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Monday, May 31

Thank the Lord Jesus that tomorrow is a holiday, or I'd be real sleepy while working (zonk, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz). As it is, I doubt I'll be much use to anyone, even myself. Who knew the symphony could be so exhausting?

Is everyone else having a fabulous Memorial Day weekend?

Friday, May 28

I was wrong. I vaguely recall arguing with someone recently about who sings "Another One Bites the Dust." I was getting this song mixed up with "Whip It." So it is not Devo who sings "Another One Bites the Dust" after all, but Queen, just like you (whoever you are) said.

I'm sorry.

I also faced the fact today - or rather, I admitted to someone else - that I don't know what color my hair is. I'll put a picture up soon so you can give input.

I was sitting at home last night, in my gym clothes because I had every intention of going to the gym, watching the end of Moulin Rouge, when the phone rang. And I mean it was the end, the last number, when voices are pitched as high as they can go and emotions are running deep, and the phone rings. Who was it? It was the opera guy (George) offering to sell me season tix. After all that, how could I refuse?

No, never did make it to the gym.

Thursday, May 27

Concert season has officially started and I'm going to see a bunch of relatively expensive shows. I wish I liked more small-time indie-rock performers who cost $20 or less to see, but that's not to be, alas.

6/2: Prince
6/11: BFD
7/9: Sarah McLachlan
8/10: Chris Isaak
9/13: Lyle Lovett

And then there's the opera. I want to see The Little Cunning Vixen and La Bohème - cheap seats, naturally. At least the opera isn't as expensive as any of those other shows, so I can rationalize the expense. In fact, both operas together cost less than any one of the other shows above. Distressing, no?

Anyone want to go to the opera with me? It's fun, I promise. And I'll have binoculars, so we can see what's going on.

I was going to try to write about my lack of direction these days, why it's causing the throwing out of mass quantities of formerly perfectly good food and contributing to the death of all plant matter in my apartment, and why I seem unable to move forward in any part of my life lately, and maybe about the hairnet I wore last night and the frozen carrots I shoveled, but I'd rather ask what turns you on? (a la the 'personal' section of Orkut) (I'm not sure that permalink works, so head on down to May 26.)

Wednesday, May 26

This flash thingy is way cool. [via Reecie]

Some public service announcements:

Cars using FasTrak will get $1 off each toll for all the Bay Area state-owned bridges (Antioch Bridge, Benicia-Martinez Bridge, Carquinez Bridge , Dumbarton Bridge, Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, San Mateo-Hayward Bridge) from July 1 through October 31. (Bridge tolls are going up to $3 for everyone else on 7/1.)


I'm going to volunteer at the SF Food Bank tonight. Want to join me?


Some states are planning to use machines that will not allow voters to verify their choices. This means that any flaws in the machine or software will never be caught -- and no recount will be possible.

And the head of the largest e-voting machine company -- who is a major contributor to George Bush and has promised to deliver Ohio to him -- asks that we just trust him. Today we call on Congress and the states to require any electronic voting machine used in this election to produce a paper trail -- one that allows voters to verify their choices and officials to conduct recounts.

Please join me by signing this call for accountability


You know it's going to be one of those days when you put on your shoes and your toes feel trapped. Go back to bed.

Saturday, May 22

I found out last night that I dance better when drunk.

Actually, I'm not sure that I *really* dance better. It may only be that I don't care, so it doesn't matter. But I like to think that my rhythm, if not my balance, improves. Yeehaw.

Friday, May 21


#I took today off to watch my friend graduate from UCSF with her doctorate in medical anthropology. It was a satisfying event for everyone, I think. How can you not deeply respect and celebrate these peoples' accomplishments, even those graduates you don't even know? And the commencement speech was so interesting! I think it's the first that I've been able to pay attention all the way through. Then we went to see the bison in Golden Gate Park.

#You know you're an internet rockstar when guys start sending you naked photos of themselves.

#Apparently I look better in a skirt than in pants, regardless of the skirt. Yes, Jish and Ruaraidh, I'll admit it: You were right.

#A group of us are going dancing tonight at 111 Minna. Join us if you're so inclined!*

#If you live in the San Francisco bay area (or the SoCal area), and you like going to plays and shows and ... well, any kinds of shows, actually, sign up for Gold Star Events. I get weekly emails of shows they're offering half-price tickets to, and sometimes they'll send something out for comp tickets. I got one for the SF Symphony's Beethoven production, and decided to try it out. There was a $7 service charge, but I figured that was worth the cost for a little culture. I also figured that with practically free tickets, I'd be napping way up in the nosebleeds. Imagine my surprise when the ushers kept directing me closer and closer to the front! Turns out my seat was in the second row from the front, center of the row. It was amazing.

#Oh! And I was talking to someone randomly yesterday and found out that he not only works for the same company as an ex of mine, they work in the same friggin' department! And I was told that my ex and his wife are expecting their first child. Wow. It never really comes home to you how far along you are till the people you practically grew up with start doing adult stuff like buying houses and having children. Matt, if you're reading this, congratulations. I always thought you'd have kids. You'll be a great dad.

* UPDATE: If you went because of me last night, I'm sorry. One day, we'll be back at Minna when people (other than ourselves) will be dancing. I'm praying for that day.

Thursday, May 20

There was a time when I came in first on a search for Kristin ... then two other Kristins edged me into 3rd. Now I'm back to second place.

I need to be first. Will you help me? Thanks!

Best line from Jon Stewart's fake honorary doctorate commencement speech:
We declared war on terror - it's not even a noun .... After we defeat it, I'm sure we'll take on that bastard ennui.
[via Kevin]

Wednesday, May 19

Mmmm... chocolate. Kerry describes her experience with the Aztec Hot Chocolate.

Perhaps I'm just hungry, but I'm about to pay for a tin.

I was forced into a brown-bag lunch today to hear someone talk about biking in the Bay Area. This is kinda funny, since I don't even own a bike (they were short attendees, so we were drafted). I did get one thing out of the presentation, though, and that was the site, which allows you to plan bike routes interactively on topographical maps of the San Francisco Bay Area. Way cool. As another co-worker pointed out, this can be used for walking as well (I hope).

Other than that, my life is kind of boring uneventful these days. How are you?

Monday, May 17

Bay to Breakers 2004

More pictures here.

I finally saw Kill Bill Vol 1 last week. An amazing movie. I don't want to like Tarantino, but I'm slowly being forced to at least like his movies. *sigh* So I was all jazzed about seeing Kill Bill 2 as soon as humanly possible. The problem is that it appears that all my friends who have seen Vol 1 have already seen Vol 2, and the rest haven't seen the first yet and won't see the second until they do.

So I spent Friday night watching 13 Going On 30 instead. It was another case not wanting to like it, but it turns out that I did. Despite Sarah's complaints about timelines and pop culture, I wasn't too put off by the inconsistencies - I just loved that I could sing along with the whole soundtrack.

And yesterday I went with some girlfriends to see Van Helsing. Rather than try to be witty and concise all at once, just read this review.

I do disagree with him in one respect, though - I think you should see this movie. Just don't pay full price, it's definitely not worth that. In fact, if you can get someone else to pay for your ticket, that would be ideal (when isn't it?). But it is an entertaining way to spend an afternoon, although not for the reasons the filmmakers had in mind.

Anyone want to see Kill Bill Vol. 2 with me?

Bay to Breakers rocked yesterday. And to think, I almost flaked out on it (up at 5:30 on a Sunday to walk 10 miles? hahaha). I'm so glad that I didn't.

My feet, however, don't agree with me. Neither do my sunburned arms. You'd think I'd be smart enough to avoid sunburn by this time, but there's always a part of me that misses getting the sunscreen - at least I don't miss the same spots twice! In any case, I'm hobbling around like I have arthritis today and I have lobster arms.

Pictures will be up soon.

Saturday, May 15

My best friend got engaged today. Couldn't happen to a better or more deserving guy. Or girl, for that matter :) Congratulations, Jish and R.!

Friday, May 14

My best friend from San Antonio is returning to the Bay area next week to graduate with her PhD. I have known her for 6 years now, and she's always been working on this dissertation. I am so proud of her accomplishment, and so happy that I'll get to see her for the first time since September, that I'm about to burst.

My other best friend (I have about 4 or 5 of these, btw) was discussing a romantic issue with me today and when we were done, she said "I don't know what I would have done if I didn't get to talk to you first about this." I glowed.

It's nice to see my friends succeed, and it's nice to know that I'm needed too. I wish everyone could be as happy with their friends as I am.

Bay to Breakers is this Sunday. Will I see you there?

2003: feet problems, couldn't participate
B2B 2002
B2B 2001
2000: pre-blog, no pictures.

Thursday, May 13

I went to a friend's place last night for dinner. We had big bowls of pasta, followed by ice cream and Say Anything. Today I'm rating the sappy songs rather higher than I would normally in iTunes.*

I think this says something about my state of mind today. I'll let you figure out what that is.

In happier news, Jane is selling t-shirts.

*When I'm through this phase and listening to my 'highest rated' songs, I'll be wondering how the hell some of these got in there.

Wednesday, May 12

Random surfing is a good thing! I just bought two prints from Alex The Girl so she can get a camera. I will be getting The Girl and the Hay and Bird. I don't generally buy art, so this is a good step for me.

Speaking of surfing, surf around her site. It's pretty neat.

This also represents the first time I have successfully used PayPal. Whoa.

Pet Peeve o' the Day:

The Bouncing Leg.

Put your heel on the ground, buddy, and leave it there. The vibrating floor does nothing for me except make me nauseous and piss me off.


Recent life update:

Dinner with bloggers on Friday night to celebrate the presence of Dan among us - it was nice to see a bunch of people I hadn't seen in a while, meet some new people, and eat good Korean food.

Jessa's birthday on Saturday was great fun. I wish she could turn 30 every year. Who knows? Perhaps I'll turn 30 next year and let her mom throw me a party too :) (more pictures)

Mother's day was really nice this year, a marked difference from last year, which included arguments, people storming out, others making threats, etc. Yeah, none of that this year. It was nice. I did not, however, get to see my niece, which I had been looking forward to. In fact, I haven't seen her since my birthday in Feb. I imagine she's huge by now. Or at least walking and talking. I hope I get invited to her college graduation.

I'd have pictures of the rest of the weekend, since it was absolutely beautiful, but I left my camera at Jessa's mom's place and couldn't retrieve it till last night.

Looking forward to doing Bay to Breakers on Sunday, as well as meeting up with the girls later on to see Van Helsing. Not looking forward to more apartment hunting on Saturday - I am so tired of driving! And at $2.30/gal for the cheap stuff, it ain't cheap either.

Currently contemplating the nature of relationships, both friendships and those of a romantic nature. Regarding the latter, it's hard to entertain feelings for someone with whom you can't spend any time with in the foreseeable future. But what do you do with yourself when you can't help it? Regarding the former, it's almost the same challenge, to remain close to those you spend almost no time with. I need to make more of an effort to see my friends who live nearby. If I can do this without spending too much money, my life will be complete :)

Saturday, May 8

It's midnight on Friday and what am I doing? Creating gmail accounts. And here I thought I didn't quite qualify as a geek. Try reaching me at kristinthegreat at Go on, just try it.

I think that makes 5 active email accounts to check now. Shazaayam.

Friday, May 7

Happy Weekend Thought: Subversive Cross Stitch [via Riley Dog]

My father wrote to me today:

Subject: Non- Carbs Rule

"Well, the party seems to be about over ... maybe for a while. Krispy Kreme Donuts just reached an all time low of $23.. Down $7 TODAY!! The reason they site in their press release for the 10% decline in same-store sales is... the trend toward carbohydrate avoidance..."

Let me refer you once again to the cursing squirrel.

On another note entirely, anyone who wondered when they saw my IM away message last night - yes, I was in bed at 6:30 p.m., awakened by the phone at 8 p.m., got up again at 3 a.m. to go to the restroom, woke up finally at 5:30 a.m. And my eyes don't hurt. Praise be, this is the first time in weeks I've woken up without being all bleary-eyed.

Thursday, May 6

Airport pasttime.

Now I know what to do when I have time to kill in the airport. I can't believe I never though of this before.

A friend sent this to me the other day: Fatkins.

It's lovely. Put your headphones on if you're at work, though. I'm not sure everyone would want to hear the cursing squirrel.

I'm learning (again) that when you buy new shoes, especially a style that you've never worn before, you should really take them for a test drive before you buy them. I mean, rather than just put them on, take a few steps and decide that being red and having a strap is all the motivation you need to buy them. I have owned these shoes since Saturday, and today is the first day I've worn them ... it's also the first time I've almost fallen down the stairs in my apartment building.

They shore do look cute though.

Tuesday, May 4

My Desktop Image Today:

Daisy, aka Booboolina:
(click on the image!)

Surprise surprise. I didn't do anything last night but talk to my mom, chat with a few people online, unpack half my stuff and go to bed. I really need to do that laundry and grocery shopping thing tonight. No clothes, no food = no money at the end of the week.

Let me rephrase that: If I have to buy clothes to keep me in clean clothes, and buy breakfast/lunch/dinner every day so that I don't starve, then I won't have any money by the end of the week. Yeah, that's what I meant.

Good deed for the day: Donate $25 to the American Heart Assoc., get a free pair of Reeboks [via The Lovely Leia]

And what I'll be doing tonight: Literacy Program Newsletter Party. If you have nothing to do in SF tonight, come and join me (pizza's provided)!

Monday, May 3

So I did my dance, and it was a good dance. Now I'm back. My bags are lying in a heap on the floor where I dropped them in my rush to turn on the computer so that I could read my email (and blog, apparently - can we say addiction?) after 4 days of being just a tad out of touch and now ...

Do I do my laundry? or do I go grocery shopping? Or do I just leave everything where it is and watch the Netflix movie that came in over the weekend? Ah, the dilemma. I'll let you know tomorrow how the evening went.

In the meantime, for those of you who are aware of where I went and why, rest assured that I accomplished everything I set out to do, which was have a good time, eat good food, and spend a lot of quality time with quality people, namely my father, his wife, and the DFW Bloggers. If not for the fact that my life is here, I'd move there. In a heartbeat.