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Thursday, September 30

Presidential Debate Bingo!

It almost makes me wish I had tv reception.

Wednesday, September 29

I officially qualify as the biggest dork in the world today. But not as big as the people who signed this petition.

In other news, she's cute, she's funny, and she'll be your best friend: Support Katie in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Otherwise, my horoscope today says:
You're the reason things move swimmingly. It isn't asking much to be recognized for this. Otherwise let colleagues fend for themselves.
Darn tootin'.

Harkening back to a year ago, here are some links that are still gems:

LRB personals

LaserMonks cartoons!

And tomorrow is Saint Jerome's Day (he's the patron saint of librarians!)

Tuesday, September 28

Another earthquake (aftershock info, and a fairly alarming map)

I hope no one got hurt.

Monday, September 27

We celebrated my niece's 1st birthday this weekend. I anticipated a long afternoon with screaming kids and not much else. But it was fun! Her grandma sure knows how to throw a party. And the baby is so cute.

Next month: only one weekend out of town, and not as many birthdays, and a wedding! Whew!

On my way back up to the Bay area yesterday, I saw a little mini Winnebago, and my first thought was "Winnebaguette!"

And a friend of mine bought himself new running shoes recently in an effort to motivate himself to exercise. I couldn't help the giggles, however, when he told me that the men's socks were sold out so he had bought womens' running socks. The image of him running like a girl (in the stereotypical sense, of course) was so funny, it has become the new joke. Heehaw.

Maybe you had to be there.

Friday, September 24

So I had this big long post about how yesterday was one of the worst days I've spent in the last few years. I mean that in a physical sense - not only was I sick, but ...

Anyway, it was boring and sounded rather whiny, so it's gone now. Those who can tolerate that level of information from me have heard it already and they were looking a bit strained.

But! The allergies are gone! Pretty much, anyway. I can talk without coughing now, which is a huge improvement.

And I'm going Home this weekend, to celebrate my Grandma's birthday tomorrow and my niece's 1st birthday - I can't believe it's been a year.

Tuesday, September 21

Today is my sister's birthday. She's 5 mos older than I am. That means that in 5 mos, I'm going to be 33 too. Eeek!

Happy Birthday, Wendy!

Monday, September 20

I was just taking a stupid online test, and it asked:

If you could, you'd hire a personal:

And I really couldn't choose one. *sigh* "All of the above" was not an option.

My weekend, in a few short phrases:

1) allergies suck.

2) babies are a blessing.

3) unborn babies are ... awe-inspiring.*

4) pride ain't always a good thing, and accepting help generally isn't a bad thing.

* At 32, for the first time, I was allowed to touch a pregnant woman's stomach to feel the baby moving inside. I am still awed by that.

Thursday, September 16

My baby brother is 24 today.

Happy Birthday, Colin!

Tuesday, September 14

Morning Adrenaline, or Driving to Work With Me

I was getting on the Bay Bridge this morning, at an intersection where the left three lanes of Bryant all have the option of getting on 80E. Now, of these three lanes, the leftmost can go even lefter onto 5th and you avoid the bridge. And the rightmost can keep going straight on Bryant and you can avoid the bridge. So the middle lane is the really really really dedicated "I'm gonna get on the Bridge and don't you try to stop me" lane.

That last bit is especially important later on.

So yeah. There were two cars sitting in the middle lane, waiting at a red light as I was racing towards the intersection, jockeying to get in a position where I would be the FIRST on the bridge. 'Cause, you know, it makes all the difference whether I get to work at 7:05:36 a.m. or 7:05:52 a.m.

The light turned green at exactly the right moment so that I didn't have to (god forbid) slow down and I prepared to take the turn in the leftmost lane in grand sweeping fashion, floating past the other slowpokes coming out of a dead stop and demonstrating my fine racing form.

Until, that is, the second slowpoke decided suddenly that he didn't want to get on the bridge after all. Oh hell no. He'd rather go the lefter route. OUT OF THE MIDDLE LANE. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.

I'm hoping that the blaring horn and screeching tire noises my truck was making as I very nearly slid into him caused him to pee his pants and embarrass him at his destination. 'Cause he ruined a really good song and made me not-first onto the bridge.

All this, and I've been convinced all day that it's Wednesday.

More on the greater significance of this event later. Stay tuned.

Monday, September 13

Just got back from seeing Lyle Lovett at the Mountain Winery with Jessa.

1) If you ever have the opportunity to see Lyle perform live, do it. You won't regret it.

2) You should see a show at the winery at least once. I know it's stupid expensive, but there really isn't a bad seat in the house, and even on a somewhat cool evening, it's great to be out under the stars with one of your favorite performers.

I clapped so hard, I broke one of my rings.

Sunday, September 12

Random notes:

So I didn't get my apartment after all. Apparently, the angels that were singing for me weren't as loud as the angels singing for the other person.

The landlords have offered to put in a good word for me for a unit in the building next to theirs, and I accepted, but I think that might be weird, living next to the place you'd rather be. Also, I fear that this will make my search even harder, as I now have a real life ideal that not many other places can live up to at that price.
I just got an invitation to my niece's first birthday later this month, though, which has raised my spirits considerably. It's a Wiggles card. I wouldn't even know who they are, but for my niece.
Is anyone else booked through the end of the year? I think I have maybe two weekends that aren't spoken for already. Maybe it's a good thing I'm not moving any time soon, as it appears that I don't have time to do it.
I went dancing at a gay bar last night and had the best time. I got hit on twice. I think it's worth noting that I never get hit on at straight bars.
You should watch the Futurama DVDs. They're funny.
I tried to go a whole week without sugar, starting last Monday. I fell off the wagon on Thursday. I'm thinking of trying a different tactic, like abstaining next Monday. And then the next week, trying Monday and Tuesday, and so on, till I can go a whole week without sugar. It's not easy, but I think I can do it.
That note above, about getting hit on at a gay bar? They were men. Men who had to confirm with me what team I played on. A friend of mine who is bi tells me that I ooze heterosexuality, which would explain why I've never been hit on by a woman. At least, I hope that's the reason.
And that concludes the life update this Sunday morning.

Buenos noches.

Friday, September 10

So I posted last month about getting numerous calls from someone who didn't leave a message. Well, considering the commments, emails, and IMs I've gotten since then, it appears that many people have gotten calls from this number. But not all of them bother to read the frickin' post!! Example chat with [Name Deleted to Protect the Not-So-Innocent]:
[NDPNSI]: Hello?
[NDPNSI]: I got a call on my cell phone and I looked up the number which brought me to your website.
[NDPNSI]: Are you in my college class?
Me: no
[NDPNSI]: Do I know who you are?
Me: hon, I don't know who you are, so how can I know if you know who I am.
Me: it's entirely possible you're my next door neighbor
[NDPNSI]: [she gives me her number]
[NDPNSI]: That's my cell number...did you call me? This is [her name].
Me: can you tell me the path of logic that suggests to you that I might have called you?
Me: 'cause I'm a little confused
[NDPNSI]: I have caller Id on my cell and your number was there saying I missed your call.
Me: what number was that?
[NDPNSI]: 602-393-7352
Me: and what tells you that is my phone number?
[NDPNSI]: I looked up the number on the web and it gave me your website.
To give her credit, she apologized and was nice about it. I'm just not feeling very nice right now. But I apologized too. Sort of.

This is hilarious: The Paper Napkin email rejection service (and the blog!) [via BigPinkCookie]

Thursday, September 9

Yippee, I have a new toy. I still have to figure it all out, since two years with the same phone has left me unable to navigate other ... platforms? models? Same number, though, so feel free to call :)

Wednesday, September 8

Watch out, 10-year-old considers online dating service. [via the guy who always has his eyes peeled for this sort of news, Jon]

Tuesday, September 7

Register to vote (even if you're already registered) and win money!!

Also, beware of snoopy kisses.

The angels sang, and I found my dream apartment on Saturday. I don't have it yet, but hopefully it will be mine by the end of the week and I'll invite y'all to the housewarming.

My weekend was pretty good all around, actually. On Friday on my way across the bridge, I called a friend and we picked up some sandwiches and went out to Crissy Field and sat on the seawall and ate our dinner and watched the sun go down and the dogs play on the sand and the pretty yuppies pick up on each other. Saturday, I found my dream apartment (see above) and saw Hero, which is a GREAT movie. And on Sunday, another friend and I went to the Oakland Art and Soul festival, followed by a potluck dinner at another friend's new apartment.

And it was HOT. And I remembered my sunscreen :)

Yesterday, I worked.

How was your weekend?

Friday, September 3

When I'm feeling squirrelly, I post to craigslist. For attention, or interaction, or whatever, it always delivers. I've only posted once looking for a date, and I was so low in the self-esteem department, that the ad turned out awful and I took it down in less than 12 hours, with only 3 responses (2 of which were of the cut-and-paste variety).

Mostly, though, they're just off-the-cuff diatribes on whatever is occupying my thoughts at the time and I want to hear what others think about it. My most recent post:
Bashful kisser?
I just took an online test that described me as a bashful kisser. Now, I know these online test thingies are a crock, but usually emode/tickle's conclusions are a little closer to the mark. I may be insecure about a lot of things, but kissing is not one of them. A soft pair of lips and a strong pair of hands are the biggest turn-on ever ... well, confidence ranks right up there, as does a beautiful pair of eyes (although I can't see them when I'm kissing as I'm one of those eyes-closed-while-kissing girls). But kissing, that's the first step to everything else, and if that doesn't work out, then what hope is there for a close physical relationship?

I used to think there were good and bad kissers. I've learned since then that while there are some truly and objectively bad kissers out there, mostly it's just a matter of compatibility. There are those who prefer deep, tongue-down-the-throat kissing, and others who prefer the light, teasing, tongue-never-all-the-way-in-the-mouth kissing. Me, I like both in equal proportion. After all, too much of either method leaves you either breathless in a bad way, or like you're always reaching reaching reaching to make contact. There is a rhythm and flow to kissing, just like there is to sex, and it takes some sensitivity to your partner to determine what is called for and when (as well as when to move on to the neck, the ears, the throat, the collarbone, etc.).

Anyway, what is your kissing type according to the test? And how does it compare with how you think you kiss?
In other news, Are you a Literature Abuser? and My Dad's trip to Mongolia

Thursday, September 2

Tell me your thoughts on this. [via Jon]

It's amazing how slow an hour can pass sometimes. I feel like I've been experiencing the 8:00 a.m. hour for at least 2.5 hours.

In other news, you know that list? The one that contains of names of those who you wouldn't throw out for eating crackers in bed? Generally containing names of those we only see on tv or hear on the radio, 'cause anything closer to home is perhaps a bit too close to home. Reecie asked for our lists, and here's mine:

Chris Isaak
Johnny Depp
Colin Firth
Alan Rickman
Pete Yorn

There are a few more, but we're limited to 5, so some had to go.

Do you have a list?

Wednesday, September 1

Cat Haiku. Well worth the read.