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Thursday, September 29

In my immortal words: Holy Schnikey, this is funny [via Jessa]

I have cool friends, it seems:

Best Tech Geek

Best Navel-Gazing

For those wondering, no, I'm not a rocket scientist. At least not this week. Also, having experienced the "your pin is too trivial" syndrome, I can now empathize with people who find it insulting.

And? I am missing out on a blogger gathering tomorrow night to geek out at a Serenity showing because I dithered about paying the extra $1.50 processing fee long enough for it to sell out. I will miss hanging out with people I see precious little as it is, but then I remembered that the base price for the movie is $10.50 and I just can't bring myself to be sorry for not paying that.

It doesn't suck that much, I just had to get that out. My niece had her birthday party this weekend, go take a look!

Monday, September 26

So I signed up for OKCupid a while ago and it's been nothing but fun. The people on this site are fairly amusing. Witness this question/answer:
I'm really good at:

cooking xbox sex & writing
Who says the people you meet online aren't honest and normal?

Friday, September 23

Sometimes I reminisce about how things were before the internet and cell phones and I shudder. How in the world did we pass the time of day while at work? How did anyone find anyone after work? How were outings planned? What did you do if someone was late, or couldn't make it at the last minute?

Anyway, I seem to have lost my cell phone, so I got to relive the horror today. 3 1/2 hours in a car, and I couldn't call anyone. Passed through another far-away town during lunch, and couldn't call any of my friends I know would have been free to eat together. Went shopping and had to guess at the sizes I was supposed to buy for Carly. I want my phone back.

In other news, for those who care, the Gap outlet stores are having a really good sale right now.

So the bandwidth stealing has been rather rampant here at It's amazing what your log files will reveal about the traffic on your site. If you take pictures and post them to your site, you should check out your traffic logs and see if anyone using them for their background images on their sites, so you support their site as well as your own.

I don't want to edit the system files for my site, so I just took all the images down (except for those being used - I replaced the images with a nice graphic ... bwahaha). I'm sorry if any of your links are broken. I'll try to put them up on flickr, and maybe one day I'll bring them back here.

Thursday, September 22

So I just saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I know I shouldn't have, but I couldn't help but compare it all the way through to the original. I knew there would be differences in interpretation, acting, direction, storyline, and a major improvement in special effects. I could appreciate a lot of the decisions made in the newer movie, and if I hadn't seen the original, I think I would have liked it quite a bit more than I did.

However, I have to admit that I liked the feeling of the original better. There was more innocence to it, both in Charlie's and Willy Wonka's characters. I can't tell if it was because Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka seemed more whimsical and understanding of childrens' point of view, rather than a chocolate fiend and a product of a repressive upbringing working out the traumas of his childhood, or because there seemed to be more of a reason for Willy to choose Charlie over all the other children other than just because he was the only one not to have his own personal Oompa Loompa song.

I have the original on DVD if you want to borrow it for comparison purposes. I know it's kind of weird in places. In fact, Gene Wilder freaked me out so much the first time I saw it at 8 years old that it was several years before I saw it again.

In any case, I kind of have a movie buddy now. This is a good development.

So I was in bar last night when the Jet Blue flight landed. It was 1) awesome that the pilot brought the plane down without anyone getting hurt, and 2) one of those happy mob moments as every eye in the bar was directed at the tv and a thunderous applause broke out when the plane stopped. After Katrina and in the face of Rita, it's nice that something potentially awful was averted with no injuries and a rather exciting spray of sparks.

In other good (but much more minor) news, my mom went walking on Sunday with her dog and came back with a friend. He was nice, if not particularly interested in the humans (he was muuuuch more interested in Daisy, who was having none of him). After looking for any other option (HE HAD A COLLAR ON, BUT NO TAGS!), we ended up taking him to the pound and leaving him in their "drop box". That wasn't the good news. In fact, we were upset about it. But my mom called me the other day to say that someone finally posted 'wanted' pictures of the little guy and by the time she had contacted the owner, the woman had already picked him up from the pound. I hope she invests in some tags for him, so no one has to go through this again.

And that's my news from the week. It's Thursday (again), and I'm heading out of town tomorrow (again) for family birthdays (again). My grandma is turning 82 on Saturday, and we're celebrating Carly's 2nd birthday too. And my sister turned ... well, she turned another year older yesterday (the same age that I will be turning in February).


Wednesday, September 21

Star Wars, Episode III, The Backstroke of the West [via Jon]

Tuesday, September 20

Here's a post I just put up on Craigslist, but I thought if there was anyone interested who reads this site and lives in the area, hey! write me!

I am looking for a movie buddy!

I live up the street from the Grand Lake Theater, and close to the Parkway and the Piedmont Landmark, which I can't find a link for. I'm willing to travel, if a good movie is playing at a convenient time somewhere else, like Emeryville, Berkeley, Alameda, Albany, etc.

Now, I know "good movie" is a relative term. For reasons we can go into if you're interested, I will not pay money to see war movies, gang movies, gangster movies, or slasher flicks. Depressing movies aren't that high on my list either, but I'll see them if they look interesting. I like most other types of movies, from Hollywood blockbusters, to Bollywood, to indie, foreign, dramas, action, comedies, romances, sci-fi, fantasy, stupid (I saw Deuce Bigalow, European Gigalo recently and didn't consider the matinee price a total waste). Essentially, I like chick flicks and guy movies and just about everything in between.

Specifically, I have missed seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory until now. It's playing at the Parkway this week, at 7 on Thursday and will cost $5 to see. Thing is, I have a *really* hard time seeing movies in theaters by myself. In other words, I've never done it.

Other stuff - this doesn't have to be just about seeing a movie. I like to eat too, so we could have dinner or lunch, depending on the time of the movie. Please don't be offended if I laugh during a movie because something was especially cheesy or bad. I'm still having a good time. Remember Van Helsing? Man, was that a bad movie, but I had the best time watching it. Someone who can appreciate mood would be great. Some movies are made to be commented on and talked through (quietly enough to not disturb neighbors, of course), and some movies require total concentration. I tend to suspend my disbelief to the point that I jump a lot during scary/tense/suspensful bits, cry at sad movies, get a good ab workout during comedies.

As far as time goes ... I get off work at 4 every day. I'm a busy girl, but I can make time if the movie and the company is worth it. I like matinees and I've been known to see the 1 a.m. show on opening night as well (that was a long time ago, but I'd do it again. On a weekend :) I'm thinking maybe one movie a week, tops. I can't afford more than that, and I have netflix, so can't justify the expense anyway.

Interested? Me too! Contact info is over there to the right.

Monday, September 19

Do I know anyone who hasn't seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yet? Do I know anyone willing to come to Oakland tonight and see it for $5 at 6:30? If I do, could this person get in touch with me at kristinthegreat at gmail? 'Cause I need to see this movie before it leaves the big screen altogether and I can't see movies in the theater by myself. Pathetic, yes, and I'm ok with that. I hope you are too.

In other news, I had a fabulous weekend. I managed to unload most of the food left over from my housewarming, had some great Mexican food and bbq, spent LOADS of time with Lily (and her parents), saw my grandma, and got my car washed. Oh, and I helped the economy by spending a bunch of money on shoes. Just two pairs, but I'm hoping to be in shape and looking cute in no time. (Funny, isn't it, how new shoes as a child meant that we could run faster, and as an adult, they just mean that I can run :)

How was your weekend?

Thursday, September 15

Lunchtime conversation:

Luncher1: When my family talked at breakfast and we didn't know something, my parents would head off to the encyclopedia to look up the answer.
Luncher2: Encyclopedia? In my family, we'd say "We'll go ask Joe at the bah later on."
Luncher3 (me): You guys talked during breakfast?

Wednesday, September 14

Cryptic post of the year:

So have you ever wanted something, and wanted it for a long time, but never did anything about it for any number of inadequate reasons, and then the moment came when opportunity and nerve and the stars came together and you stretched out your hand for it, and found that it wasn't meant to be after all?

So yeah. But you know what? At least I tried, so there's no more 'what if' and 'maybe' and I can look in another direction with my whole heart.

Tuesday, September 13

I am so useless when I haven't had breakfast. Even more so when I didn't have dinner the night before. When, oh when, will 9 a.m. arrive?!?!?!

Gmaps Pedometer - coolest site ever. I discovered that the walk to the Lake, around it and back to my apartment is way longer than I thought. Suddenly, I'm more kick-ass than I thought I was. Now if I could just do it more often. [via Amy]

I'm going to bed now. So that I can get up in about 3 hours and go to work. Yeee. Haw.

I had no idea that the loudest street sweeper in the world went down Grand Ave at 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday mornings.

I hope I don't find out what other nights they operate. I hate insomnia.

Sunday, September 11

Housewarming parties are fun! Especially when everyone who comes isn't afraid to meet new people, they express appropriate appreciation of your apartment, and they leave you with few leftovers.

Note for those who like to have candlelit parties - make sure the candle holders you use will contain the wax should the candles have a complete meltdown. I'm going to be freezing a lot of wax today. Good thing I have credit cards to use for the scraping off tables and hardwood floors.

Yeah, last night was good. Hopefully it'll bode well for the foreseeable future.

Oh, and if you need any party beverages, I have so much wine, beer, and soda that I'm not sure what to do with myself.

Wednesday, September 7

For my reference: Emergency kits

Tuesday, September 6

So my friends have flaked and I'm going to see Oasis and Jet and Kasabian by myself on Sunday.

Do you want to go with me? Lawn tix are only $20 (plus "convenience fees"). It's totally a deal.

Monday, September 5

Being Poor


Sunday, September 4

The BradLands Underpants Drive - it's a good cause.

Thursday, September 1

I've discovered that the key to getting anything done after work is to start a book that I'm not that interested in. This makes it much easier to put down when my better self starts nudging me, telling me that I really should be doing the dishes/cleaning up for the housewarming/getting outside to enjoy the glorious weather/etc. During the Harry Potter days, I'd come home and basically sack out on my bed with the book and that was the end of me for the rest of the evening.

So this week I've been walking (it's so hot!), making healthy dinners (who knew baked salmon was so easy and good?), and moving furniture in my bedroom (I heart feng shui).

In the meantime, I'm so sad to hear about the loss of life, livelihood, and history in New Orleans, and even sadder to hear about the looting and violence. What the hell!?!? Who sets themselves up as the enemy in a situation like this?