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Thursday, December 30

I love that I am #1 on a search for staying home, not going out

Speaking of which, this idea is still the frontrunner for my plans tomorrow night. What are your plans?

I'm still #3 on a search for my own name, though. Can you help me regain #1? Thanks!!

Monday, December 27

Doesn't anyone have plans for New Year's Eve? Everyone I have asked so far either gives me the blank look of no plans made yet, or tells me how much they hate going out that night and plan to stay home.

I understand this latter feeling, I think I made it alright for people to admit that staying home is a valid way to spend that particular night. And gosh, if it continues raining like it is now, there's no way I'm leaving my apartment either. But hey, if you're going out, let me know - not so I can tag along (I never invite myself places), but so that I have ideas of alternatives to staying in and watching a movie/eating popcorn. Alone. Again.

Btw, baby-time continues. It's lovely, but I begin to see where the work aspect comes into it.

Weekend update: Speaking of babies, I've gotten more baby-time in the past 4 days than than I thought Kristinly possible. I love it. That is all.

Oh, btw, Graaaagh!

Saturday, December 25

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 23

Apparently, people at my company weren't using enough of their PTO enough, so "they" decided to close the office down for the week between Christmas and New Year's. This means we all have to take 4 days of mandatory PTO, which sucks, but I realized that I would have taken the time off anyway, so what's the point in crying about it?

Blah blah blah.

So I'm Home now. Since I got here this afternoon, I've taken a nap, delivered gifts, and experienced the joy of having a month-old baby girl fall asleep on my shoulder. Not just a little asleep, but dead to the world asleep, with occasional huge sighs to remind us all that this condition is temporary.

I could have stayed like that for hours.

My brother says maybe this will weaken my resolve not to have kids of my own. I countered by telling him I get all the baby time I need with his two kids.

Wednesday, December 22

"The Narrator that Ruined Christmas" [via Christine]

In case you were wondering, cream of tartar is a leavening agent. Based on our experience as Catholics and unleavened bread, we have decided that a "leavening agent" is also known as a fluffing agent. That's why my snickerdoodles are so good, 'cause I remembered to add the cream of tartar.

Tuesday, December 21

I love it when two people who don't even work in my department park themselves practically on my desk to have a meeting. Mind you, I'm not part of this meeting, I don't even know what they're talking about. I think putting on my headphones and turning up the volume was a good sign to them that they were bothering me. I think. I couldn't hear. They're gone now.

I baked cookies and brownies last night and they turned out really well. The trick? Put cinnamon and nutmeg in the chocolate chip cookies, and a bit in the brownies too. I am rarely amazed at my cooking, but I scored on this one.

I am discovering the delights of being the topic of office gossip. I'm not quite sure how it happened. I thought I had been discreet in my behavior, but apparently not enough. As someone who is not particularly colorful, it astounds me that people find me interesting enough to talk about when I'm not present.

Tonight, snickerdoodles and gift wrapping. Any ideas of something to get for my grandma for Christmas?

Monday, December 20

I can't believe what a good mood I'm in right now. 'Tis the season!

Had the company holiday party this last weekend. Went the whole 9 yards - had my hair done, wore the really high, very uncomfortable shoes, and the sparkly red top.

So the hair doing - I mentioned earlier that I was going for this look - well, the woman got the top part right, but after all the work that went into straightening the rest of my hair for the smooth look, it would not hold the curl anywhere else. Still, it looked pretty good, and the shirt got enough attention to satisfy anyone's vanity.

And this is a 3-day workweek!! I think that alone, all Christmas and family-visiting aside, would be enough to lift anyone's spirits.

Sunday, December 19

Lego Thriller [via Jon]

Friday, December 17

It's amazing how fast the day goes by when you arrive at work an hour and a half late. I told a friend of mine last night that I would sleep some for her, since her work is hell right now and keeping long past her bedtime. I hadn't meant it literally, but it turned out I slept an extra hour, just for her.

I hate waking up and thinking "It's way too bright outside."

This (and this) is the look I'm going for for the company holiday party tomorrow night. Just the hair, actually, in case you were wondering if I was going to use a mask of some sort to change myself so dramatically. But with just the hair, I think I can pull it off. The look, not the hair. Argh. I need more sleep. (Good reference site if you're looking for a classic style -, where classic Hollywood actresses aren't just babes.)

Wednesday, December 15

This is the funniest thing I've seen in quite a while: weapon of mass affection [via LYD]

One time greatness can be a fluke. Two times, however, makes pumpkin cheesecake my new favorite dessert.


Monday, December 13

Cough medicine with codeine is my best friend. I was feeling sick on Friday night, took a swallow of this happy syrup at around 10, and didn't wake up till almost noon on Saturday. Not only that, most of the symptoms I'd been suffering were almost gone! I was able to go out and socialize at two holiday parties Saturday night and a brunch on Sunday without breaking into any coughing/sniffling/sneezing fits. Yay!

It's amazing how fast money can slip through my hands. Simply amazing. Budget? What budget?

And did you know it's possible to OD on Colin and Hugh? I didn't think so either, but it's been done. But between Pride and Prejudice, Bridget Jones, and Love Actually, I need a break.

I love introducing friends from different groups who then like each other enough to hang out when I'm not around (not instead of hanging out with me, just when I'm not there - big difference). Better yet when one group is my father and his wife and the other group is my DFW friends. I hear the LucciHouse Christmas party was a blast, from everyone.

I'm sleepy, but I have so much to do!! Laundry! Dishes! Procrastinating! Wrapping gifts!

Friday, December 10

Never underestimate your mom.

Also, when you pick up cd cases to bring to work, make sure that the cds are in them. Otherwise, instead of enjoying a day-long U2-fest (like I was anticipating), you'll have 5 empty (U2) cases staring at you, taunting you with the fact that all their cds are in the stereo, left there after another such impulse I had many Saturdays ago.

So I finished the card phase of Christmas last night. Addressed, stamped and licked 49 cards. I have about 5 left to do, just as soon as the card-getters send me their addresses. I didn't know I knew that many people. If you don't get a card from me and you think you should have, it wasn't for lack of trying on my part. Send me your name and address and I just might have some stamps left over to get you a card.

Now for the gift phase. What do you most want for Christmas?

Thursday, December 9

Just when you think you've got it all together ... you send your mother off into the wilds of Oakland with directions taken from yahoo maps and forget your cell phone at home. And she doesn't have a cell phone. And she'll probably get lost.

So there goes my lunch, as it takes half an hour to get to/from my apartment.

In other news, my best friend had her heart broken recently and she was pondering the relative importance of friendship and passion. She says she's gotten to an age where she thinks friendship is more important, and it's probably a good idea to let the passion arise from that, rather than needing the passion at the beginning. A small silence ensued. Then I told her I wasn't at that point yet.

At least it made her laugh.

And congratulations to all my other friends who have gotten new jobs, gotten married or gotten engaged lately. I'm so happy for you!!

Wednesday, December 8

Is the 15th of this month busy for anyone else?? I have a staff meeting, a department holiday party, and 2 trainings scheduled at work. Then I have my regularly scheduled movie night that night, and 3 of the people I regularly invite to this gathering have invited me to two other parties.

I won't go into my weekend plans. But so far, my weeknights are empty, except for next Wednesday.

How 'bout you?

This is a wonderful resource for the holiday season: Superhero Journal: 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Guide

She includes not only books and crafts you can buy that will make you the #1 A+ Gift Giver of the World, but there are neat little ideas that will make you the #1 A+ Person in the World to the recipients of said gifts.

Monday, December 6

Today I got to experience not only the vagaries of interstate flight, but the justice system, *and* I unpacked too!

I will never quite understand why it's cheaper to fly several hundred miles out of your way to get where you want to go than a direct flight. For instance, to get from the Bay area to Dallas and back this weekend, I had to make a pitstop in Houston in both directions - that's that town that's almost 250 miles south of Dallas. 1000 extra miles, so that I could pay $200 rather than $350 for a direct flight.

Upon landing in Oakland, I had to take a cab to my work to pick up my car, printed out some directions, and then raced off on an almost-empty gas tank to Redwood City for my jury duty appointment. I had forgotten that that's where the Scott Peterson case is being held, with all the accompanying media. The media that literally camps out, blocking streets and requiring miles and miles of cabling to stay on top of all the action. They had built little bridges over the rivers of cabling so that innocent jurors wouldn't fall in and drown. I appreciated the gesture. I also appreciated having to sit around for 2 hours before they decided to dismiss us. I wouldn't have minded serving, I just don't like sitting around in bland rooms with bad art and no food after spending several hours on planes. But hey, at least I showed up.

Now I am back, I have food, and I'm going to bed very shortly, to make up the sleep I lost while partying all weekend.

How's your week going?

Sunday, December 5

Ok, I lied. I could only go 2 days w/o email and the blog. But they're all watching some football game, and if I sit in front of the tv right now, I'll fall asleep and everyone will think I'm boring, rather than just a computer-addicted anti-football chick from that liberal never-never land, San Francisco.

So we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday last night. I met many people this weekend who knew me when. When I wasn't walking, talking, or memorizing faces or names. Truly, my parents divorced when I was 2, and these are my dad's friends and family who haven't seen me since. I've grown a few feet, learned a few more words, and I now drink beer (3 of them last night). I'm not as cute as I was at 2, but I sure am a lot more interesting to talk to.

And if you ever get a chance to come to Dallas, try to hook up with the DFW Bloggers. They're a fun bunch, and have much more in common with you and with each other than the fact that they all have websites.

I'm going to go take a nap during the rest of the game. See y'all later!

Thursday, December 2

It's my Friday!! Tomorrow, I head off to the Big D for my dad's 60th birthday party and will be out of touch till Monday. I mean, I'll have my cell (so that I can keep in touch with my DFW friends :), but no email or blog for 4 WHOLE DAYS. It'll be heaven. A busy Heaven, but Heaven nonetheless.

Speaking of which, according to Pushkin, habit is a gift of Heaven, to help us get over love, or something like that. Eugene Onegin is a really good opera, btw, in case you have the opportunity to see it.

Went to see Chris last night at the Virgin store on Market. I had no idea that these store shows were so short. He sang three songs, then went to sign CDs. I started complaining, then realized that I hadn't paid any money to see him perform and then shut up. Luckily for us, Suzan bought some CDs and so we stood in line to have them signed. Amy and I got to shake his hand (warm and strong, just like I like my men) and we even got a picture with him. Not that you can see him very well, but trust me, he was H.O.T.

And I've never had the opportunity to hear anything from the Polyphonic Spree, but I really like this video, hold me now..., that Suzan forwarded to me today. Good stuff. Got to see them live sometime.

And finally ... the Earthsea Trilogy was one of the first series that I ever collected, right after the Chronicles of Prydain and the Chronicles of Narnia, and it saddens me that they've made a miniseries out of it and gotten something as simple as the skin color of the main character wrong. I can only imagine that the raping of the story continues from there. *sigh*