Be your own Disneyland.

Monday, January 29

Coolest thing I've found all day: create yourself in the style of South Park

Me, as a South Park character

Saturday, January 27

You know the Internet age has taken firm hold on our generation when you get wedding announcements through Twitter. Congratulations, Leia and Jim!

Thursday, January 25

So I host this bi-weekly (twice a week? every other week? apparently it's both) dinner thing with friends. We rotate between three pubs in the Oakland/Berkeley area, getting food and drinks and hanging out for a few hours every other Thursday night. I ask people to RSVP only so that I know how many seats to save (non-rsvpers are welcome, but christ, they always show up before the people who did tell me they were coming arrive, so scrambling for seats ensues), and my only real rule is that the first time I'm sitting there alone is the last time I'll organize it. Thanks to one or two hard-core Pub Nighters, the tradition continues.

It's fun, and I'm glad to do it, and I know that if I didn't do it, no one would, and I knew that when I started it, but ... (and here's where I whine) I'm tired. Tired of being the organizer. Tired of doing the inviting and getting the 'sorry, not this time' responses, or no response at all. But this fear lurks that if I didn't organize something, if I don't "make it happen", then no one would ... or worse, they would, but they wouldn't ask me. Either way, I'm sitting at home, trying to find non-social ways to be less of a dork.

I think the answer is to start doing things in groups of 2 or 3 (as in, me and one or two other people). Get away from these large group gatherings. They're fun, but no one gets my full attention, 'cause I'm busy flitting around, being the hostess. I find that I have a lot of light friends/good acquaintances, but I'm having trouble maintaining or developing deep friendships.

So I'm adding that to my list of goals this year: make the most of the friendships I have, and stop trying to maintain my popularity status. I'm pretty much locked in to this dinner thing (by choice), and then there's my birthday next month (hint, hint), but after that ... I won't be organizing parties or large gatherings for a long while. And if I don't invite you to do something, I'm not trying to leave you out (another fear of mine), but I'd love to go out with just you another time. Is next week good? Cool. We'll make it happen.

Monday, January 22

People looked at me funny when I mentioned that I was going to see a Fire Ballet.

It might be easier to understand if you could see some pictures.

Pretty frickin' cool, eh?

Also, we had a good time at Voda the other night. Wish you could have been there!

Tuesday, January 16

So I've been kinda ... well, depressing lately, haven't I? My first fortune for the year (on Jan 1, no less!) says "You will be transforming a situation in your life now with positive attitude". I don't know what situation they're referring to, but maybe if we start out with a positive attitude, then something will improve. I'm sure of it.

I think weddings are so popular not solely because of the joyous union of two people, but also because everyone likes to get dressed up and see a woman in a beautiful dress. We need more ocassions in life that involve getting dressed up and wearing beautiful dresses. I mean, for everyone, not just rich people who have to pose for the papparazzi all the time.

Check out my favorites over on flickr. Man, so many people have so much talent with a camera! I'm working on my own. Will get there one of these days.

I'm starting a knitting group. A knitting group that will probably evolve into a general craft group. We'll meet once or twice a month, on Sunday afternoons, either at someone's apartment or at a nice cafe. Wanna be on the email list? Lemme know!

I was home "sick" today. "Sick" as in "crampy" (hi, TMI!), so it was a valid reason to sleep till 1 p.m., trust me. But I made good use of the rest of the day, getting all my laundry and grocery shopping done. I even did my hand-washing, so I can wear my fabulous red sequined shirt sometime soon and not gross people out with BO.

Went to a hat-themed birthday party Friday night and two people shared their good news with me (one to be engaged soon, another is looking forward to twins!). Went to Sac on Saturday to watch a friend compete in an Irish dancing competition. It was fun to experience a culture I didn't even know existed. On Sunday, went into SF to watch a friend perform in his jazz group at Rose Pistola. Great food, as always, and a lovely way to round out the weekend. Spent last night knitting and getting caught up with another friend. And in about 5 minutes, I'm heading to yet another friend's place to watch us some Firefly. 'Cause we love those characters.

Maybe I'll have some toast. I'm quickly becoming Toast Girl. Mmmm... toast.

And it's raining. Does this mean it'll warm up a bit? At least into the 60's? Please?

Hope January is kicking along for you too!

Thursday, January 4

'Cause I know you're interested, I'll let you know that I finally made all my holiday photos public:

New Year's Eve
New Year's Day

I am recovering nicely, thanks! Although ... I think perhaps my immunity to the colds and coughs that have been attacking every single person around me for the past 2-3 weeks is finally weakening. Woke up today with a stuffy nose and some PN drip going on. Good thing my social calendar this month is nearly empty!!

And? We're going olive picking on Sunday! How cool is that?