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Monday, March 27

I've arranged another Voda event for next month.

Saturday, April 8th
9:00 p.m. till the cows come home

If you want to be added to the evite so you can see who else is going, let me know and I'll add ya. Or check out the event at

Woohoo! Vod(k)a!

Sunday, March 26

If you're looking for a good workout, find someone who is moving, has flaky friends, and lives on the 3rd floor.

In other news, I managed to turn Completely Slothful Saturday (tm) into Completely Productive Saturday (tm) by going to Vacaville at 3 p.m. yesterday! Despite the no-reason-traffic I 1) bought a really cute purse, 2) returned $114 in clothes I had been bullied into buying, 3) acquired a very crucial part of my bridesmaids outfit, 4) purchased a wedding gift for my brother and his fiancee, and 5) got dinner. Oh! and cheap gas! Who would have thought that Vacaville would have gas $.20 cheaper per gallon than the bay area? Almost makes driving out there just to fill up worth it. Almost.

Warning: don't get the chicken strips at the Carl's Jr. in Vacaville. Maybe it's because it's right next to Popeye's Chicken and Something and so they don't feel the need to serve good fried chicken, but man - soggy, tough, and all together crappy. But their shakes still rock. Rock on Vacaville Carl's Jr shakes. Me and my hips still love you.

Friday, March 24

So I like okcupid and all, but it's kind of scary how accurate its personality test is. I'm a window shopper, apparently. Here's me, shopping.

Despite my last post about being all busy and stuff, I have absolutely nothing to do tonight. Want to hang out? Give me a call! As long as I don't have to drive real far, I'll be happy to come over.

In other really exciting news, I remembered some sites that I have profiles on that I had forgotten about, and have added them to the ridiculously long list of silly sites over there on the right. At the bottom. Scroll some more. Some of them don't have anything there, but hey, give me a break! Maybe during my really boring Friday night, I'll sit at my really uncomfortable desk chair and spend many hours making it easier for stalkers to compile an accurate picture of me, the person they aren't that interested in stalking.

Wednesday, March 22

Between sxsw, going Home for the annual St. Patrick's Day party, and heading home again next week for my brother's wedding, March has been pretty much booked up for me. As a result, anyone else I'd like to see or anything else I'd like to do has been pushed off into next month. "Sorry, can't do anything in March, but April is wide open! Let's do something next month!"

Well, at the rate I'm going, I think I have already booked up April too. I had to start a list of people I'm supposed to contact around April 3rd to make plans to hang out. Would you like to hang out next month? Let me know and I'll add you to the post-it note I have going.

In other news, it's been 6 months since I got my hair cut. This is not good for long curly reddish hair. I'll be getting something done about it today at 5:30.

Also, I have discovered that the worst thing for my back, like, ever, is to sit in my desk chair at home. I can sit on my hard floor, my angled futon couch, or the stiff kitchen chairs with no problem. But sitting at my desk, even with good posture, leaves me hobbling around my apartment like I have arthritis for hours. Bah. At least it keeps me from spending too much time staring at the screen.

Tuesday, March 21

The Dot and the Line [via Day of the Deadly]

Throw Rocks at Boys [also via Day of the Deadly]

Also, I keep rediscovering Go Fug Yourself. This is the coolest snark site ever.

Monday, March 20

Ok, so sxswi. It was fun! It was hot!

That's what I've told everyone at work who asked me today how my trip went. And I'm not lying! Looking back on my inability to elaborate, though, I realized that my trips to Austin have drastically evolved over the years. I used to go and try to get what I could out of the conference itself, since once or twice I have actually paid for a pass, other times I felt I needed to justify whatever free pass I had scored from my really really good friends (you know who you are!). And although I could feel the excitement and passion around me for personal and professional projects on the internet, the feeling didn't really follow me home, since this site is really just a hobby and I don't work in the industry.

Instead, each year has brought me to Austin more to see my friends from all over the world and to meet new ones. This year, I forewent the conference pass and hotel cost altogether and stayed with my bestest friend about 10 miles from the downtown area and came in only to have lunch with 'the group' and then again for dinner and socializing afterward. Sure, I missed the hallway conversations and that handy little guide that conferencers get to tell them what's going on every night. I missed Nikolai's performance at the Bloggies. I missed being able to drink as much as I can hold (3 vodka drinks or many beers) because I had to drive home every night. And I missed the final goodbyes on Tuesday and Wednesday. Bye y'all!

But in the end, I got what I really wanted: I spent almost enough time with all my buds who were in Austin with me this year (except for Jane - sorry Jane!).

Other things ...
- I heard a song on the radio that hasn't made it to SF yet. I can't remember the song, but the group is OAR (Of A Revolution)
- Everyone knows this, but BookPeople really is the best bookstore ever
- You shouldn't apply SF parking mentality to Austin. If you try hard enough, you'll find a parking space closer than that first one you spotted 10 blocks away. Trust me.
- My bestest friend is renting a house, with a yard, for just a bit more than I'm paying for my 1 bdrm apartment.
- My goal when packing for trips is to 1) not overpack and to 2) wear/use everything I bring along. I cursed myself for bringing a stupid jacket that took up too much space in suitcase and that I knew as soon as I stepped off the plane in Austin into 90 degree heat that I would not use. However, when I stepped off the plane in Oakland and it was pouring rain, I took it all back. Other than that, I packed most excellently for this trip.
- When you spend 9+ hours either in one of 3 planes or sitting in airport waiting areas, don't blithely offer to sleep on the couch with the dog when you head home the next night to visit your family. Especially when you have a history of back problems. I'm using all my powers of zen to relax my lower back muscles so that I can drive my sporty stick-shift car to and from work (not to mention that 3.5 hour drive back from my parents'!) and still walk. I need this pain to be gone by the time I go Home for my brother's wedding.
- Speaking of the wedding, I had to go in for my final fitting on Saturday. The bodice was just big enough to require a bit more altering. The woman asked if I had lost any weight. She was so sweet.
- Oh! Oh! And for the first time in years, I met someone I knew only from the internet who I read regularly and had hoped to meet one day. She lives maybe an hour away and we had to be in Austin for me to finally see her. And I did. And I almost walked out of Paradise without introducing myself. But her enthusiastic reaction was enough to make me feel better about how dumb I sounded as I tried to assure her that I am not a stalker, I just really like reading her site. So Helen Jane, I know our 30-second hello wasn't enough to register on your radar (it was late, and everyone had been drinking after all), but I'd just like to say it was a pleasure to meet you.

Friday, March 17

Ok, so I'm not usually home on Friday mornings, and I have to say that I'm glad of it. I didn't realize that I get so many frickin' phone calls before 11 a.m.!! I've been counting, and I'm already up to 4 (two while I was still trying to sleep). And not one voicemail message left behind. Bastards.

Were you at SXSWi this year? Did you take pictures? Do you like being on the inside of inside jokes? Check out the SXSW Photo Scavenger Hunt, and join! And add pictures! It's fun!

I uploaded all the pictures I took in Austin (and some that I took on the way to/from Austin), and they're on flickr.

Feel free to add tags or notes, or let me know of info that I got wrong or left out. I am really really tired and I met a lot of people whose names are already fading in my memory. But I had a really good time y'all, and I can't wait to do it all again next year ... maybe after I have caught up on some sleep.

Sunday, March 12

Hi all! Those of you who read this site and aren't in Austin may not be aware that that's where I am. If you are in Austin and don't know that I'm here ... well, we'll just have to try harder to hook up.

I neglected to bring my camera card reader with me, so I have not been able to post any photos yet, but they're all only of interest to me anyway. Lots of 'so-and-so and me, smiling big' pictures, just to show we're here and having a great time.

This is the first year that I have not stayed downtown with everyone else. Instead, I am staying about 10 miles out of the downtown area, with one of my bestest friends. It's been hard, after 4 other conferences, to not be spending every waking minute with the sxswers, and I have to do a lot of juggling so that I can spend enough time with my hostess, who I haven't seen in almost a year, driving and finding parking downtown (ack!!), and finding and hanging out with everyone else I come to see in Austin ever year. I'm trying not to stress about it, hoping that it'll just all work out. So far, I think it's gone alright.

A few notes about this trip, before I forget them ... we tried to find a C&W dance place last night. We hit the Broken Spoke, which was asking for a $12 cover, so we left. We went to Midnight Rodeo, which was $8, had a huge dance floor and lots of people, and was totally boring - no one was dancing! Then we went downtown (driving! parking! ack!!), and went to Rainbow Country, the local gay C&W bar and oh. my. god. No cover, tons of people, and they were dancing. Next year, no messing around. Hit the gay bar first.

The local modern music station is totally in love with Green Day's Holiday. In the first two days I was here, I heard this song 5 times, each time I got in the car to go anywhere. However, it also introduced me to OAR (Of A Revolution). Need to remember to look them up when I get home.

And although all my Texas friends told me that it was hot here, I have to admit that I didn't really believe them. But when I walked out of the airport to 90 degree heat while wearing the sweatshirt and jeans that were so appropriate in SF, well, I was proven wrong. Today is the first ok day, with a lovely breeze. I wish I didn't have to wear something long-sleeved. Speaking of which, snow? in SF? I'm so glad I'm suffering from heat exhaustion rather than freezing to death right now.

And driving in Texas is a trip. Driving an SUV in Texas is a trip. I'm handling it alright, though, in case you were wondering. And that's my report from this year's SXSW. See you later alligator!

Wednesday, March 8

Another dumb sport

Tuesday, March 7

Gentlemen's Fight Club I'm not quite sure what to say about this. I'm glad others know exactly what to say.

You know, marcasite is pretty and all ... as long as it stays in the jewelry, but it sure doesn't last long. Why don't they superglue this stuff in there? Inquiring minds want to know.

Monday, March 6

I kind of want to see, but won't be able to go till next month, when the price drops and the curtain time moves from 8 to 10 p.m. Anyone want to go with me? Please? I can't get your ticket, but maybe I'll buy you dinner. Bonus points if this is all arranged online ;) [via SF Metblog]

Announcement: Voda is not closed.

There will be a social event organized sometime next month by yours truly.

Sunday, March 5

Weekend overview (don't worry, I was asleep for most of it, so this will be short):

Friday night: every single one of my friends is busy. I finish The Time Traveler's Wife. When I'm done crying, I heat up a Trader Joes pizza and watch Ma Vie En Rose, in which I find I have been deluded by the word "whimsical" in the synopsis (thanks a lot, Netflix). I go to bed around midnight.

Saturday: wake up at noon. Man, have I mentioned how much I love codeine cough syrup? Have made plans to watch King Kong at the Parkway at 2 p.m., which means a 3-hour movie for $3. How cool is that? Discover I have run out of my millionth bag of cough drops, run over to the market and figure it's about time to get a decongestant so that I stop the cough at the source (the doc says the post-nasal drip is the culprit). All they have is Claritin 24-hour non-drowsy formula. Think about that for a second, folks. 24-hour. Non-drowsy. Right. Half an hour into King Kong, I have to go to the bathroom (yay for dehydrating decongestants!). Good movie as far as special effects goes. And if I ever stowed away on a steamer ship running illegal pets (and how exactly did they get the ape on the ship and get it to the US? It was bigger than the ship), I tell you that would be the ship I'd want to be on. Everyone's nice. Everyone's good-looking. Leave the theater, walk down to the post office and library because I have to and I can. Wait a bit and then head out for sushi. Have about a pot of green tea (this is where I'm a dork). Friend with whom I have seen movie and eaten sushi comes in and we discuss our respective dysfunctions for 3 hours. She leaves at 12:30 a.m. I'm too wired from the Claritin and the green tea to go to bed, so I stay up till 5:30 a.m., posting pictures from SXSW 2002. Figure I do not want to see the sun come up, maybe I can lie in bed and pretend to sleep. Fall asleep within 30 seconds. I guess I really was tired.

Sunday: wake up at 10:30 a.m. I have no idea what to do, as I really didn't expect to be up this early. Figure I might as well clean my apartment. So I wash my dishes and water the plants. Finally, it's time to get ready for the Oscar Bash at the Parkway, my theater of choice this weekend apparently. Notice that while it was beautiful yesterday, today it's raining cats and dogs again. Great. Still looking forward to wearing my cute-as-all-get-out strappy sandals when they and my feet won't get soaked. Get to the theater half an hour before doors open to find the line practically around the block. Some people have been sitting out in the rain for hours. I'm ok with this, 'cause at least I've been dry and warm for longer than they have. We watch the Oscars. I'd like to state that I think Jon Stewart was great as a host, *and* I liked everyone's dress, even Charlize Theron's with that thing on her shoulder. We think it's for later, when she gets tired she'll have something to rest her head on. Feet get cold and wet on the walk back to the car and I figure out that my boycott of umbrellas perhaps wasn't a good idea after all, as I have no idea how to get in my car and close the umbrella without getting all wet anyway. Now I'm home and not tired at all, but I'm going to try going to bed anyway.

Good night and good luck!

Oh, other stuff I've come across this weekend:

Real Live Simpsons Intro [via Bradlands]
Neat Google Map apps
Librarian Trading Cards
Cheney's Got a Gun
Renee's World [via Leia]
Muppet Wiki [via Kevin]
And I'm determined to go through every one of the photos in my flickrstream and make sure they're tagged as fully as possible. At 2874 photos, this is nigh on impossible, but hey, it's something to work for. I've gotten as far as this photo.

Thursday, March 2

I just tried the Birthday Calculator [via Corenna], and I'm crushed. I found out I'm a boar (or pig, whatever) rather than a rat. Wth? It's like finding out I'm a Capricorn rather than an Aquarius. I'm going to have to totally redefine my personality. I'm loyal rather than charming, shy rather than thrify. Hmm.. maybe this is why I've always distrusted these things in the first place, they don't describe me very well anyway.