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Saturday, December 31

So, in the spirit of continuing on with tradition, here is this year's Mayfly Project (now allowing 24 words!! See previous entries for 2001, 2002 and 2004):
New apartment, glasses, bed, car. Risked my heart, no go. Loved watching nieces grow. Made friends, old friends got closer. Hope 2006 more exciting.

Happy New Year, y'all.

If you find yourself without a sober way home, give me a call on my cell and I'll come get you.

Thursday, December 29

Holy cow (so to speak). Check this out: My Humps, a Christian e-card. (original lyrics here) I don't know if they need to ask permission when using the tune, but can you imagine BEP's reaction to this? I laugh. A lot. [via LYD]

I'm back! I know, I know, those of you who care are all saying "she was gone?" Yes, indeedy-do, I spent the last week in a place far far away. I took lots of pictures, too.

Now I have the rest of the week off and what have I done with myself so far? Not a damn thing. Yee. Haw.

Sunday, December 25

Merry Christmas y'all! I hope you are all spending today in whatever way makes you most happy, whether you celebrate the Christian holiday or not, whether you're with family or friends or pets, or taking this opportunity to be on your own and get a head start on the rest of your life.

Saturday, December 24

It's a little warm 'round here.

Friday, December 23

My complaint about it still raining does not hold true for Home. Woke up this morning to sunshine and birdsong. It's frickin' hot outside. And what did I pack? Sweaters!!

5 hours, people. 5 hours to make a drive that I've managed in 3 1/4 hours. Y'all really need to learn how to drive in the rain. Speaking of which, why the hell is it still raining? Weather never lasts this long in the Bay area!!

So yeah, I'm Home. Home with 3 camera batteries and 500+ Mbs of card space to take pictures of my nieces, a shitload of shopping to do tomorrow, and a serious lack of sleep from last weekend that still I'm trying to remedy. Obviously not very well. Maybe if my trip had taken a few hours less, I'd be in bed already. Yeah, right.

So how are you handling the holiday?

(I swear, I was in a really good mood this morning, but people who go on vacation and then don't stay there kind of piss me off, especially when it delays my vacation. You. Are. Not. That. Vital. To. Your. Workplace. Get a life. And happy holidays!)

Oh, and check this out: Pimp My Nutcracker Funniest damn thing I've seen since that thing I saw yesterday. [via Jessa]

Wednesday, December 21

Ok, this is the funniest thing ever: Photo Booth adventures [via Corenna]

Monday, December 19

Always ready to believe that the universe has an interest in me, it would seem that a higher power has broken my heater so that I have to actually do some housework in order to stay warm. Dammit.

Sunday, December 18

This is what happens when someone wants to play pool on santarchy night.

Meanwhile, I was having a good time at my company holiday party. (if no pictures come up, don't fret, they'll be there tomorrow. flickr is running a little slow updating my tags)

I found out yesterday that

1) rain is pretty much guaranteed when I get my hair done. It's still pouring. (although I woke up this a.m. to thunder and lightening. Since my hair doesn't have to look nice anymore, this is awesome)
2) my second favorite bar, Voda, is closed.
3) if you can get someone else to do your makeup, go for it.
4) trying to take pictures of your party outfit when you get home and you're still drunk is an exercise in futility.
5) if you log in to your favorite social/dating site at 3 a.m., you will get an amazing number people men still awake at the same time who want to chat you up. Some of them will want to come over right then to make out. Others will want to start your life together with you acting as their queen ASAP. Whatever.

I'm supposed to be at a brunch in about 8 minutes. It usually takes me 45 minutes to an hour to reach the location even when it's sunny and there's no traffic. Now it's raining zebras and buffalos and I'm thinking it's going to take more like 2 hours. If I'm lucky. And I haven't showered yet.

I hope you are warm and safe and not going anywhere but where you most want to be this morning. Happy holidays!

Saturday, December 17

kristinisthebestinthewholefuckingworld Awesome.

Thursday, December 15

Other notes, we saw the Famous Twins last night while escaping the Financial district. They're so short!

When I got home, I was so wound up that I couldn't go to sleep and spent at least half an hour yammering to myself, trying to get all my thoughts out of my head so I could relax. Like getting a phone call from that person who just won't shut up ... that was me, inside my own head.

I've decided that books about real people are depressing, since you can't really escape the fact that shit like that really does happen. It's back to sci-fi/fantasy for me.

It's been a busy week, and it's only half over! Spent Tuesday evening with Lucia and Kevin and Jason, being crafty and eating way too much cheese. Last night I went shoe shopping with Amy, tonight I'm having dinner with friends, tomorrow night I see TLWATW, Saturday night is the holiday party for which I bought shoes, Sunday is a brunch and an evening of jazz, as performed by my manager.

Speaking of the holiday party, and I know you're all dying to know, I picked up shoes like these (but with a black overstrap and muuuuuch less expensive - thank the lord for DSW) and as soon as I got home, put on the outfit. Then I tried on 3 other shirts. Then I tried them all on again, and although the oh-so-awesome pants/shoes looked great, my vast collection of red party-suitable shirts were not making me happy. I almost decided to wear a skirt - a disaster narrowly averted. Then I thought maybe I'd put on the earrings, and wham! It all came together.

Whew! Aren't you glad you know all that now?

In any case, I am a much less stressed person now. This is the one big dress-up event of my year, and I like to look nice. When you wear jeans every day ... or enough that people don't recognize you when you wear a skirt ... then dress-up ocassions are a big deal. There will be pictures. Oh yes, there will be pictures.

Anyone who likes Casual Corner should know that they're closing their stores next month, and the website is gone too, and everything is currently 50-60% off. It's sad that they're going away, but awesome that everything is so cheap!

Monday, December 12

With plenty of other things to do (unpacking? wrapping presents?), I just looked through all 3768 Flickr photos tagged with christmaslights in an attempt to find a new wallpaper for my computer. I'm using this one right now, but these are all the options.

Queen of De Nile, signing off

Sunday, December 11

Does anyone with a fairly new Honda read this site? Should I expect the Maintenance Req'd light to go on at 10,000 miles? Or should I get pissed off because my car needs maintenance this early?

Other than that, my weekend rocked. And rolled. I just got home, in fact. How was yours?

Thursday, December 8

"I'm in love for the last time in my life."
"I'm in love for the first time in my life."

I love Murphy's Romance. It's one of those movies I return to when I need a shot of what could actually happen, as opposed to the contrived romance stuff you usually get from Hollywood. Not that I want to sleep with James Garner, you understand.

In any case, it's on DVD now, and for less than $10.00! It would be an easy Christmas present, if you were so inclined. (No, my entire wishlist was *not* purchased for me, that was a bug.)

Wednesday, December 7

The Christmas season has begun ...

Monday, December 5

So I'm almost done with my Christmas stuff, cards and shopping. I realize that by saying this, I'm jinxing myself and I'll end up doing the bulk of what's left on the 23rd, as I'm trying to pack and get out of town, but you know what? I'm ok with that. Either way, it'll get done. By the way, all of you who didn't respond to my 'what do you want for Christmas' email are going to have to just be happy with what you get, even if it's black and can be used as an energy source. At least it'll be cheaper than what PG&E is charging this year, right? Right.

Speaking of, holy cow, can you believe how cold it is in northern CA right now? I put another comforter on my bed, in addition to wearing socks and turning on the heater at night and I still don't want to get out of bed in the a.m. because it's a cold cold world. I'm learning to keep doors closed and especially to close the window in my bathroom. This is bad, since the bathroom door opens onto a closed apartment and with the window closed, I anticipate some mold problems. But again, better than freezing in my sunlight- and insulation-starved apartment. Yes, I know I sound like a wuss, but ... well, I've lived the last 31 years in CA, and always on the coast, so just get over it. I will, soon.

What's a good gift for a college grad? I'm at a loss - the best gifts I got for my graduations were a ring and an engraved Kitchenaid.

Friday, December 2

Wow, Check it out.

Wouldn't that be awesome if it was true?!

Thursday, December 1

Further to my last post about cheap gift giving (and for my reference later on... ):

Adamnthing's list and Miss Doxie's list.