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Thursday, March 29

Oh hey! Hi there! Long time, no see! March has been kinda busy, what with SxSWi, St. Pat's day and the multitude of birthdays going on.

Life update? Ok ...
- While in Austin, I made use of a Nordstrom personal shopper. It was frightening, fun, and expensive. I have since returned all but three of the skirts that everyone involved voted on, but they are beauuuuutiful. Problem: I have no tops to go with them. *sigh* It doesn't stop, does it? I need a personal shopper who will go with me to all the stores.

- The older of my two brothers is in a movie! The Shooter was released this last week, and is good! When one of the main characters is in an internet cafe and pulls up a video, that's my brother in the video! You can read his ESPN interview here. So not where I thought anyone in my family would ever end up. It's awesome.

- Going to a wedding next weekend where the reception will be at the Madonna Inn. I lived in that area for 15 years, and never really ever went this place. Now I get to travel 250 miles to party there.

- The Red Elvises are playing at Slim's this Saturday. Seems everyone is busy with other stuff. Wanna go with me? Let me know! They rock.

- Beth and I have been watching season 1 of Battlestar Galactica for the past few weeks. We had a nervous moment last night when we realized that we had time for one more episode, but it was going to be a two-parter and that part 2 was the SEASON FINALE. Gah. I know, nervewracking, right? So I went home and finished up watching that cinematic gem, What a Girl Wants (more clothes? trips to England? the daddy-love of Colin Firth? hard to tell) so that I can get season 2 next week.

And really? that's about it. Life is busy, but nothing big. Can't wait to see my nieces when I go Home next weekend. My younger brother promises I'll get to see Lily, who will probably not remember who I am, and Carly, who *will* remember who I am. Hope all is well with y'all!

Monday, March 26

Patrick Garrity

My brother is on IMDB!!

Congratulations, Bro! Go see The Shooter, it's a good 'un.

Thursday, March 15

Notes on packing, as I unpack from this latest trip:

1) take a jacket, even if forecasts 80 degree weather for the next 3 months. You just never know.

2) Do not overestimate your need for in-flight entertainment. Maybe just 2 books, instead of 4. A magazine or the sudoku book, but not both. Ipod, excellent idea. Same with the sock.

3) 3 pairs of shoes was perfect. 1 to wear, 2 to pack. 2 pairs of jeans, also perfect. One to wear, one to pack.

4) be ok with the idea that you don't have to wear a unique top every day. This will save lots of room in the t-shirt and tank top parts of your luggage.

Monday, March 12

Wow, when it rains in Texas, it really rains in Texas. Like someone was constantly throwing buckets of water at the windshield the entire drive home (not to mention the drenching every time we stepped out from under an awning of any kind). I'm just happy the house wasn't washed away last night. The spectacular thunder and lightening show was worth it all, though. And today is starting so innocently, with birdsong and sunlight through the scattered clouds. It might have been a mistake to pack the sandals.

So yeah, sxsw. I've been here since Thursday, and it's been fun! There are so many events and so many people I know here, I've decided that it's in the best interest of my sanity to just focus on 1 event a night that I really want to attend, and a small group of people to follow around to that event, and then just let everything develop from there. It's mostly worked out. Thursday night I went straight to bed. Friday I spent the day babysitting my friend's daughter, who had woken up with a 100 degree fever, and then headed out for BBwB. Saturday I had lunch with the group and then went shopping with Leia at Target and then on Congress before heading out to dinner with the group again. We were foiled in our attempt to attend parties by the conference badge requirement, so I was home early for the first time ever in the history of sxsw. Yesterday I lazed around the house before heading in for dinner with Jessa and Esin and then Fray, which was great fun.

I've started putting up pictures, which you can find here. Lots of "so-and-so and I" photos, just to prove I was here and we were having a good time.

Sleep has been difficult since I got here. I'm not sure why, as I have slept in this bed before without any problem. I just woke up, and I feel like I should take a nap (maybe on the couch) or I won't make it through the day. And can anyone tell me why my feet swell up every time I come to Texas? I swear, I have cute feet, but you wouldn't know it this week. Ack.

Well, Austinites, you'll see me tonight at 20x2 (not as a performer, but as the spectator I always am! duh!). Everyone else, I'll be Home at the end of the week. I love it here (I really do!), but I can't wait to be back in my own sleep-assured bed with all my clothes in a dresser, and a wide(r) variety of shoes to choose from.

Tuesday, March 6

So I've uploaded a bunch of photos lately, mostly of the following:

My niece, Carly:
Sweet girl



My brothers, Patrick and Colin:
Ah, there we go Me and Colin

Plus, just a lot of other random stuff from February:
Cacti Little green guy

Sunday, March 4

Sea stuff:

We went to a Sea Chantey Sing-along tonight - what a neat thing! And it's free! You just need to rsvp first, so they know how many are going to show up. Also, it seems Chinese New Year's, while tying up traffic something awful in the downtown area, left the wharf area relatively free, so parking was easy and dinner at the Buena Vista entirely uncomplicated.

Photos are over here.

Also, someone from some dating site pointed out that my online name was also the name of both a famous naval war hero and an aged courtesan!

Says this site of the naval heroine:
Laskarina Bouboulina was a naval hero in the war for Greek independence (1821-1828). She is one of the great female businesswomen, leaders and warriors in history.
This other site has a bit more about Laskarina Bouboulina.

And the madame ...
These are the same forces whose admirals are so poignantly remembered by Madame Hortense, the aged courtesan in Nikos Kazantzakis' book Zorba the Greek. Because of her relationship with warships and admirals, Zorba called her "Bouboulina."

Friday, March 2

My CL ads worked! I not only sold the ticket, but had a companion with whom to enjoy the show. It was great fun. Even the $12 for 2 bottles of water and one hot dog was worth it.

Snow Patrol + Ok Go = more fun than you can shake a stick at

I wrote up a little something here, too.