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Saturday, September 30

I have arrived in new camera land! Meet my new S3:

My New Canon

Monday, September 25

Hey, thanks everyone for the input! I'm currently deciding b/w the Canon Canon PowerShot S2 IS and the PowerShot S3 IS.

All that's left is to find a store that carries both so that I can go carry both of them around, see how big my purse will have to become to carry one or the other. I'm leaning towards the S3 because it's darker (in color), faster (in shutter speed), and slightly smaller than the S2 (in ounces).

Woohoo, new camera land, here I come!

Tuesday, September 19


Travelling season has officially started. Want me to visit you? Better let me know soon, or there won't be room for you before the end of the year. Current trips planned:
- Home for younger brother's birthday
- Home for older niece's and Grandma's birthday
- Home for Mom's and older brother's birthday (same day)
- San Antonio for bestest friend's wedding
- NYC to visit Jane!

And all that by mid/late-October.

Also, I have finally decided to purchase a high-end point-and-shoot camera. Yeah, I know I said I'd get a new camera back in January. I even filed my taxes early to get the return to buy the camera! And it's September! But deciding what broad category of camera to buy is a major step in this process. Now at least I know the price range I'm looking at and can stop worrying about the SLR I won't ever have because I can't fit it into my purse. My deadline is the San Antonio/NYC trips. I am NOT going to these awesome events/places without something adequate with which to document them.

I have two of the cutest and smartest nieces ever.

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

I went to the Ren Faire a week and a half ago, and since my friend wasn't dressing up, I decided not to do so either. This was the first time in years that I didn't dress in garb for faire. It was fun, although not the same kind of fun you get when you can't breathe and your endowments are out there for anyone to admire.

The point of this story, however, is that I was called up on staging during the final performance of Moon and Broonie. Most of you won't care about this, but there are a few who will recognize the amazingness of this. Not only was I called up, but it was for the juggling trick, that one where you stand as still as you can, and they pass clubs to each other in front of and behind you.

And then they switch to flaming torches.

You know that sound that fire makes in the movies when it flares up? That's not a fake sound effect. The torches made that sound as they went flying by about an inch from my face. Exciting.

Naturally, my camera crapped out after two pictures. Hence the need to get something new.

I have seen Little Miss Sunshine twice. Freakin' hilarious. You must see it, you'll love it.

I have also seen two operas now: A Masked Ball and Die Fledermaus. Die Fledermaus is less opera-y than most, what with all the talking, but the second act was very entertaining, with ballet!!

Speaking of, I am going to see The Nutcracker in December. It's kind of sad that I had to check to make sure that I didn't buy tickets that would conflict with parties that month. In September. Might as well go buy a tree and start decorating it now.

Exercise is intermittent at best, but I'm eating alright, if with a deplorable lack of creativity. Trader Joes is the savior of uninspired cooks.

Oh, and if you're ever planning to be in SF on a Sunday evening, see if the Rob Evans Quartet is playing at Rose Pistola. It's a lovely way to end a weekend.

That's about it. Hope you're all doing well!

Thursday, September 14

Farador D&D

French D&D nerds!! Does it get any better?

Friday, September 8

So I went to the first opera of my season subscription tonight, A Masked Ball. I had no idea it was also the opening night of the season! The mayor was there, and a California congresswoman also. And a crapload of people dressed to the nines. I'm glad I decided against the jeans. Even in my nice black clothes, I felt like a peasant. But it was great fun anyway.

I actually thought of taking my camera and then rejected the idea. I was kicking myself as soon as I showed up and there was a red carpet, and a guy in a red pimp suit making sure all the really rich people were funnelled to a door that the regular people couldn't use. And since the theme was masks, quite a few people had come in their own masks. Fascinating.

The opera was pretty good too.

Tomorrow? Ren Faire!

Wednesday, September 6

After 4 years of spam-free blogging, the spammers done found me and my comments. And since I can't figure out how to either implement blogger comments or switch over to WordPress altogether, comments will be unavailable for the time being. Sorry. It sucks, as most of us blog for the comments. Feel free to email me if you feel strongly enough about anything I write (ha!), and I'll append your comments to the blog posts. Just make sure your email isn't formatted such that the spam filter gets it ;)

Sunday, September 3

This is one of my all-time-favorite songs. [via Bryan]

Saturday, September 2

Summer recap: (lots of 'poor me' stuff here, sorry)

In short, this summer sucked. True, there have been some moments of delight and lovely relaxation, but overall: suckage.

It started off well enough. I seem to recall having a blast over Memorial Day weekend, hanging out with friends and predicting an awesome summer.

Mid-June, however, brought the sad news that my brother and sister-in-law had decided to separate. Soon after, I got sick. For a month. The illness has passed, but the drama back Home continues unabated. I have tried to separate myself emotionally, but it's only worked partially. It still saddens me ... I feel like someone broke up with me and I didn't even get to enjoy the good times!! And it bums me out to no end that I won't get to see Lily as much as before.

So I've been hermiting it for a while. Even when I went to Dallas, I could only get myself out once to see my friends. And September starts my Season o' Family Birthdays, so I can't make weekend plans 'cause I'll be travelling all the time. Poor me.

Some good stuff:
I learned to go to the movies alone
I found Lost
and sudoku
My hair has cooperated almost all summer
The vacation to Dallas did me more good than I thought possible
I haven't gained any weight
The opera season starts next Friday
I bought plane tix to NYC in October

Stuff I have come across that I feel either relates strongly to me, or that I need:
Hostess Twinkies® Non-Stick Baking Pan [via MildChild]
Thigh rubbing, in a bad way [via Jennie]
Card Wheel [also via Jennie]
(trying to catch up on my rss feeds, can you tell?)