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Monday, February 28

I rearranged my living room furniture last night (again) and haven't quite figured out how to get my computer hooked up to the one phone jack in my apartment (it's not as easy as it sounds), so I'm offline at home for a bit. My webmail sucks, so if I miss your note (you did send something, didn't you?), don't take it personally. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Sunday, February 27

So a bunch of us went out to Voda last night. The seating was comfortable and flexible enough that musical chairs was easy and non-life-threatening, and the the vanilla lemondrop was to die for. Despite this, I kept to my 3 drink limit, which kept me out of all sorts of trouble and I could drive home many (many) hours later completely sober.

Btw, Burma's House is closed indefinitely, but the new Greek place next door, Trofi, is excellent. (I think they just opened and can't find any mention of them online, but they're at 708 Post St., SF.)

And there are rumors of a beer train next month. I'll post details when I have them.

Friday, February 25

From someone's sig file:
You need only two tools: WD-40 and duct tape. If it doesn't move and it should, use WD-40. If it moves and shouldn't, use duct tape.

Me: hey!
Me: so go to and search for 'bar and vodka' .. for some reason, it keeps replacing the term 'vodka' with 'books' in the search results.
Me: it says "We assumed you meant Bar And Books, instead of bar and vodka"
Me: why would they assume that?
Me: why books and not table saws or something like that
Me: *like that = equally random
Jessa: that is FUNNY
Jessa: only whiskey and beer.
Me: apparently.
Me: maybe if I did, they would show me vodka*

*and they do!!

Thursday, February 24

Is there some ban on chocolate soy milk that I'm unaware of? I have tried Albertson's, Safeway and Trader Joes, and they're all out!! I can find chocolate rice milk, and chocolate almond milk, and every other flavor of soy milk commercially available, but not a drop of chocolate soy milk anywhere.

But they had brown sugar and rolled oats. Anyone want chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies? Email me your snail mail address and tell me why I want to send cookies to you and I'll see what I can do.

Tuesday, February 22

Apparently I didn't feel the need to blog the beginning of my mission to read Don Quixote, but I wanted to make a note that I finally finished it the other night, about a year after I began. To make myself feel better, I'll point out that it's really two books. Yeah, I feel a lot better now.

Anyway, it's an amazing book, if not for the story, then for the idea of the story, if that makes any sense. Reading the intro was about the best thing I could have done to maintain incentive to finish.

Other books I've read in an effort to appear smart to the BART-riding intellectuals when I first got this job two and a half years ago (who I haven't seen since I started driving to work 2 years ago):

The Tale of Genji
The Odyssey
Les Miserables
The Count of Monte Cristo

Now I need another classic - any recommendations?

Saturday, February 19

The chocolate cake was amazing.

Thursday, February 17

On the way to work this morning, I saw a poster* for Their Eyes Were Watching God, and the first thing I could think of was "Her hair was straight. And black."

*Sorry, can't find the poster online. But it's Halle Berry, with light brown curly hair. It's just the beginning of what they'll get wrong, I'm sure.

Wednesday, February 16

Against every ounce of good sense that I possess, I switched ISPs to SBC/Yahoo when I moved to Oakland. So far, and because I kind of know what I'm doing, I managed to not let the installation procedure take over my whole computer, but I discovered a few days ago that for some reason, I could not send my booboolina mail using Eudora. I thought it was a problem with knowspam for a while, since sometimes I can't get/send mail because they are having connectivity problems, but this time I could get mail, just couldn't send it. I tried opening a service request, but the (nice but) clueless guy on the other end couldn't figure out what I wanted, and finally wanted to pass me to their hosting services (hosting services? what for?). Google, as usual, came to the rescue:

If you have signed on with SBC/Yahoo and can download email, but can't send email (email not of the yahoo variety), then it's because they have blocked off port 25 and you have to request that they unblock it. The support people won't have a clue what to do for you, so just go to http:\\ They'll fix you right up.

Memorable quote for the day:
Why is it deja vu all over again? Isn't that kind of repetitive?
Speaking of which, I experienced some deja vu last night when I fired up my oven and suddenly the smoke alarm went off. There were some significant differences this time, like the ceiling is too high for me to reach the damn thing to take the battery out, and I was baking a pizza this time instead of a potato. And I had my fan handy to at least circulate the smoke (from the oven, and not because of my pizza).

Tuesday, February 15

Birthday update: I did nothing that I mentioned earlier. Instead, I slept in, did my dishes, paid bills, unpacked two boxes, talked to most of my family, and went to see a movie with a friend. It was a nice day.

Remember when I said I was tossing all my calendars? I was a dork and tossed last year's calendar too. This is bad because I hadn't yet copied all the relevant info (read: birthdays) into this year's calendar.

Could you mail me your birthday or click on the link over there on the right and give it to me that way?

Looking forward to chocolate cake this weekend.

Monday, February 14

roses are #FF0000, violets are #0000FF
-As seen on someone's IM status message
Have I mentioned it's my birthday?

Sunday, February 13

Went to the Saddlerack last night with Jessa and a bunch of offline friends and had a great time. I forgot how much fun it is to dance, dance well, and dance all night. I wish more people had been able to make it - even those who are *really* not into country music had a good time.

Today I spackled the holes I put in the walls of my old apartment and dropped off the keys and garage genie and am now irrevocably relocated to Oakland. It's a good feeling.

Tomorrow is my birthday, my 33rd, and I have no plans. I'm not even going to work. Maybe I'll make some cookies. Or get a massage. Or a haircut. Or finish unpacking. Or pick up a pile of chick flicks and a gallon of ice cream and make a day of it.

I'm leaning towards the cookies and the haircut. And maybe the chick flicks.

Friday, February 11


The only thing better than living next to your local supermarket is living two doors down from the hardware store. I love hardware stores. I found the socket converters I was looking for in about 2 seconds, but it took half an hour for me to leave the store the other night.

The Famous is opening for Deke Dickerson on Wednesday at the 12 Galaxies. Anyone want to go with me? Tix are only $8!

Speaking of, saw The Famous for the first time last night with Lucia. Great band, lots of personality, (very cute) and I liked their music too!!

Which was good, cause the rest of yesterday pretty much sucked, between the Virus of No Network Connection, the Powow of Stuffed Animals, and the Cramps Most Horrible. If you want details, ask me. It makes a good story :)

Apartment settling-in update: I have the kitchen and dining room and bathroom set up. Life is so much better now. Still need to do the closets, the living room and my bedroom.

My birthday is on Monday, but I got a chocolate bar from HR today, and flowers from a sweet sweet co-worker (to whom I still owe money - eek!). I like extended birthdays.

Remember: The Saddlerack tomorrow night!

Wednesday, February 9

So it's Lent again (Happy Ash Wednesday! Chinese New Year! Islamic New Year!*), and I'm wondering if there's anything I dare to give up this year.

I've already cut down on the sugar quite a bit and I'm pretty sure if I try to give it up altogether, I would be dooming myself to failure. Since sxswi is smack dab in the middle of the season, and I average less than a drink every two weeks anyway, giving up alcohol seems dumb. I could give up driving so much, but that's a cop-out, because it takes less than 10 minutes for me to get to work now, and since I've moved to the East Bay, I don't have quite the social life I had in the Peninsula, so I am driving less regardless.

I could give up laziness, and actually get my apartment unpacked and do some exercise that isn't carrying boxes up and down stairs. I could give up this feeling that since I don't find myself attractive, that no one else can - and the feeling that if no one else finds me attractive then I'm not worth as much as the next girl.

The intangibles are hard, though. I may just go back to giving up chocolate.

*I love my new calendar.

Tuesday, February 8

Oh, and I am without the internet at home till sometime next week. Which means that I haven't responded to quite a bit of email that was sent during the final days of packing, and I find it most tedious to scroll though the spam to get what's been waiting for me since my phone service was cut on Saturday. See?

I don't get so much email at my gmail accounts, so try sending something to kristinthegreat at gmail dot com if you really want to get in touch with me quickly. Even better, IM me!

aim: Booboolina1
icq: 96078214

Updated commute estimate: 5 minutes from the time I got in my car till I parked in the company parking lot. Much less traffic this morning, and almost no traffic lights. I really like living on the right side of the Bay.

Also, I went to the Grand Lake Theater for the first time last night to see Million Dollar Baby. Two things: 1) this theater is absolutely beautiful; 2) this movie was one of the best I've ever seen. I think it deserves every award it's nominated for.

I am wearied from my reaction to the movie today. I need to nap again.

Monday, February 7

Cutest damn thing I've seen in a long long time: Screen Clean [via Al the Lawyer Guy]

So I moved this weekend, and it was Good.

We finished way before I thought we would, and I don't think anyone was too overworked. In total, I had about 15 people helping out, so it was fast work. And the food was great (in fact, I'm still eating it!).

I spent the rest of the weekend dealing with the stress by excessive napping, unpacking my kitchen, and moving every single piece of furniture in my living room (after putting felt pads on all the feet). Oh, and I went to Zeitgeist on Saturday night and got loopy on 2 beers. Actually, I was loopy halfway through the first beer. I'd like to thank Jane and Matt for making sure I got back to my DD. I'd also like to point out that I like being a lightweight - it's cheaper and more fun.

And I finally got my tv and dvd reacquainted, and can escape to movieland any.time.I.want. Now I just need to find that other Netflix movie that got packed up somewhere.

And my commute this morning? 10 minutes, with traffic and an unusually long traffic light!

Thursday, February 3

Like any other profession, librarians come from very disparate backgrounds. Witness just a paraphrased smidgen of our lunch conversation today:

Daughter of Marin hippie parents: My dad seems to want to make up for years of not parenting us, like heading into a bar for the day and just leaving us kids out in the car.

Son of Kentucky backwoods parents: Well damn, at least my dad took us in with him!

Tuesday, February 1

Tossing shit out: I fully recommend it.

I like looking at the stack o' boxes in the corner of my apartment and realizing how small it is compared to the last time I moved. Of course, I'm kind of procrastinating so not everything is packed up yet, but a girl can dream, right?

In an hour and two creepy visits, I managed to ditch the entertainment center, the desk and the cd holder. My apartment looks so empty! Of course, now I can't escape my responsibilities and the disaster area that is my apartment into movieland, as the TV/DVD/VCR are all disconnected and scattered about in places I am (hopefully) unlikely to step on them. I'm not sure I want to figure it all out before Saturday. I will have semi-techy guys with me then and they can figure it out (Jish, this is you).

Btw, I am through standing up for the "chicks can do everything dudes can do, and better!" idea, especially as regards myself. I want my brothers here to pick up all the heavy furniture, and my dad can organize it all in the truck, and I want my geeky male friends here to figure out the best way to connect all my media and computer stuff together when it's all moved to the new place. The girls can organize lunch and carry the light boxes, toning our arm and back muscles for future baby-carrying and not straining our delicate wombs in the process.

Speaking of baby-carrying, in an unexpected development, Lily is coming to help me move!! We'll start her out light, see how she handles the Kitchenaid, before moving her on to bigger and better things, like my TV and cd collection. I bet all you flakes who flaked on helping me move are sorry now, aren't you?!? She's going to be the life of the party.

I'm kind of stressing about this whole thing, but I think I'm holding up well, don't you?