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Tuesday, May 31

I am not allowed to look at Flickr while at work ANY MORE.

Monday, May 30

Oh! And for those who are tired of baby pictures, I have taken quite a few pictures of other things this year, but only put them up on the site in the past few days. So if you're interested, go check out the 2005 pics here.

Of note to those of you who asked, pictures of the new car are here. There aren't any pictures of me in the car, 'cause I'm not good looking enough yet. But I'm working on it.

The new bed is a godsend. It's so great to be able to sleep diagonal and not be able to touch either end of the bed (or the foot, for that matter). I have a sneaking suspicion that part of my sleeping problems of the last few months have been because my bed extends out from the middle of one of my walls, and neither of the sides is against a wall, so in my twin bed, I didn't have far to go before I would fall out of bed. Not that I ever did, but it was a distinct possibility. Now I don't have to worry about falling out of the bed, so hopefully I'll sleep better. Just as soon as I get used to the smell and feel of the new sheets/comforter/duvet/pillows ...

Between the new car and the new bed and the relatively new apartment, I feel like I'm living someone else's life and using their stuff. It's a good thing I hardly ever get new clothes, or I might feel like a complete imposter.

In other news, I just got spam for a Jewish Personals site. My one experience dating a Jewish (athiest) man was very good - can non-Jews sign up on these sites? My paternal grandfather was Jewish, does that count?

I'm working today, and missing out on all sorts of things, like moving parties, bbqs, and shopping trips. But that's alright. It's really quiet here and I'm getting a bunch of stuff done. And the time will come when I will get a 3-day weekend when y'all have to work. Mwahahaha.

Sunday, May 29

Mundane Week Recap:
went for my final walk up into the hills on Monday with friends who are moving out of the area as I write this. Now I will have to find the motivation to do these walks on my own. I foresee slugness in my future.
Tuesday night, I met up with Jessa, who is out of classes for the summer and looking to 1) relax, 2) find a new apartment, and 3) find a new job. I support all these endeavors, because I think she works too much anyway and I don't get to see her often enough because of it. We went to see SWIII, which was perfect for both of us, as there aren't many people who will put up with my giggling through silly movies, whereas she will giggle right along with me. What corniness! When will Lucas give over the dialogue to someone who can write it?!?!
Wednesday, Jane came over and we picked up some KFC and Pizza Hut (the first time one of these fast food combos has ever worked for me) and watched Phantom of the Opera. Interesting movie. Not sure I'm a big fan of modern musicals. But all the people were pretty, and the female lead sure can sing!
Thursday night was co-workers and drinks evening. Only one other person showed up, but we had a lovely time. I've warned them that the first time I'm sitting there by myself will be the last time I organize this gathering. I hope it doesn't happen any time soon.
Friday night, another friend came over and we set off looking for good sushi. Unfortunately, we didn't find it. Rather, we found a place with nice ambiance, but no free tea and fish that wasn't quite fresh.
And yesterday I bought a bed. A nice, big, grown-up bed. And brand new linens, not the handed-down stuff I usually get. It was delivered earlier today, and I cannot wait until I get to really sleep on it tonight. I've already taken it for a few test-naps, but it's too bright outside to fall all the way asleep and I'm supposed to be heading into the City to hang out with some friends who expect to have another day off to recover this weekend. Unfortunately, I am working tomorrow at 7 a.m., so it seems that I'll be enjoying my new bed much earlier than they would like. I hope it's not so comfortable that I can't get out of it!

Tuesday, May 24

Funny how your body tells you what it needs. I don't drink alcohol much, mostly because I don't like what it does to me a day or two later. This last weekend I had a beer on Friday night, 3 vodka drinks on Saturday night, and half a beer on Sunday. It was hot all weekend, and I wasn't doing much to stay hydrated.

Last night, my dreams centered around me drinking lots and lots (and a bunch more) water. Just couldn't seem to get enough. Maybe I should try that today.

Monday, May 23

Voda was fun. You would have had a good time if you had come, trust me. Or maybe not. I had a good time, and so did those who joined me. Or at least that's what they tell me. We'll see if they come up with good excuses next time I do this.

I decided yesterday was Road Trip Day. At one time, it was my resolution to see more of this state, but I have been terrible about following through. As my friend says, I'm too destination-driven. In my quest to just get where I'm going, I don't really look around. This only happens when I'm making the drive b/w the Bay area and my hometown, mind you. Otherwise, I'm usually the one doing all the looking along the way.

Anyway, we went to San Juan Bautista. It's a lovely little town and a beautiful mission. The view and the gardens are the best. I wish I had gotten there earlier, to enjoy more of the day and the weather. Perhaps next time.

Warning: at least one Mexican restaurant in SJB can't seem to keep Corona stocked, so check before you sit down that they have some. Otherwise, you might want to keep looking.

I think my new goal is to visit all the missions. Those Spanish priests really knew how to pick good locations.

Saturday, May 21

There's a super bunch of people meeting up at Voda tonight!

I'll be there around 9, since I'm the one who sent out the evite, and it seems only right that I be there on time. If you want to come by, you can show up anytime you like, of course. We may go dancing later on in the evening, if we can keep our shit together.

I suggest the Vanilla Lemondrop.

In other news, I have bought my first summer concert tickets! Lawn "seats" for BFD and the Oasis/Jet/Kasabian show at Shoreline. If you're planning to go to either or both, let me know and maybe we can work some sort of mutually acceptable travel arrangement out.

Friday, May 20

Many times it's the little things that can make or break your day. Hard to tell at this point where my day is going, but there sure are a lot of little things.

Wednesday, May 18

Bits and pieces:

The continued rainy weather today brought to you by Kristin's Move to Oakland for the Sun. When she gives up and moves back to the fog, the rain will go away. Can you believe it's still raining halfway through MAY?!?! WTH?!?

Went for drinks with MJ and John from Dallas last night, and we got to talking about some of the really good snark sites. John reminded me of Go Fug Yourself, while MJ introduced Manolo's Shoe Blog (check out the Gallery of Horrors, it's great).

And to welcome the opening of SWIII this week:

The Darth Side [via Josh]

Let go of your hate ... [via Jon]


And we're feeling sadistic around here, so Bunny suicides [via Josh]

Tuesday, May 17

Did I invite you to Voda on Saturday? If I didn't, I meant to. Let me know, and I'll add you to the evite. If you're not interested in evites, then just know that we'll be there from 9 until ... well, until we leave.

And for those of you who did get an evite, please respond, if only to assuage my self esteem. I currently have fewer people who rsvp'd yes than those who rsvp'd no and I'd like to change the ratio. I can tell who has looked at it and hasn't responded. That's the power of the Organizer.

Btw, check out The Big Cartoon DataBase. It's kind of cool.

Monday, May 16

Sorry everyone - I didn't go to Bay to Breakers this year, so I didn't get any pictures of people, naked or clothed, or just clothed strangely. I was off buying a car and visiting with my nieces. By the way, and I know you care, Carly is talking, has teeth, likes Daisy, and is sporting the cutest damn curls you've ever seen, while Lily is sitting up on her own and can almost crawl. I am sorry I missed B2B, but I'm glad I went Home for the weekend.

Sunday, May 15

I am the proud owner of a 2005 Civic EX SE, standard transmission, in silver. Not as kicky as the red - btw, what do people seem to have against red cars? - but neato-freato nonetheless.

Friday, May 13

So I went to a Honda dealership in Oakland last night because I had an hour and I wanted to test drive my future car before I bought it. I told the guy when he ran up to me that I wasn't buying anything today, I just wanted to test drive a car. He was surprised that I knew everything about the kind of car I wanted, but seemed alright with letting me chauffer him around.

Naturally he couldn't leave it at that, though. When it was past time for me to leave, he wanted me to stay and buy the fricking car. And I'm too ... well, I wouldn't say I was nice, but I was too polite to tell him to get out of my face and let me go. So I sat and waited while he went and "got a brochure and his business card." What he was really doing was recruiting his manager to come over and try his hand at getting me to buy something right then. And they tried hard. Like, really hard. Until I wasn't polite anymore. And I don't like it when I'm pushed to non-politeness.

Salespeople, let me tell you a secret. Some of us don't like the hard sell. We don't respond well to it. And while you may think all you've done is lost a sale that day when I leave, in reality you've lost my business forever, as well a that of any of my friends. When it comes to spending more money than I made until I was 25, if it's a good experience, I'll tell everyone I know. Same thing if it's a bad experience. And more than 24 hours later, I still can't think about yesterday's encounter and feel anything but guilt (because I didn't stay and buy), anger (because they made me late for my next appointment) and resentment (because I was apologizing to them for not buying!!!).

My awesome friend Jem and her friend have put some songs up on their jeanmarie site. Check 'em out. They're pretty neat.

Plus, check out their show schedule. I'll be there.

Thursday, May 12

So I've decided to get the Civic Coupe EX Special Edition Civic Coupe EX. It's cheap, it's cute, and I think I'll look really good in it. But it's a long time till Saturday evening, when I'll have made my purchase, so I'll let you know what I really get when the time comes.

In other news, I have an extremely sharp sense of smell, which I have found to be both a good thing and a bad thing. I know when I'm hormonal when I can smell someone's deodorant from two cubes away and they're not even wearing very much. This would be one of the less-good times.

I'll tell you sometime about characterizing people according to how you think they'd act in a speed dating environment. It's funny. Or maybe that's just me.

Tuesday, May 10

I knew when I told myself this morning that "I can stop anytime I want to" that I had a problem.

Apparently I'm addicted to laziness. They say the first step to recovery is acknowledgement of the problem. Let's hope that I can overcome my affliction and lead a productive life in the future.

But not too productive. I don't want to overdo it!

Monday, May 9

I love Craigslist. It's a great way to get rid of absolutely anything you need to dispose of in your life. My apartment is now considerably freer of crap than it was a mere 2 hours ago, thanks to the free section.

I still have packing material though. Anyone interested?

In other news, I have started researching the cars I want to choose between: the Honda Civic, the Civic Hybrid, and Jetta and the Passat. It's harder than you think. Any recommendations? Warnings? Extremely good/bad experiences?

Saturday, May 7

Ode to my truck

So it appears that I have blown a gasket in my exhaust manifold. I'm not sure what that means, or even that I spelled it right, but I do know that by this time next week I will have a new car (car = a vehicle with a back seat and a trunk). Not that my truck is undriveable, this is simply the straw that broke the duck's back, as they say.

It's been a good truck. I've owned it since July 3, 1992. It has moved me 11 times since I moved to the Bay area. It's been to Dallas. And it's made the drive to my parents' almost every month since I moved away. I put all 185,000+ miles on it, and it has cost me less than $2500 in repairs in that entire time. This is remarkable, considering the amount of care I take of it. And it's a pretty green.

I'm pretty sure it has at least another 100,000 miles in it, but our time together is at an end. I will get the current problem taken care of and get the dent knocked out of the passenger door, have my brothers detail it for me, and then it'll be out of my life forever. That's more than I've ever done for any of my ex-boyfriends. But then, my relationship with my truck has been better than any of my romantic relationships thus far.

*sniff* I didn't think I'd get this sentimental over my truck.

Friday, May 6

Phrases that I never imagined issuing from my mouth before I moved to the Bay Area, Part 1:
It pains me to eat that and know that I can't have any raw fish afterward
Yes, I speak in hypertext.

Wednesday, May 4

Reference librarians at their best: Frank & Ernest (when this link goes away, you can find the comic also here)

So the conference was a rousing success. Despite not liking what I had to wear on Monday (and stressing ever so slightly that I was showing too much skin), I had a great time. This being a users' group meeting, it was like a big love-in for our company. I am sure many of the customers brought their own "Ways the company could improve" list, but being able to meet with the support team in person made them act nicer and show their appreciation for our efforts on their behalf. It was exhausting to be face-to-face with so many people all at once, and I'm still tired, but it was great fun.

And there were *two* chocolate fountains at the opening reception Monday night.

Chocolate. Fountains.

Since then, the only thing I've really accomplished was to finally figure out how to improve the feng shui of my living room. I am sad that my armchair, aka The Captain's Chair, has to go, but it's the only way to make this room someplace that someone (like me) would want to enter and then stay. Unfortunately, it also means that I will be short a useful seat/garbage collector/place to sit while putting on my shoes. Oh well, more incentive to buy a rug and a bunch of pillows. And file my stuff. And figure out somewhere else to put on my shoes.

And while I concentrate on my interior decorating, this guy swims with no arms. Amazing. [via Jon]

Tuesday, May 3

You know things have been going way too well lately when suddenly everything around you is annoying, with no respite in sight. It's karmic retribution. And no, I'm not premenstrual.