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Friday, June 30

I'm worried. The Red Elvises are performing tomorrow night, I have already bought my ticket and my throat is still sore! And glands! They are swollen, sort of ... it may just be more sore throatiness. Argh. I'm hoping this all just "clears up" by tomorrow and I "feel fine". Meanwhile, could the weather suck just a bit so that I don't feel bad about staying inside all day? Thanks!

Thursday, June 29

CSS and comments files have been restored, so most is well now. Except for me. I am at home again ... left well before lunch today, with a fever, body aches, and general malaise. You're not supposed to get a fever with allergies, are you? I'll be at home again tomorrow, since my attitude on the phone with customers when I'm sick isn't as, how shall I say it, as friendly as I'm sure management would like. We're all happier if I stay here. On my couch. Trying not to fall asleep.

Wednesday, June 28

Ha! I forgot that I removed most of the supporting files from the site as well. Hm. So it'll be ugly till I get home and re-upload the stylesheet. Sorry about that.

So this is ridiculous. I can't figure out Wordpress, no matter how easy it is for everyone else, and I can't seem to bring myself to ask anyone to help (despite all the offers - you guys are great!). So, back to blogger and I'll ask Matt for help ... later.

For those who are interested, here are some tidbits of my life lately:

after the stress of traveling for most of March, culminating in my brother's wedding at the end of the month, I hibernated all through April and May, (achieving 4 feet of scarf since April 7) coming out to play finally for Memorial Day. I then took an earring-making class, and am now committed to spending a lot of money on beads and wires as a hobby. I've never really had hobbies before, so this is a whole different world for me.

I went Home last weekend ... I mean, Father's Day weekend, and got some amazingly bad news and then interpersonal relationships got complicated and I have been fairly low about it since then. Details? Sorry, you'll have to take me to dinner to get details. Just trust that things are changing, and guess what! It's not for the better.

Like whipped cream on top of the sundae, I went to bed with a scratchy throat that has not cleared up this morning and I'm exhausted. My boss, the best in the world and a daddy for the second time as of last Wednesday, says I can go home whenever I need to ... so I'll just take him up on that.

Hope y'all have had a great June!