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Tuesday, February 28 is so great. Much easier than navigating the BART site or trying to decipher the list while people are breathing down your neck when you're trying to buy a ticket. [via SFist]

Monday, February 27

So how whiney is it to admit that, in the midst of my birthday month, with my friends and family all around me, social events galore behind me and sxsw and a wedding coming before me, I have never felt as alone as I have in the past few weeks? Cooped up in my apartment for over a week, sick with a cough that makes me unwilling to inflict my presence on anyone else, I stay inside and hack away, playing countless games of solitaire and wondering how to deal with the dust bunnies I discovered under my bed.

To some extent, it's been fairly depressing. On the other hand, loneliness has given me the opportunity to find out whether I can live with myself, and it turns out I can. I know now that I can go to the movies alone. I've made quite a bit of headway with the Scarf That Won't End. If this lasts much longer, I might even get my grandmother's photos scanned and give back the albums that I've had for the past 3 years.

It's made me think about what I'm doing with my life, as I appear to have reached 'contented' and stopped growing altogether. School isn't a challenge I am interested in tackling. So where else do I turn to evolve? Volunteering? I've tried that, and no matter how much it satisfies my sense of doing good for others, I still feel temporary and unincluded.

I question the bonds I have created with my friends. I suppose I should take comfort that I can have such good friends, and really, I have the best in the world, but I hardly ever see them. We appear to be able to maintain our relationships without the benefit of a lot of physical contact. Like my grandmother has told me time and again, if you don't write letters to others, they won't write to you. I'm taking this to mean that I need to reach out before others will reach out to me, but this is where I get petty and wonder why I always have to be the one reaching (not entirely true, hi Suzan!). Eh.

It's all a phase, and soon enough I'll be wondering where my spare time went and how could anyone feel lonely with my friends. I hope that by that time, I can speak and laugh without breaking to cough up a lung, but I wouldn't keep my fingers crossed. Codeine is my friend in the meantime. Mmmmmm, coooodeeeeeiiiine.

Completely off-topic, I told everyone I encountered after I first saw Hero that it was such a beautiful movie that I could enjoy it just as much without the sound and subtitles. Months later, on a long flight and unwilling to pay for headphones, I got to test that theory and it turns out I was right. I just watched it for a third time (keeping the sound/subtitles on, of course) (thanks dad!), and it truly is a work of art. Hard to knit and watch a foreign movie, though. I managed.

Sunday, February 26

Check it out:

I went to the movies by myself for the first time ever

I went to the movies today by myself for the first time ever. The closest I'd gotten before this was the parking lot of a theater, at which point I chickened out, figuring I could just watch a movie at home by myself for a lot less money and could pause it when needed to boot.

The only downside, and it wasn't really a downside when you think about it, was that the heavens opened as soon as I stepped out of the theater and it started raining buckets. The walk back home is only about 10-15 minutes, but my hair was completely soaked, as were my purse, shoes and wool coat by the time I got to my door. They are all hanging in my entryway now with a towel underneath, dripping themselves dry (not my hair, of course. I keep that on top of my head, but it's dripping dry too.).

All in all, not a bad thing, of course. It gave me an excuse to stop in at the chocolatier and get some hot chocolate. Yum.

Friday, February 24

Brad is hosting Break Bread with Brad SXSW 2006. If you're planning on being there, let him (and the rest of us as well) know, will ya?

Wednesday, February 22

So for those keeping score, I'm still sick. I truly believe this started as an allergy last Tuesday (not yesterday, but the Tuesday before that), but has morphed into something else. Not sure what that something else might be, and won't get to find out from a professional until Friday, but it's keeping me up nights and making it difficult to do anything that involves talking. Or much of anything else, really. I decided today to take the rest of the week off work, turning this 4-day week into a 1-day week. When I was in school (and yes, we're including college and grad school in this timeline), I wanted to get sick and stay home. Now that I'm working, this comes out of my PTO and means I can't go out and play with my friends. Argh. *cough*

In other news, I just finished watching season 10 of Friends and have decided to watch other other 9 seasons. After I get over this cough, of course. Laughing and coughing are a bad combo. Crying and congestion are too, so I'm staying away from tearjerkers. Sticking to action flicks for a while. See? It came back to the cough after all.

Hope y'all are healthy!

Sunday, February 19

So hi! How has your weekend been? Have you been coughing up random lungs the whole time? No? Great! Count your blessings.

What I wouldn't give for some codeine right now. I tell you, it ain't much.

Thursday, February 16

Imagine my surprise when I was advised this evening in a rather offhanded manner that if I ate too many of my coughdrops, they could have a laxative effect. I asked how many was too many ... "oh, more than 3 or 4."

I'm up to many times that already for today. Yay allergies! ¿Dondé está el baño?

Wednesday, February 15

So I've recently gotten into RSS (since I managed to figure out how to syndicate my own site there's no stopping me!!). The best thing are the links I'm finding from *all* the sites I'm revisiting now, like...

Pantalaine [via MeFi] Feel free to get me that couch dress for my birthday. I'll send you the dimensions of my couch if you're interested.

Top Gun Brokeback Squadron, which is remarkably like Brokeback to the Future. Are there any I've missed?

And, in honor of yesterday, A Very Star Wars Valentines

And from Jessa, one of the many reasons I'm still single.

And from Jon, Things I Learn From My Patients - it's almost like being a helpdesk person, but much more physical.

Tuesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day Birthday to me!

In my younger days ...
4 Generations
My great-grandmother is holding me, my mother has her eyes closed, and my grandma is looking to make sure the picture is being taken correctly.

My mother was 10 years younger than I am now when this picture was taken.

Sunday, February 12

I had a beer, a tequila shot (complete with salt and lime), saw my friends ride the bull, danced a lot, and was propositioned ... thanks to everyone who came out to help me celebrate my birthday tonight. Y'all are awesome!

Friday, February 10

For the first time ever, someone I knew pre-blog found me through my site and actually used the info over on the right to contact me. Turns out it was a good experience (the dating and the reconnecting), even though he said he was a jerk when he knew me. I reassured him that he was a mostly-good memory. He showed me up by telling me I was an all-good memory.

That's always a good thing to hear, that you're someone's all-good memory.

Also, for the first time ever, the yes responses to my birthday evite outnumber the no's.

I hope you are heading into the weekend with as much going for you as I am!

Thursday, February 9

So a sometimes-drawback to being female is that we have more sensitive senses of smell than males. The more-than-sometimes drawback to being a hormonal female is that I can smell *everything*, be it garbage, exhaust, smelly socks, BO, etc. A whiff of cologne can make me swoon during this time ... too much can make me pass out. I didn't figure out till about halfway down the street last night that the reason all I could smell was garbage was because today was pickup day. I felt like everyone was looking at me, thinking 'why does she constantly look like she's smelling something bad?' ... well, it was because I was smelling something bad.

This month has also been accompanied by a lack of short-term memory ... last week, I forgot shoes for the dress fitting and my checkbook; on Monday, I forgot a towel so that I could take a shower at the gym; on Tuesday, I forgot my hair gel; today I forgot to look in the mirror before walking out the door, so it wasn't till I got to work that I realized that my tank top didn't match my overshirt in a bad way.

But, as I've mentioned before, my birthday is next week. And the party is on Saturday. We have a very fun group going - if you're interested and didn't make it on the evite, it wasn't personal and you should let me know so I can invite you. I have also drastically cut down on my computer-at-home usage this week, and gotten a lot of knitting done (directly related, yes).

Wednesday, February 8

Um, random? Valentine for Perfect Strangers

And neat: Aerial photographs of Mexico City

Also, for the first time in years, I think, I am without gel in my hair. I know, this is shocking. It's a weird experience. I'm not sure it's bad, but I'm not sure that I like it either.

I also discovered today that even though some people no longer maintain their web site, they still get the beta shit on gmail and I have to wait till it's in general release.


Monday, February 6

So remember when I said the fitting would be humiliating? I was right! Not only that, but the altering is going to cost almost as much as the dress! And it's being done by the same people who sold me the dress!! What a coincidence!

I mean, they're not even charging me for the one thing that made this really humiliating (they need to let out the bodice of the dress to accommodate my midsection, which I had thought would be much smaller by this point - always order the bigger dress, they can always take it in if you do manage to lose the weight!). So I'm being overcharged for standard stuff like hemming, taking in the huge chest section and shortening the straps.

And? I have to go in 2 MORE TIMES for more fitting and humiliation before I get to wear the dress. WTH?

So those of you who like to see me socially, you can just forget it till April. I'm going to be Out Of Town almost every weekend till then. Being Humiliated. Repeatedly. If not by the dress ladies, then by those closer to me. It's going to be fun. Woohoo!

Andrea, don't take any of this personally, it's not your fault. Everything's fine, I just needed to vent.

Saturday, February 4

I had my first facial today. Later this afternoon, I'm going to balance the good effects of this experience with the humiliation of being fitted for my bridesmaid dress. Here's to soft soft skin and the power of suck-it-in underwear!

Friday, February 3

Baskin Robbins coupon.

Don't say I never gave you anything.

Thursday, February 2

If this is the future of pizza delivery, I'm going to buy stock in Boboli pizza crusts.

Wednesday, February 1

This description of Plantar Fasciitis is just about the best I've seen yet - simple, to the point, and amazingly relevant to me. Thankfully, most of my pain has disappeared, except when I walk too long, or wear bad shoes for any length of time. Stretching the calf muscles is the best thing in the world.

A foot rub every once in a while wouldn't hurt either, though.

I love this sign: unbeatable logic

It's only 7:30 a.m., and already I have heard the best line I'm going to hear all day, especially as it was used in a work setting:
"Can't you just be a girl who won't say no?"
NOTE: this was not applied to me.