough.

Sunday, January 4

So Wendy and Kevin and Suzan and I went to Ocean Beach tonight and burned Christmas trees.

It was fun, there was a group of people we didn't know already there, directing the trucks and getting a stack o' trees going, so we certainly weren't the only ones to have this idea (apparently, the "official" burn had happened two hours before we even got there). The only part I would have changed was when it was decided everyone was there and we had as many trees as we were going to have, rather than drawing the fun out and maybe putting one or two trees on the fire at a time, instead everyone picked up a tree and threw it on the fire all at once. For all the driving around we did - a fun activity in itself - the whole show was over in about 10 minutes.

But we're doing it again next weekend. Who wants to go with us?

Friday, January 2

Gosh, as of yesterday afternoon, I had finally run out of holiday evites. I thought I was in for a dry spell, but I just received my 3rd evite this afternoon for January events. It's interesting, as I decided today that this will be the Year of Doing Stuff Alone, since I don't appear to have the social draw that I once had and I'm feeling bitter and resentful about it (would anyone like any of the treats I bought the other day for the NYE gathering that no one came to? my co-workers aren't obliging me as quickly as I'd like them to).

But never mind that. It's about learning to enjoy things alone, and not always needing someone there to share it, right? As my first act, I bought a ticket to see The Barber of Seville in a few weeks. I'm feeling good about this one.

Maybe one day I'll learn to go see a movie by myself. But I'm working my way up to that.

I'm heading to Ocean Beach tomorrow evening for a Christmas tree burning celebration.

This will include the burning of anything else deemed as really needing to go up in flames as well, such as the boxes rendered useless by water damage in the twice flooding of my garage last month, as well as some really awful books donated by some generous soul.

You're welcome to join us. Bring something to burn. Or don't. You can help put the trees left out on curbs in the back of my truck. Or bring hot chocolate. Or lighter fluid. Or a sense of humor. Let me know if you want to come and I'll let you know exactly where we'll be.

Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year!