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Sunday, April 30

I seem to have a mental block against getting in time for anything on Saturdays. Even when that thing is at 12 p.m., I find myself waking up with a muttered "SHIT" at 12:30. Sorry, Jessa. Next time I promise I'll set an alarm.

V for Vendetta rocks (as do the $3 Saturday matinees at the Parkway). It hits all the right notes without becoming cheesy or maudlin or dumb. And who doesn't want to make out with Hugo Weaving after seeing this movie? (maybe not after the Matrix or LoTR, but definitely this one - it's all in the voice.)

And that's about all I accomplished worth noting this weekend. I made a lovely trip to San Rafael today, which is a lovely town, the weather was lovely, I got some lovely shirts, driving fast with the windows down was lovely, which makes for a lovely end to a lovely weekend. Hope yours was just as ... nice.

Tuesday, April 25

So thanks to Jennie, I finally made use of my account and catalogued all my books this last weekend. Actually picking up and looking at my books made me realize how many of them have become dead weight over the years, and so I also signed up and am using as well. I feel like such the librarian to be so excited about this.

Oh, and when going through my cookbooks, I came across a packet of recipes that my grandma handwrote for me when I moved out on my own 11 years ago. I've been looking for these forever. I mean, how else am I supposed to make snickerdoodles without her recipe?

Spring is all about cleaning and cutting away the dead weight, right? I know I'm not the only one struggling with all this, but in the end, it's going to be better than it was before.

That, and I need to get a new camera. Still haven't looked, but I am hoping to make the purchase before Bay to Breakers. Speaking of, are you going?

Monday, April 24

I don't usually hate people first thing in the morning, but I woke up today to 1) a semi that sounded as though it was idling right outside my bedroom window at 4 a.m. for half a frickin' hour, 2) a car alarm that has been turning itself on and off since early afternoon yesterday, 3) someone driving down the street with the car alarm going off (while I hated this person, I felt sorry for them at the same time, that must've sucked big time), 4) someone making bacon in the staffroom, the smell of which has taken over the first floor of our building, 5) the app I use to document communication with customers deciding to stop accepting anything I try to paste into it from other apps (email, browsers, etc).

Things can only get better, and I'm counting on them to do so. Happy Monday to you!

Thursday, April 20

Just uploaded two weekends'-worth of photos:

A walk in my neighborhood
De Young Visit

Feel free to add gratuitous tags.

Wednesday, April 19

In the past few days:

I have started walking around Lake Merritt after work again. Every day this week, in fact! I mapped the route using Gmaps Pedometer and discovered that it's 4.5 miles. And it hurts. Hopefully it will hurt less as time goes on.

I called my family last night, to check up on how post-wedding life was going, and my niece remembered who I was and spoke (aka, chattered unintelligably) at me for a few minutes. My heart melted.

I cooked enough on Sunday and Monday that I have not had to buy any lunch or dinner this week. Having filled up my tank last week, this means I haven't handed over any money to anyone else all week. I like this.

Speaking of gas, it's at $3/gallon everywhere! I am conflicted: while I am dismayed at the effect on my checking account, I can only count it as good if it keeps more people off the road.

I am ready for spring to be here, like, now. I am sad that the rain will return this weekend.

I am tired of people flaking on me. Tired tired tired.

After 3 years, my computer has taken to downloading updates on its own and trying to restart itself every time I turn it on. This is getting a little old. I just figured out how to change that (not sure how it was changed in the first place. argh).

Anyone up for seeing V for Vendetta at the Parkway next week? Or, better yet, Raiders of the Lost Ark at 9:15 p.m. next Thursday?? I missed seeing this in the theater when it debuted.

Sunday, April 16

That which made yesterday good:

2, count 'em *2*! bonnet movies
a daytime diet of: a trader joe's pizza, a bag of popcorn, some edamame, a glass of water, a cup of tea, and hot chocolate
seeing many SF friends at LAP-POP last night

That which made yesterday suck:
had to pay $10 for parking last night in the Mission - what the hell was going on?!?
almost getting to a bar and then ditching because the cover was $12. Again, WTH?
getting home at 11:30 on a Saturday night. It was like my prom all over again.

That which made today good:
Lunch with good friends
Finally made it to the De Young
Big bowl of real popcorn and a good movie
Backed up my computer
made lunch for the week

That which made today suck
... um, nothing yet.

Hope you're having a good weekend too!

Friday, April 14

I have always loved this picture:

Happy Easter!

I also like this one that Erica posted. Hahaha.

Thursday, April 13

Life status update:

So things have been slow around here. Meanwhile, my friends all seem to be going through tough times, so I take time out of my own navel-gazing and be a shoulder or sympathetic ear for them. They've done as much for me in the past.

Back to the navel-gazing ... I decided a while ago that I had to come up with a plan of some sort to make myself more interesting. To myself, to others. You know, so that I could feel like I wasn't wasting my 34th year and at the same time have something to talk about at parties. To that end I have:

* signed up for a jewelry-making class
* bought season tickets to the SF Opera
* finally ripped out the scarf I have been "working" on for 3 years, and started a new one

I know talking about these things won't make me a hit at parties, but I figure it's the happy and motivated people that others want to talk to at social gatherings, regardless of what they're happy or motivated about, right? Right.

Oh, and when I finally (if ever) get a new camera, that'll be good conv fodder. Any recommendations?

Recognizing also how good I feel when my apartment isn't nagging me to clean it, I have decided to maybe try to keep it up a little more often. I hate cleaning the bathroom, but I'm so happy when it's clean. I'm not particularly fond of sweeping and vacuuming, but now I don't feel bad about the abnormally large dust bunnies threatening me from the corners every time I walk through a room.

I have also resumed flossing. You can kiss me now.

Still need to get back on the exercise and eating right/cooking horses, but I figure I feel good enough about the changes I have made that I'll get to those in their own good time. Same with volunteering.

In other news, I have had some encounters recently that have me thinking about how much of my single state is my own fault. I am a firm believer that we create most of our own problems, but I always kind of thought that I was single because I just hadn't found the right guy yet. But now I'm thinking maybe there's more to it than that. Not sure yet what that more is, but I figure that obsessing about it will only make it worse. So I'm taking my time with that too.

I have to announce to those who most wish to see me hooked up that I have decided to take my romantic life offline. Not that I have a romantic life. This means, rather, that I will not be looking for love on the global interweb anymore. Or at least for the foreseeable future. I know it works for a lot of people - I have many friends who are either on the verge or already married to people they met online, so I know it works - but I think I need to step back and maybe work on some other issues before I start advertising myself in that medium again.

What else ... oh, sun! We have sun today! Happy happy joy joy! Definite improvement in everyone's moods today.

I am off for a group knit/drink tea meeting. Hope y'all are getting through April a-ok.

Wednesday, April 12

C For Cookie - awesome awesome awesome. [via Bradlands]

Sunday, April 9

Good morn--afternoon! So I finally decided it was time to get out of bed. I tell ya, sometimes this lonely life I lead where no one depends on me has its high points. Voda was a blast last night, and I think everyone who came had a good time. Unless they're really good actors.

I'd like to announce that for the first time ever, I got sick from drinking. I have felt sick from overindulging often enough, but I usually recovered without needing to visit a bathroom. I know it's not something to be proud of, it just means I can't amaze all my friends with the statement "I have never thrown up from drinking" any more. No headache or other symptoms of overdoing it, though, so I still maintain that record.

Anyway, evidence of how much fun I had last night can be found here.

Thursday, April 6

When I was younger, I thought muscle spasms were pretty cool. You know, a muscle in the eye or leg or arm just going crazy for a minute or two, a little exciting, to see your body doing something you had no control over.

But they're frickin' annoying now. There's a muscle in my nose -- my nose -- that has been twitching all day. All day. I'm about ready to take it off.

So I haven't heard from anyone re: pictures they don't want posted to the global interweb, so I have started unhiding some pics that I thought were inoffensive in the wedding set. Check out my hair, it's pretty neat.

Tuesday, April 4

So I have uploaded the pictures from the wedding, all 270 of them. I am waiting for word from my brother and sister-in-law as to which ones they do not want made public and then you'll get to see my family in all our finery.

A few notes from the weekend:

I had to change a diaper for the first time in 15 years last week. I did surprisingly well till I got to the re-diapering stage. It was at this moment that her father finally walked in the door and I let him finish up.

more thoughts later. I'm stuck.

Monday, April 3

I have been reminded yet again of If anyone wants to buy me a shirt from here, I'll send along my mailing address :) No, really, I will.

I'm kind of curious about the option on evite to create a custom url for your event. They tell me the url for Voda on Saturday is, but when I try to go there, it makes me sign in, and then I get the host view. What do you see? Can you link to a screenshot? Can anyone with an evite account see this even if they haven't been invited?

Is it wrong that after taking 72 hours of PTO last month, all I want to do with my free time (defn: time when I'm not at work) is sleep and veg out with friends and/or movies? veg out with friends and/or movies and sleep?

Considering how I spent those 72 hours (+6 days of weekends, and lots of other hours), I don't think it's that bad. Just understand that when/if I don't pick up the phone or respond to your email, it's 'cause I'm exhausted.