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Wednesday, February 28

So my latest endeavor is to ditch the extra ticket I have for tomorrow night's sold out Snow Patrol/Ok Go/Silversun Pickups concert.

I have posted to twitter, I have emailed all of my friends, and then emailed them some more, and then asked them to ask their friends, all to no avail. The show is sold out!! Isn't there anyone out there who didn't get a ticket in time?

So I posted 3 ads to Craigslist tonight, all carefully re-worded so I wouldn't get caught by the reposting police. I think I did pretty well. You can see them under strictly platonic, women for men, and just plain tickets. (they'll all be gone in 10 days, so remember that, future people!)

Please god, let me at least get back the $45 I spent on the damn ticket. If I get a date out of it, everyone wins!

Tuesday, February 27

Beth and I went to see the One-Man Star Wars show tonight.

Holy crap, that was fun!

One guy, one hour, 3 movies and more laughs than you can shake a stick at. Also, we got to stay behind with some other folks and talk to him and take lots of photos. You can find the photos I took here. I highly recommend the show.

If you're interested, check out the theater site for dates and ticket info.

Thursday, February 22

Killer ... er, *Killers* tickets for sale SOLD!!

Killer ... er, *Killers* tickets for sale

I have to go to a wedding and will miss a concert I've wanted to go to for a long time. But hey, the wedding will be fun too, I'm sure.

Do you want them? All I'm asking for is what I put out for them: $100 for the pair. I'll eat the $.45. Suchadeal!

Large view here. CL ad here.

Tuesday, February 20

Oh God, Ricky Martin is finally coming to town. Anyone want to go with me?

Wednesday, February 14

Birthday stats so far:

1 text msg from my younger brother
2 phone calls, one from Jish, one from far-away friend
4 IMs, 3 from coworker friends, one from Joey
2 birthday cards, one from mom, one from far-away friend
1 Valentine's day card, from my mom
5 emails (one received yesterday, since the sender is in NZ)
1 heart-shaped sugar cookie with red sprinkles on top, from the chick who waxed my eyebrows
1 scone and 1 bunch of tulips from Dinah

Also, lunch with Swetta and her baby, Devan. And some of my girlfriends saw my list on Flickr and called the place I had gone to have my eyebrows done and paid for it over the phone. How cool is that?

Who needs a boyfriend for Valentines when I have such great family and friends on my birthday??

Happy birthday to me!

Me at 9 mos:

November, 1972

Me at 3 yrs:

November 1975

I don't usually freak out about my age, since it's all in the head anyway. I mean, it's not all in the head - my knees and the crow's feet around my eyes will tell you that - but a lot of how we feel is all in our head. I find that the less I do with myself physically and intellectually and the less often I come into contact with chronologically younger people, the older I feel, till I wonder if I'm in my mid-30's or my mid-70's.

But 35 has me thinking about the things that most people think about when they're 27 and wondering what they'll be doing for a career, love life, and family. I'm ok where I am now, but ok is boring. Not that I have a clue how to change it, but I'm thinking about it, and, well, that'll just have to be good enough for now.

In the more immediate future, I have taken tomorrow off (I don't believe in working on my birthday if I don't have to), and I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do with my day. I don't have any unemployed friends to keep me company, so I'm alone till dinner (sushi!).

I've come up with a list, figuring that even if I have things on there that don't look fun, at least they'll make me feel better about myself when they're done.

So here's my oh-so-exciting List of Things To Do On My Birthday:

Oh-So-Exciting list of things to do on my birthday

Tuesday, February 6

State-of-Life update:

- so hey, did you know my birthday is coming up? I'm going to be 35. 35. 35. Just letting that roll around on my tongue for a bit ... nope, I'm not 35. I'm about 17, actually. I don't look it, and I don't have the job of a 17-year old anymore, but that's where I am mentally.

- I got Ipods today - a blue Shuffle for my mom and a red Nano for me. So excited!

- also tried working out at lunch for the first time today. Not sure I like it. Or maybe I just need to be better prepared so that everything flows a little better.

- I discovered an inverse relationship to the amount of money I spend on gas in a month and the amount I spend on groceries. For the past two months, I have spent the same total of both combined, but in December, I drove a bunch, didn't buy many groceries. January, the opposite. This is kinda cool!

- it's finally raining here in northern CA. And I have finally started using an umbrella voluntarily for the first time in my life. Not because I'm afraid of getting my hair wet (have you seen my hair? it can't look worse just because it's wet, trust me), but because I can't be bothered to walk around blind anymore because I hate it when my glasses get wet. Maybe I really am turning 35.

- I hate it when people park in front of my driveway. I actually called the cops last time it happened. Tempted to do it again tonight, but the guy moved for me. People, don't park in front of driveways of other people, even if it's only for 5 minutes. 'Cause if I want to leave during those 5 minutes, I want to frickin' LEAVE!

- did I mention the Ipod? It's red!

- I bought a small composition book that fits in my purse recently to start recording everything I eat and the money I spend. I only started with this month, so I can't say it's changed any habits yet, but I hope that after a while, it'll be useful to spot trends or places I can improve. We'll see.

- was in SF last night to go to a mediabistro event at Swig, which was fun. Scored a couple of books from a signing, Woman of Ill Fame and SOMA.

- Afterward, since there had been no food involved in the meet-and-greet, I suggested we go across the street to David's to get something to eat. After my companion ordered 3 things off the menu that they were out of, we were comped some goulash and a piece of cake to end all cakes. It was kind of silly that they were out of rice, potatoes and ... something else, but way cool that the owner himself was there and made up for it with that cake. (if you're in the area and looking for dessert, get the Chocolate Decadence. mmmmmm)

- all my friends are moving, it seems, and now I want to too. I live right next to a big busy business, and the noise is getting old (as well as the people parking in my driveway), as well as the building blocking most of the sun I might get. For several months now, I have gotten maybe 15 minutes of sun in my apartment a day. In the summer, I might get as much as an hour. But this delicate flower needs more. More sun, less noise.

- I have finally made my plans to go to Austin next month for the blogger social event of the year. I am not purchasing a conference pass, but I will be available for the post-panel events. Really looking forward to visiting with my far-away blogging friends. Also really looking forward to seeing my just-married bestest friend again for a whole week! And her couch!

- and remember the Ipod? I want one of these clear cases for it. Why get red if you're going to cover it up with a plain case?

I think that's enough for now. Things are going well, although I am warned that I will not be seeing my younger niece when I go Home in a few weeks for my birthday celebration with my family, and I'm rather bummed about that. I miss her! Hopefully I'll get to see my older niece. Need to set something up with those in charge of those kinds of things.

And hey, if you're going to see either Snow Patrol or the Killers, let me know! I have purchased tickets, but have no one to go with!